About Mr. Balsley

Hello, my name is Mr. Dustin C. Balsley, and I hope this passage will help you get to know a little more about myself.  As I am not from this area, or even this state, I thought I would spend some time to share my experiences and some of my hobbies.

I was raised on a farm for the entirety of my life, where we harvest corn for the beef cattle that we raise.  Working with cattle is one of my favorite hobbies.  Away from the farm, I graduated from High School in Osage, Iowa in 2007, where I was a part of many extra curricular activities, such as wrestling, football, track, music, and many leadership groups. Following High School, I went directly to Luther College and graduated with a Major in History and a Minor in Secondary Education.  In my time at Luther College I participated in wrestling, agriculture advocating, and political organizations.

Once attaining my Bachelor of Art’s Degree, I moved back to my hometown, where I helped the family on the farm while still working at the public school.  At school, I worked with at-risk students and coached wrestling at the Middle School level.

When I am not working on the farm or spending time at the school, I enjoy outdoor activities.  I enjoy cycling, motorcycling, strength training, and voluntteering my time for others.  I am interested in getting into some fishing and hunting, but seem to lose the patience.

I am excited to start school this upcoming year.  My true passion is with education through historical discussion, political debates, and coaching wrestling.  Sabetha seems like a good fit for me, since it is a small agriculture based town similar to my hometown.

If you have any questions or comments for me, please feel free to email me.


Dustin C. Balsley

Prairie Hills Social Studies




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