CE – Socialism?

Why would any group of people be supporters of a socialist society?

1. Why do you think that the Venezuelan government’s move towards socialism is so polarizing? What impact might this form of government have on different groups of people? (CNN)

Extra Discussion topic…

2. Should corporate companies be allowed to advertise in schools to raise money in schools?

– How could this be harmful towards students?


25 thoughts on “CE – Socialism?

  1. I think i think there idea of having a socialism would be a bad and terrible idea because there are all of the people who don’t get off the butt to do any work and would just live off the government and take everybody’s money and make them rich but i feel that this is a dumb idea because there is many people who are disabled and aren’t able to work and already get there government pay outs i think there country should just stay the way it is and not change because there idea is stupid in my mind

  2. I think it’s so polarizing is because everybody’s wealth will be equaled out. The rich would be lowered and the poor will brought up because the people that make a lot of money will be pretty much be giving money to the poor people. That means the rich people won’t be very willing to work as hard as they usually do.

  3. I think this issue is so polarizing because if it goes wrong, it will go very wrong. Venezuela becoming socialist could help the country by eliminating poverty and making everyone equal. But at the same time, the move to socialism could destroy any competition in business and industry, bringing the country down. The move to socialism could potentially help the lower, poverty stricken class. Their standard of living would be raised because everyone is equal. At the same time, the upper class would have less.

  4. 2. No, I don’t think that corporate companies should be allowed to advertise in schools to raise money because their main motive is to sell their product. I don’t think that they would really care about the impact that it would have on the kids’ health. Now, I don’t think that labels on say a Mountain Dew can is really advertising like a billboard would be. It really doesn’t matter if the label is on the can or not. People will still know what it is. The only way it could really be harmful to the students is when they advertise something that is unhealthy and everyone is like “Oh, that looks really good! I think I will go buy that!” Then, They eat them and it has an effect on their health.

  5. I think that companies shouldn’t be able to advertise in school. Kids need to be able to make their own decisions without advertising influence. It’s harmful for students because they get brain washed by propaganda that may or may not be true. You never know whats true or not these days.

    • I see your point, Stone. Everyone should be able to make their own decisions. When there is advertising in school, students are stuck looking at the advertisements for the whole school day. When they see advertisements they can easily change their minds about things, like picking candy instead of fruit and pop instead of water. I also think that advertisements can brain wash many people.

  6. No, I don’t think they should be able to. If the company is so desperate to have to put stuff up in local schools then they shouldn’t be a company at all. They would just be getting involved into the students life, and to me it would be a distraction. Yes I can understand why they would want to make more money in that way, but I don’t think it is right. I don’t think they should have to advertise in schools, it just doesn’t make sense to me. They should want to advertise in bigger places because most schools are struggling to make money as it is anyways. It could also affect the students because then they could feel pressured to have to buy the companies labels and help them raise money. I just think it is better for everyone if they don’t.

  7. Someone who is poor would be in favor of socialism because it would give them more money and even the playing field. The rich and upper class would be against socialism because they would be losing money for what would seem like no reason. The ads should still be allowed in schools, because the money that the school gets from the ads can be used for the good of the school. The ads don’t make you eat the food, it is your choice. The students aren’t eating the ads.

  8. I think it would be a bad idea to have everyone on the same level. There should be a couple levels of class so then people who make a lot of money don’t get everything taken away from them and the poorer people put in just a little. In all the rich people work a lot and the poor people work a little and they come out with the same income.

  9. The rich people of Venezuela would hate socialism because this would make them have way less money. The poor people of Venezuela would love the idea of socialism because they would get a lot more money. The medium class people wouldn’t get their income affected very much. The groups of people who would most support socialism would be the people who are barely getting by. Venezuelan people wouldn’t have a president anymore.

    • I agree with you’re statement. I think the people of the lower class would benefit from socialism and they would be in favor of it, while people of the higher class would be opposed to the idea of socialism. If Venezuela was to become a socialistic country they wouldn’t have a president anymore. However, I don’t think that would ever work, because people are power hungry and someone always wants to be in control.

    • I agree with your statement, Tylar. It wouldn’t affect the middle class too much because they would be earning about the same amount as they had been before. I don’t think socialism would ever work for the fact that the rich people wouldn’t like it and would probably fight back against it.

  10. This would help the poor people out because they would be getting the same money from flipping burgers at Culver’s as the people with the big jobs like surgeons or wall street. More people would want to do less since they are getting the same money. The economy would fail after a while.

  11. This might be polarizing because the rich people are going to lose all the money they have ever been given or earned. All of the poor people would have a lot more money to spend they would most likely be in favor of the idea. The idea that if you work harder you will get more will be gone there will be no point behind it anymore. People will slack and decide that if they work hard or light they will still get paid the same. Different groups of people as the people who work hard will be outraged and will fight back against this government because they want their old life back.

  12. The poor people would like to have socialism because everybody will be equal, and the poor people wouldn’t be poor anymore. The rich and wealthy people wouldn’t want to have socialism because they wouldn’t have the wealth. Socialism wouldn’t work because because the people who weren’t working will get money. Everyone would have to be equal, so everyone will be just like each other. People would have to divide up the money between people. I don’t think people who were rich would get along with anyone, but the poor people would like it.

  13. socialism would be beneficial for the poorer people in the country but would be harmful to the richer people in the Ukraine. The poorer people would be making more money and the richer would be making less money.

  14. The idea of socialism is polarizing to many, because there are two different scenarios in which people look at it. One being that it socialism is an exceptional idea. The people that agree with socialism are most generally those of the lower class. They see it as everyone being treated equally. Meaning everyone would receive the same amount of money for working. They would ultimately move up in the social status, and who wouldn’t like that?

    On the other side of the spectrum people believe it’s a horrible idea. Those who think this way are usually from the higher class. They don’t think it’s fair that everyone earns the same for completely different jobs. They see it as them being cheated because someone could be working in a factory, while others are highly skilled professionals, like brain surgeons. Yet, they are receiving the same pay check.

  15. The poor people would like socialism because they would be making just as much money as the rich people. They would see the positive side of socialism while the rich people would see the negative side of socialism. The rich people wouldn’t like socialism because they would be making less money than they had been before. I don’t think socialism would work because nobody would have to work that hard for their money anymore. The people that had to work hard for their money before won’t have as much motivation anymore because they will still earn the same amount.

  16. I think ads in school can have good and bad effects. I don’t see a problem with ads in the hallways or lunchroom, but I think if ads were put in the classrooms they could be distracting to some students. If the walls of a classroom have tons of ads, students might pay more attention to the ads than to the teacher. Also I think the ads shouldn’t advertise things like alcohol and cigarettes.

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