WH – Unit 6 Study Guide – Exploration

1. What is Assimilation? 2 Points

2. What is the purpose of assimilation? 2 Points 

3. What is the harmful parts of assimilation? 3 Points

4. Describe the horrors of the Middle Passage. 4 Points

5. Triangular Trade Map.  5 Points

6. What is the impact of the triangular trade that can still be seen today? 4 Points

7. What is Imperialism? 2 Points

8. What are the benefits from Imperialism? Negatives? 4 Points

9. European Explorers 5 Points

  • Magellan
  • Columbus
  • Ericson
  • Da Gama
  • Vespucci

10. Why spend the money for these early explorers? 3 Points

11. Describe one of the two stories… Cortez and PIzzaro 4 Points


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