First Explorers

We will begin class by mapping out a few of the paths in which notable New World explorers undertook. This will help us visualize their challenges and spark new discussions.  We will discuss the life of Christopher Columbus and his 4 voyages to the New World. We will use the Youtube video, “Christopher Columbus in a nutshell” to help guide our discussion and exploration into his life.

Discussion Questions:

What were some reasonings for possible mutinies on Columbus’ First Voyage?

What did Columbus receive from the Crown for discovering this new land?

What happened to the first Spanish settlement, after the first voyage?

What was the Spanish response to the natives on the arrival of the second voyage?

What were some of the factors that led to Columbus’ “fall from grace,” in the second, third, and forth voyages?

How did the interactions Columbus’ men have with the natives have an impact on future Europeans’ relationships with the native people in the Americas?

How should we remember Christopher Columbus?


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