Types of Governments

In this lesson we will be experimenting and comparing a few forms of Government that exist in our. The class will be split into 3 groups, each given a description of a form of Government.

Direct Democracy – Each member must vote on every decision made before attempting to perform  a task.  Members may not elect a leader to make decisions.  Every decision must be accompanied with a vote.

Monarchy – Mr. Balsley is stepping down from his position as absolute ruler and naming one of the members to take his place as supreme leader.  This leader makes all decisions and all other members must respect his authority.

Oligarchy – A new nation is forming from the resulting coup directed by the nation’s military.  The two tallest individuals are going to take their position as leaders of the new nation.  Each decision needs to be accepted by both individuals.  All other members must respect the authority of the newly formed leadership.

The objective of each government is to construct the largest free standing tower using a limited amount of resources in a limited amount of time.  No military or espionage may be authorized by the newly formd governments.  Following the activity, we will  to discuss the process in which each group followed to construct their building.

In this activity we will find answers to the following questions:

1. Which government worked the quickest?

2. Which government constructed the high quality building?

3. How did it feel to be in the position of the common person in the Monarchy or Oligarchy governments?

4. How did it feel to be in absolute control over others?

5. Was it difficult to begin construction in the Direct Democracy?

As the discussion concludes we will be investigating the varied economic, political, and formation of many governments that the world has experienced. Will be looking at information found on the link below:



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