Intro Video

Causes of the War

Web of Alliances – How does the alliance system take a small conflict into a World War? Can we make a web of Alliances for the US today?

Why was the War so Deadly? – Technology > Tactics

Life in the Trenches – Video

Harry Patch Biography

America enters and ends the war.

What consequences did the Central Powers face for Being the Losers?

Response Question – Is nationalism an issue here in America? Why/Why Not?


9 thoughts on “WH – WWI

  1. we americans have many airticals and stories/newspaper articles demonishing north korea and places like mexico makes america sound like a good place. quote this is why america is the PROMISE LAND

  2. In America we have lots of articles or other newspapers demonizing North Korea and those same articles are also making America sound like an amazing place. There is an American flag almost everywhere in classrooms and even in neighborhood’s around the area. There are movies in the United States related to us fighting countries like North Korea for the best of us. There are lots of American websites making American sound amazing because of the independence and freedom we have to make decisions here.

  3. Yes because United states is the best is that you can meet and hang out.To be able to be in the army.Using guns to shoot the other people.Its really better in United states is a better place to be in the army and have enjoyed life into.I like how they keep snow on ground. America is really good place.

  4. Nationalism is still in everyday life. Children still say the pledge of allegiance everyday of school which makes them grow up more patriotic. Nationalism is a political tool also, during elections the candidates would talk about what they wanted for the country and what they will do to make us strong. Patriotism is ysed to a lot of sporting events, advertisements, and in school.

  5. #5 Rising nationalism was also a factor in the Balkans, where Serbians and others sought independence and autonomy from the political domination of Austria-Hungary.
    I would compare this to Ukraine, Many Ukrainians are seeking a more independent nation and are protesting because they are resisting Russian authority.

  6. Nationalism was an intense form of patriotism that celebrated one’s own country and demonized other nations. This statement still has a play in todays world. The United States uses nationalism as a from of patriotism, in which we celebrate our strength and power, and demonize other nations. So the United States has not only used it then but we are still using it now. I do not believe that this is fair but I do believe that we are the only ones who do this. Even though we are not the only ones I still feel that it is not right.

  7. Nationalism is still a major part of America. It says that we are the best and can not be stopped. It may not be the best thing for a country to have a lot of nationalism, but it also shows that the citizens show respect and are proud to live here.

  8. Nationalism is still in use today. Examples would be: Children say the pledge of allegiance everyday. Also people go around and say that America is better than any other country, that is nationalism. I don’t its bad, its just promoting the country that you live in.

  9. Nationalism is a huge part of our country in many ways. We only say bad things about other countries saying the U.S. is the only good county to live in. We have flags every where and not to mention the fourth of July. Nationalism as both a good and bad thing. We talk bad about others and only speak of good things of the U.S.

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