WH – Thirteen Days

Link to the Movie Response Question: According to the movie, how did JFK handle the Cuban Missile Crisis to convince the Soviet Union to remove their missiles? How did he handle the rising tensions between the two nations? Advertisements

7SS – Cabinet Members

Link to Resource Write down each of the cabinet members of your President. Next to their name tell us what their position was in the cabinet. And finally in the members that you listed tell us if any of them later became a President themselves. 

7SS – Presidency

Response Question: Tell us about your President’s term in office. Tell us 3 things that he did for domestic issues and 3 things dealing with foreign affairs.

Soc – 12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men Major Themes Response Questions –  1. Which characters base their decisions on prejudice? 2. Does any other character, exercise “reverse discrimination?” 3. What is the most persuasive piece of evidence in favor of the defense? 4. What is the most persuasive piece of evidence in favor of the prosecution? 5. Should this … Continue reading

7SS – Presidential Election

Response Question – Look up information on the election of the president that you choose to research. Find Electoral Score, Popular vote, and key issues of that day. Then find a website that looks into more detail about the race and share some information that you found to be most interesting or useful in learning about … Continue reading

Soc – Survey #2 Conclusion

Response Questions: 1. Explain some of the overview of your findings from doing the survey based on the question you picked. How did your findings compare to your hypothesis? Pick 3 questions you found to be most revealing about our test subjects. Explain any patterns you found within your data. Was their any changes that you … Continue reading

7SS – Before Presidency

Today do research on your president’s life before being president. Find out what his life was like as a child, as a student, or find out what type of work he did. Find out about his hobbies, his family, or other interesting information that many people might not know. Before Presidency Private Life Home School/College … Continue reading