WH – WWII – Causes of WWII

What might someone do if they are “backed into a corner” fiscally or physically?

Why are “extremists” generally taken to the mainstream in the political world?

Causes of WWII – Article

German Inflation – What is inflation? Why is hyper-inflation so devestating?

Discussion Question:

How did Hitler convince the German Citizen’s to elect him into power?


40 thoughts on “WH – WWII – Causes of WWII

  1. President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Hitler as Chancellor. The Enabling Act gave Hitler dictatorial power without legal objection. Hitler told the Nazi Party or NSDAP to either make him leader of the party or he would never return. The Nazi Party became the largest political party in the Reichstag. “[Hitler] was aided in part by his willingness to use violence in advancing his political objectives and to recruit party members who where willing to d o the same.” (en.wikipedia.org).

  2. (Part 2) Communists were blamed for Germany’s Parliament fire. All of the communists were arrested. Communists women and children were used as human shields. People were beat if they were drifting away from the Nazis. He was Chancellor of Germany for 52 days when Germany elected Hitler dictator. The Nazi’s boycotted all Jewish businesses. Hitler said that Jews were Germany’s misfortunes.

  3. Hitler offered the Germans what they needed, encouragement. When he would give speeches he would start in a low tone gradually raising the volume and pitch of his voice then eventually he would go all out. He would play with the emotions of his audience getting them so excited that they would start screaming. Hitler promised to bring order to the chaos and a feeling of unity. He would make Germany strong again, tear up the treaty of Versailles and deal harshly with the Jews. The Nazi party was successful in making the Germans think that the Jews were the cause for all of Germany’s struggles.

  4. There are many ways that Hitler came to power. He came into power because he came to the people when they were at their lowest points. They accepted him because they didn’t really have any other choice. He did bad things, but when he gave speeches, he made it sound like it was a good thing what he was doing. When he did something wrong he would put the blame on other people to make himself look better.

  5. In 1914, hitler tried to join the Austrian Army, but failed his medical. When World War One was declared he crossed over the border to Germany and he was fit to join their Army. During an attack, Hitler was by blinded by a gas attack, and while he was recovery from his injury, the Germans surrender. Hitler believed that the Jews were responsible for Germany’s defeat. The terms of the Treaty of Versailles only made Hitler more angry. Hitler worked for the Education Department of the Army, and he lectured the returning soldiers. Hitler was then part of the National Socialist German worker’s Party(NSDAP) later know as Nazi. The NSDAP was a major part of the German’s hatred on the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler planned to seize the most important city in Germany and launch an attack on the rest of Germany, hoping that the middle class would support him. The Wall Street Crash in October 1929 was crucial to the Nazis. Hitler was Chancellor of Germany for 52 day when they elected him. With the Enabling Act, Hitler abolished opposition and acquired control over Germany. Hitler transferred the legal system and eliminated millions of people.

  6. -Hitler became involved with the Nazi’s after WWI
    -He tried coming into power but was arrested.
    -Once he got out, he tried taking power again.
    -The German government was weak because of the depression going on.
    -Germans lacked confidence in their government.
    -With these conditions, it allowed a new leader to invade.
    -Hitler was known as a “spellbounding” speaker therefore attracting the German people ready for change.
    -He addressed especially the unemployed, poor, younger people, and the lower middle class.
    -All of those groups were the majority of the voters, so therefore Hitler won.
    -Many of the German’s had believe that Hitler was their savior.
    -It’s said that Germany was severely handicapped after the war so it was inevitable that something like Hitler taking over would happen.
    -He turned the legal system into a “racial cleansing machine”
    -Germans had the choice to join the communists or the Nazi’s.
    -They thought Hitler would take away their hunger and their unemployment.
    -The Germans then named Hitler Chancellor.
    -Many people were appalled by his appearance and the way his personality came off.
    -Hitler blamed his enemy, the communists, for the fire.
    -After the fire, basically all of the people’s rights were taken away.
    -Days after the fire, thousands of communists were arrested.
    -He had been chancellor for 52 days before he became a dictator.
    -People who resist the Nazi’s were beaten daily.
    -Even Jews had faith in Hitler and that he wouldn’t attack them, then he started boycotting them.

  7. Hitler was a very persuasive man. Hitler came to the people when they were doubting everything they had believed in; their government, their people, and themselves. He made everything seem like it would go back to normal. He was becoming the real savior to the people. He was crude but had a way of getting people to follow him. He first started to get followers by having the swastika, and the meaning behind it. He said it was meant for the blood shed of the past. He had created people called nazis. Hitler had a strange affect on people. People always remembered him, his face stuck with them forever. He related to people and what they thought was wrong, and the people responded by praising him. He got elected into the presidency with 11 million votes. After he won the presidency, it didn’t take him long to conquer the rest of the country. Hitler controlled everything from then on out.

