Creative Connection

Today, we will be stepping away from the normal testing assessment.  Students will be creating a creative work, with the objective of connecting a person, event, or happening during the Renaissance/Reformation eras, with our society.  Students are to show the impact, of their chosen subject, on our lives.  This assignment will be difficult for many students, because there is hardly a rubric to follow.  The only objective is as follows:

Create something ‘interesting,’ that connects an element from the Renaissance or the Reformation to our society today.

A simple assignment, but for students who rely on those dictating exactly what is expected of them, this may be difficult.  I believe that students need to become more creative in all subject areas, not limiting themselves to art and writing classes.  Creativity encourages students to make connections, challenge the status quo, and investigate multiple perspectives.

Inspiration to this form of assessment comes from a TED Talk, featuring Seth Godin.  The link to this video can be found below.

Seth Godin – TED Talk

Short Rubric

Creative Project Rubric

Student Projects

“95 Theses Rap” – Matthew Burdick

Printing Press, Then and Now – Lillian Brownlee


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