WH – Great Voyage


You and a fellow Co-Captain are interested in traveling through uncharted waters, in hopes to become the richest, most influential captain in world history.  Before setting sail you must convince the King of our homeland to finance your work.

The King would like to know your main objective for this voyage.  How does your objective align with the King’s desires?  How will your voyage profit the King.

(Financial, Religion, Influence, Power)

Before the King will agree to finance your endeavor, you must must inform him on the estimated cost of the voyage.  If it looks as if you have intentionally left out some major expenditures, he will reject your proposition.  He will not finance a voyage in which two captains can not adequately plan for all necessities for the trip.

You will continue to live as a poor, lonely individual which people believe is an insane dreamer, if you do not get this contract.

Things you must consider:

Objective: ?

Length: 70 Days (One Way)

Possible Crew Members: Run the Ship, Food Prep, Physical Dangers (Enemies), Mechanics, Illness, Navigations, Translators, Other Unknowns or Talents

Ship Needs: Upkeep, Weaponry, Replacement Equipment, Other Equipment

Prepare for Each Member Per Day (x70-140 Days): Food, Drink, Clothing, Other

Calculating Costs: (Cost Per Item) x (# of Items) = Total  /  Add up all totals


Costs of Crew Members: Should be a rough estimate of current 1year’s salaries for these positions.  ($30,000 avg salary) If you want higher quality crews, raise wages.

Price List


Massive – $500,000 – Holds 200

Large – $400,000 – Holds 100

Medium – $250,000 – Holds 50

Small – $150,000 – Holds 25

Life Boats – $1,000 – Holds 10


Horse – $1,000

Cow – $700

Pig – $300

Sheep – $250

Chicken – $25


Cannon – $1,000

Cannon Ball $10

Gun – $100

Gun Ammo $0.50

Sword – $10


Meat – $7/pound

Veggies $2/pound

Fruit – $3/pound

Grain – $1/pound

Spices – $20/pound

Dairy – $3/pound

Drink – $3/gallon

Salt – $6/pound

Spare Wood

Large – $500

Medium – $300

Small – $200


Sails – $100

Telescope – $20

Hammock – $20

Bed – $50

Tableware – $1/piece

Tar – $5/gallon


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