AG – Study Guide – Unit 2

American Government – Study Guide


Article I  –

Article II –

Article III –

Article IV –

Article V –

Article VI –

Article VII –

Amendment I –

Amendment II –

Amendment III –

 Executive –

 Legislative –

 Judicial –

 House of Representatives –

Senate –

 Checks and Balances –

 Bill of Rights –

 Match the to correct Term

 25 year old age limit

 30 year old age limit

 35 year old age limit

 All debts from result of the Articles of Confederation are to be placed under the Federal Government

 Any bill that raises money must start here

 bicameral, or two-part, body

Chosen proportionally by state population

 Commander in Chief

 Duty is to Interpret the Constitution

 Elected through the Electoral College

 Ensures that the federal government will protect the states from invasion and insurrection

 Guarantees that the army cannot force homeowners to give them room and

Leader is known as the Speaker

 Leader of body is the Vice President

 Mandates all states will honor the laws of all other states

 Method of Amending or changing hte Constitution

 Must meet at least once per year

 Natural born citizen

 Power to Declare War

 Power to establish and maintain army and navy

 Protects the people’s right to assemble

 Protects the people’s right to maintain a militia

 Protects the people’s right to own guns

 Protects the people’s right to practice religion

 Protects the people’s right to protest the government

 protects the people’s right to speak freely

requires a criminal that flees a state must be returned to the state they fled from

Serve for Life

Signatures of delegates, that ratifies the Constitution

 Two year terms

 Veto Power

Essay Questions


In what ways do you not have the freedom of speech? (Give Examples)

(3 Points)





How do you interpret the 2nd Amendment? Explain (3 Points)





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