  8. Hitler came into power because the German government was failing and was at a weak point and the citizens were losing hope with their government. He picked a time to come into power while the government was weak, giving the citizens false hopes and promises that he would never keep. He addressed the people that were hit the hardest by the failing government and convinced them that he would do more as a leader to get them back on their feet. He gave speeches that made it sound like what he was doing was good, but in reality it was bad and to make himself look better, when he would do something bad, he could put the blame on someone else so the citizens still thought he was doing good.

  9. Adolf Hitler was a very persuasive man; he knew what he needed to say to persuade the people. During Hitler’s speeches, he offered the people what they needed the most, he offered them encouragement. Hitler also was one for making promises to the people, promising them exactly what they wanted to hear. Adolf offered work to the unemployed people. He promised to make Germany strong again, like it was before. Since Germany sometimes blamed the Jews on the losing of WWI, Hitler promised to treat the Jews harshly to please the people.

  10. In 1923, Hitler made his first appearance on film. He would put up signs saying no Jews at his speeches. Hitler knew what he wanted, and he didn’t care if people liked him. He wanted to become the leader of Germany. He was known for being a national figure. Flag of Martyrs, was a flag that Hitler used. Hitler said that there would be a big future for Germany. The Nazi Party Rally is where people who liked Hitler would have been to. Something that he was caring and nice about his was that he would shake all the men’s hands, and he would even be in people’s dreams. People called him a fool and a dreamer. People thought he was too radical. He became the Chancellor in 1933. He had such good, detailed, and powerful speeches that many people wanted to have membership to be in the Nazi Party. He had a communist threat. He would promise change, hope, and progress to the German people. He hated the Jews because he thought his mother’s doctor was a Jew, and she died of cancer. He would clear snow paths for the rich people, and he thought that the Jews lived in those houses. He convinced people that the Jews were bad. He was going to remove The Treaty of Versailles. He blamed the Communists for setting fire to the Parliament, so they were now bad people.

  11. -He was going to give rights to the workers.
    -He was very persuasive and almost hypnotic in what he said.
    -He was trying to restore power to the German people.
    -He made people think that he was going to lead them to a brighter future.
    -People felt like they could relate to what he was saying.
    -Wall street and the German economy crashed.
    -The people of Germany needed a savior.
    -He said he would get rid of the Treaty of Versailles.

    Overall Germany’s economy and people were very vulnerable and Hitler was a man of promises who came at the right time. The way he spoke to the people was almost hypnotic because he was so good with his words. The people found him to be inspiring and they thought he could help the economy. They saw a brighter future with what Hitler said and that is what made him almost an overnight sensation.

  12. The first time Hitler tried to take control he failed also causing 16 of his followers to be killed in the uprising. In August 1929 the Nazi’s held a march bringing in over 100,000 people who followed him. At this time their goal was to introduce the whole of Germany, 650,000 people, to the idea of socialism. just a week after this rally Wall Street failed taking the German economy with it. Within a year of this rally Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party was one of the largest political groups in history. On March 13th, 1932 Hitler won the presidency with over 11 million votes. He was elected Chancellor and after his speech the Nazi party received so many membership requests they had to suspend admissions. Although Hitler was not in control of Germany yet, in a mere two weeks that would change. Within a month of the Parliament burning the majority of the communists were in a jail and there was nothing else standing in his was of further domination.

  13. -Came along at the right time, when the citizens were angry and the economy was broken
    -Promised a new society
    -Persuasive by telling people what they wanted
    -Said he would make Germany Stronger
    -Tried to restore honor to the citizens
    – He gave the germans someone to be mad at, the jews.
    – Convinced people with his speeches
    -Arrested Communists
    -Justified all terrible things going on in Germany
    -Arrested the communists so the Nazi’s could take over
    -Made people follow the Nazi’s or else they would’ve been beaten

  14. – He tried to restore their honor and promised a better future
    – He said that if they all united, they could change their situation
    – He could justify everything he did
    – Those who opposed him were tortured to death
    – He gave them someone else to blame for losing the war, the Jews
    – He blamed the communists for burning down the parliament building

  15. Very persuasive, knows what he wants, flags of martyrs (used to persuade), rallies, called a fool and a dreamer,blamed communists for the burning of the parliment building, made communists into the bad people, rights to workers, getting rid of the treaty of Versailles, and make Germany stronger .

