CE – Military Cuts / Virtual School Snow Day

Find two article concerning one of the topic questions. Formulate an opinion or argument from both the articles. Support your opinion with statements from each article. You may choose to do research on one of these questions.

1. What are your thoughts on the proposed military cutbacks? Would you urge your congressional representative to vote for or against secretary Hagel’s proposal? Explaine. (CNN)

2. What do you think might be some benefits and drawbacks of virtual school days? Is this a practical solution to missed days at your school? Explain. Do you think you would like this approach, or would you rather make up the days in school? (CNN)

Write a response to this post using quotes supporting your findings.


39 thoughts on “CE – Military Cuts / Virtual School Snow Day

  1. I think these cutbacks will help us to reduce spending and help us get further out of debt. If we do not cut military spending that is not needed currently we will need to cut jobs or training methods used in the country with a smaller budget and less troops training could also be better for the military.”The clear message is that if Congress chooses to ignore these reforms again, it will force additional cuts in training and modernization which will break faith with the troops,” hagel said. It is true that if we have more active troops we will be safer and ready for war but we are not in a war reserves will always be there to help so what is the point to have 570,000 active troops currently? I believe this budget cut will help America’s economy find jobs and locate better ways to spend money.


    • I agree Logan. I think that if we can cut spending but still maintain our safety, it will be the best situation. It will be a challenge to find the right balance of safety and quality.

      • One more thing Mr. Mayer. I think that if we aren’t careful, this could be an open door for terrorists. When they find out we are cutting some of our military spending, they could find some weak spots or opportunities for an attack. That’s why we need to be careful and find that right balance of protection and savings.

    • I completely concur with your reasoning. We don’t need a huge military, just big enough to defend ourselves. With this huge deficit America must do what it needs to get out of debt and cutting military numbers, to me, is a good way to do it.

    • I agree with you on what you say about how cutting down the government and how would it help us but if our military gets cut down what happened when there are other countries that want to attack and take us out then our country won’t be as safe as it could be because now we have all of these people who are terrorist and want to kill people or our president we need to keep a military funded well so we can protect our nation better

    • I agree, I think that if we do the budget cut that many job opportunities will open up. We are in a lot of debt right now so it really can’t get any worse. I think if there are spending cut backs then people are going to actually dig themselves out of debt not add on to all the debt we currently have. So I think military cut backs is probably the best option, and like you said it will open up better ways to spend money and help with all the debt.

  2. Virtual school days would have a lot of benefits from an educational standpoint. Teachers would be able to stay on track with lesson plans, and students would stay in a learning mindset. But this would not be a good idea for many schools, such as ours. Not everyone has internet at their house, so some people wouldn’t be able to access the material, causing them to fall behind. As stated in the CNN article, this is a common problem. “Most schools don’t have one-to-one programs that supply students and staff with computers, and home Internet connections can still be spotty.” As a student, I definitely would not like this. Snow days are supposed to be relaxing lazy days. The last thing I would want to do is school work at home.


    • Brandon I agree this is a great post! Virtual school days would help us make up all these school days we have missed. If we had virtual school days it would be a lot easier to see lesson plans and you could always review what you studied the day before. With all the one to one programs there are in todays world it could definitely be used for things like snow days. School work at home is not my cup of tee, pursay.

      • Unfortunately, I happen to disagree with your opinion, although it is an exquisite performance of presentation. I believe that making up snow days with virtual schooling is highly illogical. It isn’t the students’ fault that the weather is bad. I think it would also be extremely expensive because the school would HAVE to pay for laptops, security networks, and internet at home for these children. But I do agree in saying that school work at home is not my cup of tea as well, per se.

  3. 1. http://millburn.patch.com/groups/schools/p/should-virtual-classes-replace-snow-days-in-new-jersey

    I think that in this case it would be okay for the students to have a “virtual” school day because the school has given them laptops to use. Although some people might not have access to internet.

    “Pascack Valley students spent Thursday, Feb. 13 snowed in but still learning, as the district held a day of virtual class, nj.com reported. Each student has a district-issued laptop they were able to use while learning from home, the report said.”


