Classroom Etiquette

I like to keep things simple and easy. I have a few basic guidelines that, I think, will help us best to reach our goals.


  1. Be Positive – Nothing destroys any ambition or drive to succeed than negative members of the classroom.  My goal is to have positive participants throughout the entirety of the class period.  Being realistic, people are going to have “bad days.”  I have no problem with students that need to take a break from the activity, if they are only going to hinder the learning environment.  All assignments are still needed to be handed in, and some sort of assessment will be provided proving the understanding of the material.
  2. Don’t Disrupt – This classroom is an opportunity for everyone to learn, contribute, and grow intellectually. I find that if you are disengaged from the classroom, find something to do by yourself, so that you do not disrupt your classmates. Allow your classmates to benefit as much as they would like from the class.
  3. Share Your Thoughts – Open your mind to new ideas. Collaborate with your classmates. Test your theories. Draw conclusions from your investigations. Its okay to be wrong now.  This class is just one of many preparations to the rest of your life.

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