  16. Hitler promiced the people to restore all respect to germany, he promiced them things he could not give them, tons of things he promiced he could not give. but people followed him because they did not know what to do.
    All that people wanted was a savior. When Hitler arrived they all followed. He said that he would help all buisnesses. Germany wanted to blame someone, so almost blamed the Jews. On March 13 1932 Hitler recieved enough votes by then.
    Hitler blamed the comunests for setting fire to the parlament. He just told the people what they wanted to hear.

  17. How did Hitler convince the German Citizens to elect him into power?
    – By knowing how to talk about Germany. About how great and powerful they could be.
    – Restoring honor to the people. He gave them hope that he would lead them to a better future.
    – They came from misery and he came as their savior. He was someone they could look up to.
    – Hitler gave them someone to blame for their misery and depression.
    – He told them that the future of their people was in their own hands. They need to unite together to become stronger.
    – It was better to rejoice with everyone than to disagree and get tortured.
    – He said that Germany’s misfortune was the Jews.
    – He blamed the fire on the communist, this way, they were looked at like terrorists.

  18. What I feel what he is doing is trying to get this people to think he was right and he would get them on his side so that it’d be easier to get what he wanted and everybody that was against him and hated him he would just turn on them and destroy and ruined them people and once he got everybody on his side he went and turned on them and just destroyed them and he hated all the jews and he got everybody else that hated them on his side and made them feel he was better than what he really was and he just used there country for what he wanted

  19. According to Bella Fromm, there was a corporal from Munich who had an almost hypnotic power on people. It was Hitler. Hitler allowed no Jews at his rallies but he had a very persuasive line about about German honor, workers rights, and a new society. Hitler definitely knew what he wanted. Hitler attempted to create a revolution in Munich, but it failed. Wall Street fell and it really hurt the German economy. Within the next few year, the Nazi Party became one of the biggest parties in German. People who wanted things to change could either size with the communists or the Nazis. Within the next year, he was elected Chancellor. Nazis never got more than 37% of the vote, but they were the largest party in Germany. Hitler wanted to overcome the divisions within the country for a greater good. What he said really fired up the crowds. The German parliament was burned down in the middle of the night. Hitler decided that he could blame his competitors, the Communists. He used the Communist threat he made up to beat the opposing politicians. All the changes that were happening across Germany were justified by Hitler. People wanted the communists to disappear. All the communist were put in jail and no one was able to stop the Nazis. With no Communists to oppose, Hitler was chosen as the overall leader of Germany. Nazis boycotted all Jewish shops and businesses in Germany.

  20. After Germany’s defeat in WWI their economy failed. Causing their people to suffer harsh conditions. They had no hope and nothing to look forward to. Then a man named Hitler arose. He gave them hope in a time of need and promised them better days ahead.

    Hitler had draw backs, like the discrimination of jews, but people looked beyond that. They saw a persuasive man, who was the leader of the nazis, the largest political power, and someone who could help them recover from hard times. Hitler gave rights to workers and eliminated the Treaty of Versailles. This is what the Germans wanted to hear at the time and it seemed as if they found their savior.

    Hitler was installed as the chancellor and gave a speech that was compelling to many. After this people requested to join the nazis, but were turned down. Then, a turning point took place for Hitler, in which the German parliament was burnt. Hitler saw this as an opportunity to take down the communists, who were the other leading political party. He convinced everyone that the communists were behind everything and they were seen as terrorists. Everyone believed him and he gained power from then on out.

  21. Hitler was a persuasive man. He knew what to say to the people to make them believe in him and like him. He promised the people that he would rebuild Germany and fix everything that had happened in the past. He promised to give rights to the people and to get rid of the Treaty of Versailles. He used the “flag of honor” with the swastika on it, meaning the blood shed of the past, to get followers. He created the Nazis. The Nazis believed that everything he said was true. Many Germans thought of him as being too radical. He became chancellor which gave him some power and then when the President died he became President as well. Being the President, he turned Germany into a dictatorship by gaining more and more power.

  22. Developed a flag to gain followers.
    He had political parties that were called the nazis.
    His people thought of him as the master.
    If you were a germain and wanted things to change you could join the group of communists or you could join the nazis. Thats how Hitler became more popular.
    His first run for president he got 11 million votes and lost.
    Hitler became chancellor
    -Didn’t control all of germany yet
    now dictator
    Boycotted all jewish businesses
    Hitler said jews were germanies misfortunes

  23. one of the big ww2 got started we replace German up behind wallreplace German up behind wall. the German reacted they maderch in to they and wanted in German broke the Treaty of Versailles many times. Britain and France they declare war on Germany.

