CE – Ukraine Unrest

Intro Video – The Ukraine Protest Explained in 3 Minutes

Article – Ukraine Protests

What do these protests say about democracy?

What can we predict for the future of Ukraine with past world events?

What other situations in world history can we compare to the Ukraine Unrest?

What is the US’s role in this conflict?


17 thoughts on “CE – Ukraine Unrest

  1. Almost everyone in the world wants democracy now A days they just want to have a say in their government also and would like to trade more with European Union. Most likely Ukraine is either gonna be in a civil war or figure this problem out soon otherwise they will fight over how government should be ran. The Syrian Civil war or revolution is almost the same thing about more democracy and say to the people other than just government. The United States role could help because they could learn how democracy can work especially when people have more say like ours even though we do not have all.

  2. I feel that there government has no right to just shoot them for protesting for what they believe in and there thoughts on the issues in their country.

  3. The Ukraine government shouldn’t take violent actions against their people. They should let the protesters get their word out instead of just trying to shut them up. Ukraine should listen to the people instead of fighting them.

  4. The way that the government is treating these protestors and going about regaining control shows that there is no democracy. Ukraine is becoming a country with too much government control. This violence is similar to the violence in Syria. This situation could go two ways. The protestors will get what they want, and the country will become more democratic with Ukraine joining the European Union. Or, the government will violently smash the protests, and the country’s government will become even more controlling. They will become closer with Russia.

  5. I think the whole thing is getting out of control. Nobody should be getting killed over things like this. The government is only doing what is needed as in self defence.

  6. I think the US’s role is giving just the Ukrainean government weapons of their choice. I don’t think thats right because the United States should stay out of their business. Ukraine needs to get their own weapons their own way without involving other countries. Another role I think the US has is giving Ukraine money to deal with their problems. I don’t see how that is possible because we don’t have any money to give. We keep getting money from China and other countries.

  7. Democracy doesn’t always work out. Ukraine will have to decide whether they will be with Russia or the EU, it will cause controversial because other countries will side against them. We can compare this to the U.S. rebelling against great Britain. The U.S. should stay out of this conflict.

  8. I think that the protests that are happening in Ukraine make it obvious that people don’t like the government that they have. If they don’t like it and they are putting up this much of a fight, I don’t understand why the president just doesn’t resign to stop the violence and have someone take his place that will somehow make the people “okay” with the government.
    I think that we can predict that there won’t be any changes in the government any time soon and Ukraine will have an “ugly” look for a while.

  9. They are in a predicament where Ukraine is split on whether being involved in the EU or going along with Russia. They aren’t happy with democracy and they want to change it. I am going to predict that there will be a lot more violence that will happen. This whole predicament reminds me of the shenanigans in Syria.

  10. I think the Ukrainians have a reason to be protesting because after the re-vote there was a new president. I don’t think the government should call these people terrorists because they are just defending what they think is right. I think the sniper attacks are unnecessary because the protestors don’t have sniper rifles. The government is taking away there weapons which is tipping the odds which will mean that the protestors lose.

  11. Protests broke out in Ukraine, due to disagreements between the people and their leader, Viktor Yanukovych. The people feel they should side with the EU. Allowing them a democracy and more say in government. However, Viktor feels they should keep their ties with Russia. Meaning the government would become very powerful and the people would have little say in anything taking place.

    The events taking place in Ukraine can be linked to those in Syria. Both are conflicts between the government and the people. Fighting over freedom and power. Leading to violence, injury, and death.

  12. I don’t think the protestors should be called terrorists because they are just trying to say what they believe in. The protestors of Ukraine feel like they should side with the EU. It would allow them to have a democracy and more say in government. Their leader thinks they should become closer with Russia. If they became closer with Russia the government would gain more control. The events happening in Ukraine are similar to those that occurred early this year in Syria.

  13. I think they have the right to protest how they feel and what they believe in. I predict that there will be more fighting and protesting in the future. I think that if the people have something to say Ukraine should listen and not try and fight what the people are saying. A similar event that happened for the US was in Syria.

  14. I think there is too much control of the government. The protestors should be able to get their word across. The protestors are saying that there isn’t any democracy. This is similar to what happened in Syria. I don’t know what will happen for them. I don’t think the protestors will get their way because of the government. This could even become more violent. I don’t think the US should get involved in this at all unless it gets really bad.

  15. I think it’s kind of dumb that the government is shooting at the protesters and calling them terrorists. They should have the right to say what they want too. I think that the sniper attacks are an unreasonable thing to do. The US should not get involved.

  16. I think it’s not good to shoot citizens for expressing how they feel. If the government wants to go on Russia’s side, they should just join them and let the citizens that want to leave go. If they’re worried about losing citizens, they could just ship people from Russia into Russia-Allied Ukraine.

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