    I think that the schools should offer the technology if they want students to learn at home. I don’t think that it is the student’s responsibility to personally own special technology to use for school.

    “Coyle and Cassidy students use personally bought iPads to keep up with assignments at home and in class, and use them to virtually receive and turn in assignments.”

  4. “That’s what makes it different,” he said. “Students logged on and had conversations with each other and their teacher.”

    i feel like that these students took the time and effort to do there work online and did there school work i feel like its the same thing as students taking online classes and staying at home and doing their college class like in our school we have these E2020 classes and we can do these classes at home and work ahead and keep our work up so if i was the one to determine these students for counting the day or not id count it because they did the work and put the time and effort into doing it so its only fair that they count the day

    Website i used


  5. I think that the virtual school days are one of the dumbest things anybody has ever thought of. Sitting in bed “doing” your school work is so much different than actually interacting with other students and teachers. Schools need to realize that some students actually have a life and do other things instead of thinking about school 24/7. I don’t think its a big deal if you miss a few days of school due to weather, everyone needs a break from time to time. If a student doesn’t understand something and hes at home, he can’t ask the teacher to teach him, which is the teachers job, they are paid to teach, not just give assignments all day.


    • I think your opinion has some great points with the trouble with asking the teacher questions and kids having their own lives, but wouldn’t you also want a longer summer instead of sitting in the school that feels like a sauna. I do agree that having that much school work would be completely dumb though. Do you believe you would be able to do several hours of homework at home? I wouldn’t.

    • I agree with you 100% if people are going to do school work they should be doing most of there work at school. A lot of people have other things to do besides homework. I would rather make days up at the end of the year and if possible have not evan make them up because no one can control weather.

    • I agree with you 100%. Why would a student want to do homework at home on a computer on a snow day!? There are so many distractions that they wouldn’t get much done.

  6. http://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2014/02/05/virtual-school-on-snow-days

    I dont agree with this argument because in my opinion it is not the students fault for the weather, so instead of doing school at home they should just have a day to work on previous homework. Also there are kids out there that do not have internet so it wouldn’t be fair for them. If the school wanted full fairness they would just drop this whole idea. One Chicago area high school student says: “As long as it’s not too much like an actual school day, it’s a good thing.” I don’t really agree with that quote because if its not even like a school day then what is the point? I think it should just be the way it was before.


    In this article they are talking about if it should count as a school day or not. I think it should because if your making the kids go through all that work it should count. It would be just like going to school except staying at home. “I really do think it can count,” says Kevin Killian, a teacher at Pascack Hills High School. “It can be as valuable as a regular school day can be. I agree with this teacher because if the kids are working hard at home to complete the assignments then it should definitely count as a school day.

  7. I think the military cuts are not necessary because we need a strong military. We still have enemies and if we down grade our military it make us more venerable to attacks. Modern military that would cut the Army to its pre-World War II size, retire the A-10 “Warthog” attack jet and reduce some benefits for fighting forces. If the U.S. doesn’t keep a strong military the country becomes very weak and doesn’t have the capabilities to serve and protect as good as it once was. “For the first time in 13 years we will be presenting a budget to the Congress of the United States that’s not a war-footing budget,” said Hagel.

  8. I would agree with having virtual school on snow days. Summers will be longer for both teachers and children. This also opens up a chance of having virtual school at home to have less days in the school which can make it less expensive.
    There are pros and cons for the virtual school idea. one of the benefits would be getting out of school on time in the school year. A con would be making the kids work on days with so many distractions. They wouldn’t have all the focus or ambition to work on school work for several hours.

    “Technology offers some promise in terms of mitigating some impact,” Flanary said. “Depending on a particular child, what kind of learner a child may be, how diligent will they be to engage on a snow day in some sort of academic pursuit when ‘this is a vacation day’?”

    Kids will have to get over it, because the possibility of becoming is very high.