  24. They didn’t really have a choice. He offered food, jobs, and his speeches were really powerful. He tried to restore their honor and said they would have a better future.

  25. They did not really have a choice at all.He also offer more food,jobs, He also talked about the speeches that were more powerful.

  26. you see, hitler convinced the people of germany to vote for him because he stated that if they did vote he would offer great supply of food, jobs, and a powerful country. what he didn’t state was the greed on jews. therefore many hundreds of thousands of people voted for him.

  27. Hitler was very persuasive. He promised them a brighter future. Hitler gave the society some one to blame, which was the Jews. He promised that he would rebuild Germany after the war. He blamed the communist for burning down the German Parliament. This made all the others not like them, and help Hitler send them all to jail. He also created the Nazi party. If you were not a Nazi you had a chance that you would be killed by the Nazi’s. All in all the reason Hitler gained so much power is because he was so persuasive.

  28. The germans wanted a way out of there money problem. So they saw that Hitler was the way out. He also was a good speaker so he convinced the people that he could save them.

  29. As Germany got worse and worse, the people wanted a leader. A good leader who could lead the people to a brighter future. Adolf Hitler appeared for the job, he would give speeches at rallies, good ones. The people liked what Hitler said, although they thought he was a dreamer. President Paul von Hindenburg put Hitler as chancellor. he was chancellor for only 52 days before he was elected Dictator.

  30. Hitler came to a Germany that was in turmoil the German marque was worth nothing and the people were dirt poor in chaos. The German working class needed someone to look to because they were working for almost nothing. Adolf Hitler rose and was a great speaker he wouldn’t direct his attention to just one group. He would speak to the whole country about topics catching everyones attention. Hitler would form many rallies and try and make them seem like things that everyone could connect to like Nationalist Rallies. (which to me is saying that if you are a true German you would show up) Many Germans thought of Hitler as a radical but when Wall street fell and the German government and currency went with it, Hitler rose as a savior for the people and the country. After Wall Street fell and Hitler rose to power and was helping Germans there was calls for revolution everywhere. Hitler manipulated the media to make himself sound amazing and he would make the things he did always sound like it is for the betterment of all German’s. When Hitler lost vote to become leader of Germany many people still were trying to get him to become Chancellor of Germany so it happened. Hitler would speak to the people as one and not separate them. When the middle class of Germany was all starting to follow Hitler that was the start of the Third Reich and his leadership/control over Germany.

  31. He basically became a national figure over night he had signs that said the jews are bad and he was a persuasive person. The rest of the people did not really have that much of a choice because he was saying I will give you jobs and so people could not say no to that. He soon had about 100,000 men on his side Adolph finally got everyone to think that the jews were bad. Adolph made many speeches all very persuasive and got people thinking he’s right. He had promised to make Germany more powerful. After people started to hate jews the decided to start killing them the U.S knew there was camps but that didn’t know people were getting killed or hurt. Adolph thought that the best people were had blue eyes and blond hair. Anybody with something wrong with them had to get sterilized so they could not reproduce, because he thought that when they reproduced the kids would have the same problems as the parents.

  32. He convinced people by telling them that he’d end the great depression, and that’s all the people were desperate for at the moment. After all, the were in their third year of the great depression. After his campaign speech many people wanted to become apart of the Nazi party. Eventually if you publicly weren’t apart or didn’t want to be apart of the Nazi party you were beaten and sent to a concentration camp. He became chancellor which gave him some power, but when the German poliment had burned down Hitler was the first to blame the Communists. The congress then put Hitler as dictator for a little while, and then from there it spiraled from there.

  33. German’s wanted freedom and better. Hitler used media and manipwlated people.hitler lost vote to become german leader.Most germans thought of hitler as too radical and crazy.Some german thought of hitler as a hero or as a crazy.Many germans thought this was end of hitler.German leaders were all pushing to insdall hitler as channellol so it happened. Middle class was starting to follow and like hitler.Hitler was desfruting all cultural things in german

  34. The Germans just got done losing a major war, in it they gave up much of there land, had to servery cut there military down and where put into a huge debt. With that all happening, that put Germany in a huge depression. Germany was at an all time low and was looking for a way out to gain the strength it once had. There was tons of Germans looking for a brighter future but it always ended with no result.
    With Germany losing most of its power, and it being in a great depression made a perfect situation for people to step up and lead Germany out of its personal hell.
    People were desperate, and tired and when the man Adolf Hitler stepped up and said he had the answers, people were willing to listen no matter how crazy. Hitler compared to a lot of people seemed like the reasonable option and that what they consed.

