CE – Last Day To Research and Discuss

Find an article on a topic below. Give us a 2 paragraph opinion on the topic and come up with one discussion question. Tomorrow you will be giving 3 response to other students responses:

China is Making the News

Drones in China

China in the Moon

Relaxing Chinese Birthing Laws

US Chinese Relations

Timelines and Bitcoins

Bit Coin

US Dollar vs Gold Standard

Government Surveillance

Who is Edward Snowden?

What is the NSA?

What is PRISM

Current and New Technologies

State of the Union

Proper Size of Government (Basic functions of Gov’t)

“Bring down Deficit.” (Not DEBT)

Michelle Obama’s Healthy Children Push

Congress’s Approval Ratings (Very difficult to pass legislation)

Creating Jobs (Government vs Private) (Unemployment Numbers)

Energy Independence (Keystone Pipeline) (New Standards for Vehicles)

Immigration Reform?

Raising the Minimum Wage ($10.10/hr)

Reforming Surveillance Laws

Russia Enters Ukraine



Gun Restrictions

Military Cuts

Virtual School Days

Any Other Topic…


70 thoughts on “CE – Last Day To Research and Discuss

  1. Gun Restrictions:
    I think that gun restrictions can go both ways. There is both good and bad that would come out of more gun restrictions. The good that would come from more gun restrictions would be safety. It would be a little harder for crazy/bad people to get guns although it would not completely prohibit them from obtaining weapons. They would still be able to get there hands on a gun if they really wanted to.

    I think that the government shouldn’t be able to take guns away from citizens who haven’t done anything bad. If you are a respectful citizen who can handle weapons, you should be able to own any kind (to a point, no rocket launchers etc…) of weapon.

    Discussion Question:
    Should citizens have to go through some type of mental/physical test before being allowed to buy/own a gun?

    • I agree with this because if the crazy/bad people still wanted to get a gun they could steal a gun. I think that people who are not felons or have done anything bad should be able to get a gun. This would make the government have to define what a good citizen is though. I think that rocket launchers, machine guns, and anything used by the military we should not be able to buy because they aren’t needed.

    • Stone, while I think that a mental test would be a good idea to try to keep guns away from the wrong people, I don’t think it solves the problem completely. When most people buy guns, I don’t think they intend to kill people at that time. I think peoples’ mental state can change within a short period of time. So while someone may be mentally stable when they first purchase a gun, they could snap and use that gun in the wrong way just weeks after purchasing it.

    • I like your post and I agree with you. I don’t think the government should take your guns away if you are a non felon or responsible with your weapons. But I also agree with Tylar. This would be a lot of work for the government to decide who is a good citizen or not.

    • I would like to start of by stating that I couldn’t agree with you more on this topic. I do think that citizens need to take a mental test to make sure that they are stable enough to own a gun. This will stop many horrible tragedies with criminals that were mental unstable such as the Colorado theatre shooting. I also think people do have the rights to own the guns and government can’t take guns from citizens that are mentally stable.

  2. http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/05/opinion/shumlin-governors-minimum-wage/

    I feel that raising the minimum wage to $10.10 and hour would greatly benefit the middle class. It is Americas largest class. If that class made more money, they would have more to spend, which could end up improving the economy. The middle class is the hardest working class, and I think they deserve to make more.

    On the flip side, increasing the minimum wage would hurt businesses. Many companies and small businesses have all had to make cuts. Raising the minimum wage could cause the companies to have to cut more employees, raising the unemployment rate. To counter the wage raise, companies would have to raise the price of their products. Then consumers would need more money, which would put us right back in the same argument we are in now.

    Discussion: How would raising the minimum wage affect small businesses in our area?

    • Raising wages would be very detrimental for small businesses in our area. Small business owners have employment and when you raise minimum wage often times it’s very hard for them to pay all their employees. Meaning they would have to cut positions, resulting in people losing their jobs. Not only does it effect the entrepreneur, but the employees. They rely on a steady job to care for themselves and their families, and when this is taken away from them it causes higher unemployment rates. Meaning it really wouldn’t fix anything, but possibly make things worse for our economy.

    • Raising the minimum wage would affect small businesses in a bad way. Small businesses would have to cut some of the employees because they would run out of money. They would have to raise the cost of the items that the small businesses were selling, so they could pay their employees. After awhile, small businesses would have to close done their business because they won’t have enough money to keep it running and to be able to pay their employees.

    • If they raise minimum wage, then the people who don’t get minimum wage: like people with management positions and so on; would want to get a raise too since the people that make the lowest amount would be getting more money. Our small businesses would take a great hit because they wouldn’t be able to afford to give all of the people working there a raise.

    • Raising the minimum wage would make or break some businesses in our small community. It would cause businesses to have to cut positions, resulting in unemployment rates increasing. Employers would also have a harder time keeping up with their businesses with the amount of employees being down. With raising the minimum wage, businesses may have a difficult time paying their employees. It would be beneficial for some people but not for businesses in our small community.

