AG – Presidential Campaign

Presidential Election will be October 31st!

Establish Platform

  • Each class will focus on 3 ideas
  • Explain why this issue is important for Americas
  • Explain what stance you have on the issue
  • Explain How you can Market your candidate for this position

Brand Your Candidate

  • Logo
  • Slogan

Create Website

  • Use WordPress or Weebly or other webpage builder
  • Include Platform
  • Include History of Candidate
  • Upload Commercials

Create Commercial

  • 1 Positive Commercial (Each Class)
  • 1 Negative Commercial (Each Class)
  • Each Commercial must be 30 Seconds long…EXACTLY
  • From the 2 Commercials, they must include your parties platforms

Create Print Campaigns

  • 1 Poster (Each Class)
  • Wearable Campaigns (example: buttons, TShirts)

Batman Website

Captain America Website


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