  35. The Germans did not have much of a choice. They knew that they were going to lose the war and that they were going to have to pay for what they had done to others. The value of everything was lost and everyone was desperate for a rescue. On December 2nd, 1923 Hitler made his first appearance on film. He said that he will lead them to a brighter future and being desperate the Germans believed him. Hitler knew how to say things so the Germans would believe him and want him to have all the power. On March 13, 1932 eleven million people voted for Hitler, but he was still not elected. Not giving up he continued persuading. Everyone started believing that Hitler was the right choice. Hitler gave a speech in which ten million people were tuned into, but he did not yet have any power. On February 28th, 1933 the Germans Reichstag was set on fire. Hitler then told everyone that it was the communist. Five days after the fire thousands of communist had been arrested. Now that all of the communist were in jail there was no one to stop the Natzi. Hitler slowly began to pass laws to get rid of the Jews. It was soon decided that all the power would that Hitler deserved all of the power, he then became the dictator. Five days after Hitler had gained power he told everyone to avoid not only Jews, but all of Jews businesses. Over 400,000 people were sterilized. Hitler wanted a perfect population. Things only got worse from there. You had to use the Hitler greeting or you would be sent to a concentration camp and everyone worshiped Hitler. Nothing was safe anymore.

    Hitler was not only a persuasive man, he had many other things that he built up to help him gain his power. One of them would be his army of Natzis. He had over 100,000 Natzis in his army. Another one would be his persuasive speeches and personalities. He always knew what to say that made the Germans believe what he said was true. Last, but not least, everyone was asking for a savior and he rose like a mountain. He was willing to do anything to get the power.

  36. He tells everyone that one of the reasons they are poor, people were willing to do anything to be wealthy again. Someone started a building on fire and no one knew who did it but Hitler was quick to blame the Jews. There were around 100,000 Nazis, no Jewish people were allowed at the rallies. Anyone in Germany that wanted a change, would have to join the Nazis or nothing would happen. They eventually took all the Jewish people and put them in Concentration Camps and would beat them to death. They killed millions of people, if you were against Hitler you would have the risk of being thrown in the Concentration Camps with the Jews. So this meant that everyone was scared of Hitler so they obeyed him so they weren’t killed. Hitler only got 37% votes for him becoming the chancellor of Germany, but he was elected anyway.

  37. Adolf Hitler became a nation figure over night. Hitler was strongly against the communist party and with that strong opinion he created the Nazi party. He held meetings between the political parties and said that he was going to make Germany a better place and would restore its power and many people thought he was a fool. Hitler had reasons, at the time, that people believed would change Germany and make it a safe place to live. On March 13, 1932, Hitler lost the election for Prime Minister but was appointed chancellor less than a year after the election. During a speech to the German people he included everyone as a whole and did not just single out the Nazi party, and during the speech he rallied all the people together and made so many more people want to become a Nazi. A fire had burnt down the building Hitler had worked in and immediately blamed the communists. He had so many points that made it seem plausible that communists caused the fire. Everything he did and said was, what he thought, was the good for the people and what was going to benefit the people.

  38. Hitler was a very persuasive man. He told people what they wanted to hear. He told the people he would gain more power than they ever did. The people were willing to do anything to gain more power and get out of the huge debt they were in.
    Hitler had to gain more power so he made this Nazi’s, he had over 100,000 people in his party. If you didn’t agree with him most of the time you were either killed and put in jail. He would do anything to gain more power.

  39. Adolf hitler was a very active speaker, and showed that he was a dominating leader who would take charge over the remains of Germany. Even though he lost the election, he still had a lot of power on Germany. He began the thought of the perfect race, and as he did that, he killed many people. This tragic event, showed he was not to be messed with and was a effective leader. He thought very lowly of the Jewish people and others who had any type of illness. If Hitler thought the person would lower Germany’s reputation, they were taken to a concentration camp. They would be kept there until they died. Hitler was a terrible person when we look back on the massive amounts of deaths from him, but at the time he was looked up at by everybody, to be a great leader.

  40. Hitler was very good with persuasion and appealing to the peoples wants and needs. He spoke with much power and emotion. He gave the germans some one to blame for everything, the Jews. With his power over everyone he killed Million of men. woman and children for being Jewish. he believed the killing of Jews made the world better and in effect the people agreed. He showed he was a effective leader and worthy of his power.

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