7SS – Unit 2 – Study Guide

7SS – Unit 2 – Study Guide


Population Density –

Demography –

Geography –

Alps –

Mediterranean Sea-

Fjord –

Peat –

Permafrost –

Avalanche –

Peninsula –

Strait –

Landlocked –

Short Answer

1. How many people live in Europe?

  1. About how much would it cost to take a trip to Europe only including flights and 6 day hotel stay?
  1. What is the largest country in Europe?

4. What is the smallest country in Europe?

5. Name 3 Peninsulas in Europe?

6. Not including the Europe peninsula, what is the largest peninsula on the European continent?

Possible Essay Questions

  1. Describe how animals have adapted to live with 721 million people in Europe (3 Points)

  1. How have humans adapted to live with the wildlife of Europe? (3 Points)

  1. Explain some of what you could visit from a trip to a country in Europe? Be Specific. (3 Points)

Know how to name and locate 10 countries on a map of Europe.


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