WH – Unit 4 – Study Guide


Renaissance –

Humanism –

Da Vinci –

Machiavelli –

“The Prince”-

Scientific Method-

Scientific Revolution-

Secular –

Heliocentric Theory –

Martin Luther-

Indulgences –

Relics –

Printing Press –

Possible Essay Questions

Name 5 works by Leonardo Da Vinci. (5 Points)

What can be learned from “The Prince,” by Machiavelli. How can you use these specific ideas in your own life? (4 Points)

List in order the path of operations for the Scientific Method. (5 Points)

What lead up to the Reformation and who was the man behind the reform of the church? (5 Points)

Why did we see so much conflict between the church and those scientist of the Scientific Revolution. (4 Points) Secularism, Heliocentric Theory

Why do many historians believe that the Printing Press was the greatest invention of all time? (4 Points)


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