WH – Unit 2 – Study Guide

Please copy and paste this into a Google Doc and share with me.

World History – Study Guide – Unit 2

Possible Essay Questions

  1. Describe the ways which the majority of all dynasties collapse throughout human history (3 Points)

  1. Describe the story of the Allegory of the Cave? Explain the moral of the story. (5 Points)

  1. How might the Allegory of the Cave inspire people to begin questioning authority? (Kings/Queens/Pharaohs). (3 Points)

  1. Would you consider yourself a prisoner of the cave, or are you one who has learned the truth. (4 Points)

  1. Explain how people can control the masses with 3 from these categories. (War, Chattel, Religion, Commerce, Science, Public Education, Food) (6 Points)

  1. What way are people trying to control you effecting you today. Who is influencing you? Be specific (3 Points)

  1. Summarize a creation story. (5 Points)

  1. Give examples and explain how you can take a creation story or any story from a historic society and predict certain aspects of their culture. (Where it was written, Social hierarchies,) (4 Points)

  1. Explain Cultural Diffusion and why some stories have similarities. (3 Points)


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