    • I do agree, I think doing school online would a great idea. I think a lot of kids would be more apt to do more school work at home than they would at school. Plus, teachers wouldn’t have to deal with some of the annoying students.

  9. The cutbacks on the military would help the U.S. a lot because it would cut back on spending and maybe make the deficit not be so high. “This is a budget that recognizes the reality of the magnitude of our fiscal challenges.” This could be very bad for soldiers on pension who have retired from the military because they won’t get the money they were promised. Soldiers who have already retired and been promised certain amounts in pension checks may not get the money they expected. “If you didn’t want to pay us what you promised us, then you probably shouldn’t have promised it.”

    • I agree. I think that military cutbacks could be a good thing but also a bad thing. I think that what you said about cutting back on budget would help the deficit not be so high because if you take away the spending there is less money to worry about. But on the other hand if they cut the spending the retired people from the military won’t get everything that they were promised. Although, they could still fund the retired they already have and then change the regulations for the upcoming retired.

    • I agree. It would be good because the cutback would cut back on spending. But I also think those who are still in the military and those who are retired should get the money they were promised because they put time into the military and risked their life for the whole country.

    • I agree with your statement. I think it would be beneficial for the U.S. to cut spending in the military. However, they did promise money to those who are on leave, or retired from the military and I don’t think it’s fair that they are willing to break this promise. People were banking on this money and to have it taken away from them isn’t right.

  10. I think it would be a really good idea to cut spending to the military because I think we spend too much, but I don’t think we need to cut a ton of stuff like what Chuck Hagel is proposing. He wants to cut the budget by 10%. Chuck Hagel Said he wants to go from 520,000 troops to around 450,000. The army would retire two of their training helicopters and would trade the National Guard a couple of weapons. The Air Force would slow the growth of its drone program but increase around-the-clock combat patrols.
    Hagel said these are very difficult decisions but were going to have to live with them. He also said that there would be additional threats once we downsize.


  11. I think it’s a dumb idea to have online school for missed school days. When you don’t have school it gives you a break so it’s kind of a good thing. What would you do if your computer broke or you didn’t have a charger? You would probably fall behind and that wouldn’t be your fault. Doing homework online is a lot different than in an actual class and students would get distracted easily.

    • I agree with this because if you’re at home you could get distracted very easily. At school there’s always someone there to get you back on task if you get distracted. At home you have to be pretty self determined to get work done especially if it’s a snow day.

    • You know Beard you have had some great points but if it is ok with you i would like to state my opinion. I feel like if we were to have our computers we could have less snow days and we would learn the same. 🙂

  12. I feel like the us could cut the military spending to make a more modernized army with even more fire power. If we were to cut military spending we could put money to better use such as fixing our economy or our road system. If we were to cut our spending we could bring many of our troops home. I got a quote that Chuck Hagel said “Under it, the former senator from Nebraska said the military would become a smaller, more tactical force capable of fighting on one war front and maintaining effective defenses for a second while shifting to more specialized capabilities.”


    • I casually agree with the points that you have made. I think that we should cut our military back even more to save even more money. The money could be used to create more jobs and kickstart our economy. I also like the idea of a smaller more capable military. To quote my good friend Cole: “JEEPERS!”

    • I would have to agree with your post. Cutting military spending would let the US pay for other things that we need to fix right now. I like your quote that you added in your post. It would give troops a little vacation, and then go back to fight while other troops come home.

    • I agree, I think that the the budget cuts will help us get further out of debt and allow us to fix other things that are more important right now. I also don’t think it is necessary to have so many active troops right now. I think the troops should be able to have a break just like a lot of other Americans.

  13. I think that the cons of virtual school days would outway the benefits. Students at home during snow days don’t want to be at school, they want to be enjoying their surprise day off. Some kids might have to shovel during their snow day, so they won’t have time to be inside working on a full day of school. A day off from school should be a day off from school, if the weather doesn’t allow school, then why should the kids still have to learn? “We think it’s worthwhile and productive, why not do it?” I disagree with that statement because the kids won’t be focused at home.

