CE – Current and New Technologies

Research and Present a new technology. Find a technology that interests you. This could be any type of new devise or idea that humans will use to better our lives.

Websites you could try:

  • wired.com
  • gizmodo.com
  • cnet.com
  • popsci.com

Information that you should cover:

  • What is it?
  • Who is making it?
  • When will it be released?
  • How will this impact our society?
  • What is the practical use of this technology?
  • Other interesting facts and concepts about this technology?

Student Findings

Logan Shedenhelm – Tracking-Point Scope

Logan Mayer – Insect Assailant Micro-Drone

Garrett Brynes – 2015 Ford F-150

Brandon Klaes – Angus II by SecondSight

Stone Adams – Invisible Cloak

Jacob Kraft – Google Glass

Tylar Christensen – Laster SeeThru Smart Glasses

Dillon Bucknell – Jellyfish Robot

Jake Fox – Roomba

Mary Lewis – Basis B1

Courtney McKenna – Prosthetic Hand Controlled by Muscles

Clint Eastman – A Transmission that Reads the Road

Alan Runde – MTHEL


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