Paleolithic Era Notes

    1. Paleolithic (2,500,000 BCE – 10,000 BCE)
      1. Archaeology and Anthropology
        1. What is the Difference?
          1. Archaeology study artifacts that were left behind
          2. Anthropology study human life and culture
        2. Determining Age of Finds?
          1. What other objects are around it?
          2. Carbon Dating
          3. DNA Samples of organic materials
        3. What is a Hominid
          1. Human Like Creature, that walked upright
        4. “Out of Africa” Theory
        5. What was life like?
          1. What is in our diet today?
            1. Bread, Sugars, Processed food
          2. Hunters and Gathering
            1. Hunted local animals following the herds
              1. buffalo, horses bison, deer, fish and shellfish
            2. Gathered
              1. nuts, berries, fruits, wild grains, and green plants
          3. Roles of Genders
            1. Finding food and shelter was most important
            2. Educated their children in practice, skills, and tools for survival
              1. Why would this be hard to progress technology very quickly?
            3. Life was simple…
              1. Find Food, Eat
              2. Find Shelter, Chill Out
              3. Food Sources get low, move
              4. Other Hominids in your territory either move or kill
          4. Technology
            1. 2,500,000 BCE
              1. Stone Scrapers, butcher dead animals
            2. 1,600,000 BCE
              1. Stone Hand Axe
            3. 1,500,000 BCE
              1. Fire Manipulation
            4. 170,000 BCE
              1. Clothing
            5. 25,000 BCE
              1. Ceramics
      2. Vocabulary
        1. Prehistory
          1. Human Societies without writing or written records
        2. Human Findings
          1. Archaeology
            1. is the study of past societies through analysis of what people left behind
          2. Artifacts
            1. objects made by humans
          3. Anthropology
            1. study of human life and culture
          4. Fossil
            1. rocklike remains of biological organisms
        3. Early Human Discoveries
          1. Hominid
            1. humanlike creature that walked upright
          2. Sites
        4. Hunter-Gatherers


– Read Chapter 1 Section 1

– Take Notes on Vocabulary

– Create a timeline from the beginning of your life to the present.  Then, using the information that you have collected from your past, predict your future up into the day you turn 30 years old.


One thought on “Paleolithic Era Notes

  1. Gee Mr. Balsley this was really helpful! Thanks so much for having this website for us kids. Now you should update it so we can study for our upcoming test.

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