Lifeboat Activity

Passengers on a sinking ship must decide who will be able to take their chances on a life boat some where in the Caribbean Sea. Being on the lifeboat doesn’t mean survival, but not being on the life boat does mean certain death. The life boat only holds four individuals. (No Lap Sitting)

Passenger Details

  1. The Captain – 52, years old, Has been a captain for 30 years and has had extensive survival training. Only speaks English.
  2. Jose – 30 years old, Recent med school graduate on a cruise celebrating his graduation. Only speaks Spanish
  3. Eric – 21 years old. College Spanish major. Speaks both Spanish and English.
  4. Martha – 36 years old, On a cruise with her daughter Abigail. Some college education.
    Housewife. Only speaks English
  5. Abigail – 5 year old, On cruise with her mother Martha; in-route to see grandparents for first time.
  6. Beth – 45 years old, Marine biologist on research trip to study local islands and sea and plant life. Already as extensive knowledge of area. Only speaks English
  7. Brutus – 27 years old. Stowaway on cruise. Accused of murdering wife back home. Sometimes has a bad temper. Former college swim champ, extremely physically gifted. Only speaks English
  8. Paul – 72 years old, Ex-Army medic, who received the medal of honor in battle. Only speaks English.

The Assignment

Private Vote

I will tally the votes of all students of the class.  I will then assign each individual with a person they must advocate for in the general discussion. Link to the Form

General Discussion

A general discussion will be had amongst the class with the goal of picking the survivors.  It must be unanimous decision amongst the entire class to who gets a lifeboat spot.

Final Decision

We will compare the choices made by the class with the other classes and that of the Private votes.


  1. Who were the 4 that you saved? Why?
  2. Who were the 4 that you left off the boat? Why?
  3. Create a character that could be added to the passenger list and give brief description.
  4. Would you put them on the boat? Why?

Link to Results Below:

Life Boat Activity 2012 Results


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