What if all US Governments Collapsed?

What if the President came over every TV and Radio Station for a public announcement. The President then describes of the dissolution of the federal government. All federal institutions will now cease from operation. This includes all military units, federal agents, court systems. No legislative branches will be convene. The US Constitution will no longer have any political power. No more USPS. All State governments must also cease from existence.

Discussion Questions

  1. Will there be Chaos or will their be stability?
  2. What is the first thing that you will do?
    • Where will you go?
      • Why would you go there?
      • What benefit does this give you?
  3. What kind of society will we have initially?
    • Rural Areas?
    • Urban Areas?
  4. What will you need to survive?
  5. What will be like 5, 10, 20 years from the announcement?
    • Rural Areas?
    • Urban Areas?

The Assignment

Fill out this Google Form with your responses. (This is Graded) Be Thorough!

Small Group

Go over the Discussion Questions listed above.

Large Group

Now stabilize the region and create a Government.

  • Who will decided who runs the government?
  • How will you prevent people from gaining too much power?
  • What will the purpose of the government be?
  • What roles would they fill?
  • What would be some limitations that you would give.

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