  14. I think it’s a good idea to go virtual because some school are losing teachers due to budget cuts and that leads into classes being dropped from the curriculum. “Many districts are turning to online learning as an answer to teacher shortages and to fill in for dropped courses. For some, it’s a matter of education equity.” I also think it could be a bad idea because some people don’t have internet at home and they wouldn’t be able to do there work unless they go somewhere with internet every day. Students might feel that they don’t have to do the work because they think since they are at home they can just slack off and never do it.


  15. I think virtual days would be a bad idea. The students and teachers enjoy the snow days, they are a nice thing to have. Also, the students who prefer hands on learning would not get that with virtual days. It wouldn’t be practical for the teachers to give us a days worth of homework and expect us to get it finished at home, on our own. Some students need help getting their work done, those students wouldn’t get that. The only major benefit to this would be the elimination of making up snow days at the end of the year.

  16. There are a few negatives for virtual snow days. There would be no way to make sure all the students would actually be staying on task. But what happened if your charger was broken or you had computer difficulties? The computer tech wouldn’t be there to help. And you wouldn’t be able to ask question to your teacher questions and get help.



  17. Virtual School Days
    Teachers don’t need to worry about not having enough time teaching everything. It gives students something to do when they are stuck at home. It teaches the students that they need to manage their time. “We think it’s worthwhile and productive, why not do it?” Gundersen said. “This is what we’ve been doing in the corporate world for quite some time … balancing family life with work and getting things done. Why shouldn’t high school kids?” Students and teachers wouldn’t have to go the extra days at the end of the year when they are cancelled.
    Some schools don’t supply every child with a laptop, and some students don’t have internet at home to do their homework. Some students might not have the energy to do the class assignments because it is a snow day. If a student is stranded some where, they won’t be able to do the assignment they are asked to do. There are problems with technology, so it might not work every time.

    I think this could be a solution to our school because we have bad weather around our region. This would benefit us a lot. We wouldn’t have to make up the snow days at the end of the year. I don’t know if I would like to have virtual school days. Snow days are meant to stay home and do nothing. Not everyone in our school has internet access for doing the assignments. It would kind of be nice not having to make up school days at the end of the year, but if we do have virtual snow days teachers might put up too much assignments because they don’t know what other teachers are doing. “Many slept in, and some complained there was too much work.” If I would have to make up my mind, I would say we shouldn’t do virtual school days.

  18. The concept of having virtual schooling on a snow day sounds appalling to most children. Most children love the words ‘snow days.’ This is a time for the students to have a day off of school. However, a snow day means another day of school added onto the end of the year. We’ve had lots of snow this years, which brings the concept of virtual schooling. This allows teachers to give assignments when the students have a snow days. Meaning the students get up and log onto a virtual learning site. To many students this sounds horrible. You are being forced to do homework when you aren’t even allowed at school.

    With virtual schooling the hopes are that all students participate, but that’s not always guaranteed. “Some students slept in and did in fact take the day off of school.” As you can see there are students who would in fact not engage in virtual schooling. Meaning they would fall behind in class and have a hard time catching up.

    Another issue with virtual schooling would be the fact that students can’t discuss and ask questions. This could cause problems for many students. For some students they depend on discussion, and if they can’t do this it causes difficulty in finishing assignments. Many may argue virtual schooling is just like everyday learning in the classroom. “This way, everyone could have the same lessons, just as if they were in the classroom,” However, is not like day to day classroom learning and could cause problems for students.

  19. There are a lot of benefits to having virtual school days on the educational level. Teachers would be able to stay caught up on their lesson plans and students would stay on task with a learning mindset. Students and teachers would have longer summers. There would also be some drawbacks to having virtual school days. Not every school supplies every student with a laptop and some students may not have a computer or internet at their house. There may be some issues with technology in some cases, such as the internet might not work all the time. There would also be kids that wouldn’t do it because they are being forced to do school work when they aren’t even at school. “Many slept in, and some complained there was too much work.” There would probably also be more homework involved with the virtual school days then if students were at school where they have class time to ask other students and teachers questions.


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