Geo – Polar Vortex

Visualizing the Polar Vortex

The Polar Vortex Explained in 2 minutes

Polar Vortex Article

Niagara Falls Freezing?

Polar Vortex by the Numbers

Response Question: What is the impact of the Polar Vortex on our economy? 


9 thoughts on “Geo – Polar Vortex

  1. Tyler Howe
    it will make things worse and gas will go up. Some businesses are making money like towing companies when they have to get people out of ditches. Grocery stores cause people buy a bunch of food to prepare for blizzards. Most businesses don’t make money cause people can’t make it to work or there is no school. Mechanics will make a lot cause people might go in ditch and screw something up with there car and have to get it fixed to get to work so they have to spend money then risk it happening again.

  2. It will help out the economy by buying gas for all of the snowplows. Towing business will make a lot of money because of all of the vehicles that they have to pull out of the ditch. Mechanic and body shops will get more business because of all the damaged cars that were in snow related accidents. People will need to buy more gas for their houses to keep them warmer in the cooler weather. People that repair power lines will get more business because of the down power lines from freezing rain and heavy snow.

  3. It hurts vehicles because of the cold temperature and all of the snow that are on there roads. Plus, with all of the salt on the road it makes vehicles rust a lot quicker than usual. It hurts states because of all of the money they have to spend on moving the snow and knowing where to put it. It may also hurt businesses because if there is a lot of snow on the ground, nobody wants to come in and buy anything. Pretty much everybody hurts from all of the snow.

  4. Nate M.-
    There are many impacts from the polar vortex. A positive for the economy would be the increased business for towing and repair shops. If you look at the numbers from the “Polar Vortex by the Numbers” article it says that 1,400 accidents happened in Georgia on one day. If you take all the states and add those up, that is a lot of money coming in for the repair shops. Then if you add on towing charges and regular winter maintenance, that is a lot of dough rolling into auto-shops.

  5. Colton Reddel
    I would have to say that it could make the economy lose money because the longer your going into summer the more money you would have to spend on cooling the places down. It is taking money away from people by working longer into the summer if they have a summer job as well. They wouldn’t be able to work till their other job is done with for the year. It would also mess with how they need to fund school because if they are in school longer the more money they will need to cool the schools down in the summer and the government would need to give more money to them witch means that the economy would be getting hurt because it is spending more money then that would like to.

  6. It gets cold out and startes to snow then they have to cancel school. If you cancel school you have to make it up at the end of the year.The longer you have school the more that the school will lose . If there is no school you have to go longer in the summer and you cant make money. The winter is also hard the the school buses because the diesel will start to jell up and make the busses not work right.

  7. The school loses money on snow days. The school no longer just cancels school because of the snow now, but also because of below zero temperatures. Sometimes the buses go out and then school gets cancelled. The bus drivers have to take the children that are already on the bus back home. This is burning diesel on days that we don’t have any school. The school itself has to heat the building even when school is cancelled. If we have school but get out at 10:00 or before lunch time, the lunch ladies still have to feed us even though we may not be hungry. That is wasting food and money right there.

  8. The polar vortex has a great impact on our economy, both good and bad impacts depending on the situation that you find yourself in.
    For example, if you’re a homeowner, it would probably have more of a negative effect on your economy because your heating costs would rise and often, with cold comes snow which means you would either have to move the snow yourself of pay to have it removed.
    An aspect where it could be negative or positive is if you’re a power company worker. The high, cold winds could blow over branches or trees on power lines and take them out and it would be your job to fix it. Yes, if you had more business that would be more pay but fixing power lines in that cold weather could be not so good for your health.

  9. I would assume it would depend on where you look. I’m sure it would be different in places that are prepared for the ice and snow compared to places that are not. The south part of the country is not prepared for the weather because it just doesn’t happen enough to have any reason for investing in plows and roads that decrease risk. On top of the government not investing in snow and ice preparations, the people in the south are generally inexperienced with the driving conditions. This could, and does, lead to more crashes and probably plenty of repair costs as well as medical bills. Another thing that is often hit hard with cold weather in the south would be stores. When people hear that it could snow or that the roads might get icy, they go and buy things like food and batteries. People post pictures on the internet of almost completely empty shelves in stores. The north is a little more prepared for this weather, but that doesn’t mean crashes won’t happen. The plows can’t always clean the roads, so drifts and lots of heavy snow can damage cars or get people stuck. It really depends on the person and whether or not they have to be out and about during the bad weather.

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