7SS – Iowa History

Frontier Iowa

Maps of Iowa

RESPONSE QUESTION: What were the challenges of moving from the eastern part of the country and settling to the new lands in Iowa?


16 thoughts on “7SS – Iowa History

  1. It would be very hard to travel 150 years ago because there are so many things that could go bad. You would most likely have to get your food as you go because your food would not last very ling on your trailer. If your get lost you don’t know the way to your destination, you have very poor roads which makes travel very hard. You or your horses and get very sick from many different kinds of diseases. They would of needed protection from people trying to rob you. You might have to make money as you go to buy necessary things for you and your family to survive as your travel half way across the United States.

  2. One challenge would be that you don’t know anyone there. That state could have diseases that you can die from. The land could be horrible for farming on, you might not have as many resources in that area. You will have to make new friends, probably will only have you and your family to help with things. You will have to find and buy cows and other animal to eat. You won’t be able to communicate with other family members.

  3. It would be very hard for the disease. You would have to hunt for your food and there could be animals that might kill you. You would not have a lot of things to do on your spare time it would be very boring. You would really have to go by horse and buggy or walk it. It probably take a least a month or so. The women usually have to stay home and sew or clean the house and the guys do all the farm work. There would be a lot of work because you would have to hand shell the corn and pick it by hand.

  4. It Would Be hard. You would have to find food and places to stay when your on the road. You would have just who’s with you you dot have phones. If someone got heart you wouldn’t have anyone to call or any way to contact you would be on your own. You would need money and food and keep the food could.

  5. There would be no houses there waiting for you. You would have to go and find would to build a house and wood for the wood stove. You would have to get a field so you can make a living or for your animals. If you wanted to travel you had to go by wagon or walk, that would take along time. You never know how the weather will be. It could be winter and get a lot of snow and then you would have to try and find a way to go and check on your animals and feed them. There was no t.v.s so there would be no way to check on the weather. There was no phone or internet so they couldn’t chat with their family members that don’t live with them. They most likely planted a garden so that they wouldn’t have to go to town to get vegetables. They did everything by hand, they had to sew by hand and milk the cows to get milk.

  6. Challenges- When you travel a long ways away you have to make sure you bring enough supplies for the travel. Could easily get sick, since they’re was no medicine, no hospitals, no phones, no electricity. It was a struggle keeping it warm in the small houses the people had. The women were mostly always in the house doing house work, cooking, cleaning. The men were outside cutting wood for the winter, harvesting, getting horses ready to travel. Most of the time you had to walk or just go in a buggy, while you were in the buggies in the cold, you have a high chance of getting sick. They also didn’t have a lot of money at all. It was way different back then.

  7. Julia Klaes – It would be hard to keep your food fresh with no electricity to use refrigerators. Your food could become spoiled and grow bacteria faster than today. This could cause diseases and sicknesses. They would have a hard time getting to a doctor to help get better. If you could get a doctor they didn’t have medicine and cures to most of sicknesses and diseases like today. Back then most of work was done my hand whether it was outside on a farm or in the house. You would work about 7-12 hours a day with few breaks. Doing chores and talking care of your land and crops was most of your days work. Having to move or travel somewhere would be a struggle as well. They didn’t have cars or vehicles like we do today. They had horses and wagons but, even having to travel a long ways like that would be a struggle with food and water.

  8. Some challenges may have been not being able to keep your food fresh. You might not have had enough money. Maybe you didn’t have a boat to get across rives that you came upon. You or a member of your family might come up with a disease that you cannot cure or can die from. It could be very cold and you might not have anything to keep warm or start a fire. The water could freeze and you would have to spend a lot of time chipping ice for water. If you are traveling by horse your horse might get sick. If you stop for breaks and sleep for a while you could have trouble building a shelter.

  9. Getting food for you and your family might be a challenge if you aren’t used to your new surroundings. You would have to find a way to keep the food from spoiling. Getting used to a new environment and possibly new climate might be kind of difficult if you’re already used to the climate you’ve been in. You have to know how much food you’re going to need and how long it’s going to last. There are probably different diseases or sicknesses that you don’t have/know the cure for. You have to find out how you’re going to get to your destination. Getting there might be a problem if there is bad weather such as rain or snow. Running into rivers and lakes might be a problem if you don’t have a way to cross.

  10. Isabel Pool- Some of the challenges of living in that time would be for one, no cars. You and everybody would have to either walk or go in a covered wagon to your destination. There would be no score of electricity. No electricity means, no heat but from a fie place, no light, and nothing to keep things cool. You would need to rely on all of the natural resources to keep you alive, and safe. Obviously there would be no phone, so if you got hurt you couldn’t just call somebody to come and help you. Most people weren’t metrically trained, so if you for instance got a snake bight there would be no anti-venom, in most cases this would lead to death. The fact of boredom would come to play in about the first hour of leaving home, especially if you have young children. Of corse there would be no electronics, so to keep them busy supply them with straw dolls and things like that. Most things weren’t exactly sanitary. There wouldn’t be a “bathroom”, so yeah I think you get the gist. It would definitely be no walk in the park to live in this era.

  11. No technology, no major farming tools, and you have all the chores. Every thing by hand. You have all the weather problems like drought. School was only three months if there was one. Took all day to do one part of the farming process. You have to grow food for your animals and petect them from the bad ones like bears.

  12. Considering that 150 years ago we didn’t have auto mobiles, cell phones, or any modern technology it would have been much different traveling back then, than it would be today. For example, it would take weeks or months to travel anywhere not to mention you traveled in a covered wagon. You would have to battle the weather; traveling through rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc. If you or your family got ran into trouble it would be much harder to contact anyone who could help. Food would be extremely scarce. You could only bring the things you ‘need’ vs. the things you ‘want’.
    In my personal opinion I would be grateful to experience these times no matter how emotionally and/or physically painful they could be.

  13. You could get diseases. Your horse could die. You could run into a river that you cant cross. You could run out of food. You could not have enough money to get there. Your wagon could break. You could get caught in a storm. Get attacked by wolves. Your cows could get attacked by bears.

  14. There were no cars or any way of fast transportation, so you would probably need to use a wagon or a horse. People would get sick more easily from not having all needed medicines. The women would stay home all day and the men would go work. They would wear different cloths than now. They would most likely be further from a town so it would be harder to get needed things. They would have all the electronic things we have today. They would probably have to do a lot more work than most people today. People would be able to get as many things because they probably wouldn’t make that much money. The jobs they had may not be very good or they may not be able to make enough money ands they may not be able to keep the job for long. Most things they would do would be harder than if it would be to do today. Their sons would have to work probably. They would have to use a lot of homemade tools. People would not live really close to other people and may live far from other family.

  15. Some of the challenges of moving to Iowa you don’t what lies ahead in your journey like the Indians. The path you take you don’t know where the rivers are and if there are any how are you gonna cross, where are you get food if you run out what are you gonna use to defend yourself from the Indians or animals water supply and how are you gonna cary it?

  16. if you ware moving west You could get diseases. Your cow or horse could die. You could run into a river that you cant cross. You could run out of food. You could not have enough money to get there. Your wagon could break. You could get caught in a storm. Get attacked by wolves. Your cows could get attacked by bears and wolves

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