    • I think rising the minimum wage would also be a good thing because it would help out people that are making minimum. But, It would be bad because there would be layoff’s. The US would also go into a recession because nobody would be buying anything because nobody’s working.

    • I think it will increase the unemployment and hurt many businesses in our recession. It would also make our prices inflate because there will be less jobs. I think there would be smaller business and less employees everywhere. But the skills of each employee would now increase because companies would only want to employ the very best.

    • I think it would affect the local business in a negative way because if the owner of that business can’t afford to raise their wages they might have to fire some people to keep their business going.

  3. Virtue School

    My thoughts on Virtue school I would be all for virtue school. LIke as in yesterday my self I would rather have came to school and got the day in so we didn’t have to make up a day and have to go into our summer time that we are suppose to get like this year we have had 11 snow days if we had virtue school we could just sit at home and do our school work and stay on track and yet get done at the same time of the year instead of making up every snow day that we have.

    If we did this I think we would be set then when a kid is sick and cant come to school they aren’t falling behind in school and have a lot of school to make up. This would be the same exact thing as tacking classes online it counts as a credit and we get our classes done just as quick or at the same rate of sitting in school and listening to teachers for the entire day and get wore and tired that way we can go get jobs and make money for college and be ahead of life instead of way behind on like we can be when we graduate.

    • Having virtual school days would help us make up days but I would rather sit at home and have fun rather than sit there are on my computer. Another thing is if you are sick and actually sick you are going to want to sleep not do homework. I dont think students should be able to leave and just do public online school because it would defeat the purpose of a public school here and it would also cause the school to lose money and eventually close.

  4. Virtual School Days- I could go both ways for this subject. The reason I don’t think this would be a good idea is because some people learn better like teacher to student and some kids don’t learn as well on computer because they get distracted really easily and they would get behind from the other students.

    The reasons that it would be a good thing is because you wouldn’t have to take away summer time to make up missed school days. The only time I think we should do this is if we get around like 10-15 snow days.

    • I totally agree with what your saying but I feel like we should do this for any snow days we have. That way if there ever is a kid sick from school and cant come to school he can do his school online so they don’t fall behind a lot and be able to stay caught up.

    • I agree with you. it can go both ways it is good and bad. In all i would rather have virtual days instead of making them up

  5. My topic is minimum wage. I think there is a lot of pros and cons to the minimum wage raise. Some pros are people will be making more income and will get more revenue in the economy. Some cons are it will be hard for small business to make it if they have to increase pay from 7.45 to 10.10 and may end up getting rid of there employees. discussion question: What is your opinion on minimum wage. Is it a good or bad idea. What do you think the minimum wage should be.

    • I think that the minimum wage needs to be raised to help the middle class, but I think we also need to think about the businesses. I think it would be a good idea to raise it, but not raise it as far. I think we should meet in the middle, so the employees earn more, but maybe the businesses won’t take such a hit. I think the longer we wait to change it, the greater negative effect it will have.

    • I think raising the minimum wage would be extremely beneficial to the middle and lower classes. But it might make the higher class upset because the minimum wage-ers got a raise and they didn’t. This might also upset small businesses and companies because they might have to lay off workers to be able to pay for the others. It could be good and bad.

  6. Virtual school days would not work out. The idea that kids would want to have school on a day that is supposed to be a day off for the students makes them not want to work. The teachers can’t make students do things while they are at home because that is outside of their jurisdiction.

    Students want to enjoy snow days, they are a privilege for the students to have. Students will not work as hard or be as focused if they are at home. The idea of kids having school on a snow day is a nightmare for students. An unexpected day off from school can be a great thing for kids.

      • I think that most students would work at home. I also think that most people would just keep pushing it off till the next day. Then nobody would do anything and would get a bad grade. Nobody would be there to push the students.

      • I don’t believe that they would work at home. I think there would be to many distractions around the house that would keep the student off task. I don’t think even adults could work at home for over six hours of challenging work. I believe that they might try this in the future but it won’t succeed.

      • I think that if the students were forced to, they would work. But at the same time, I don’t think they would be very motivated to work and learn. I think the virtual school days would be less productive. I think a lot of kids look forward to snow days and they would get a bad attitude when the school takes them away.

    • I think that virtual school is a bad idea. That means that the school would have to make students have internet at home, and I bet that might make some people upset. Plus, there’s no way to make sure all the students are on task when teachers aren’t able to watch them like in a classroom.

  7. Raising the Minimum Wage

    I think raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour would be a good thing because it would help out people that are making minimum wage now. It would help out people come out of poverty. There also would be better spending money for teenagers who have a job, that’s if they’re making minimum wage. I would also be a little happier since I could pay off my truck loan a lot sooner.
    I also think raising minimum wage would be bad because businesses would either have to sell more stuff to pay employees of they would have to layoff employees. That would cause the US to go into another recession. It would be a downhill spiral if they were to raise the minimum wage. If businesses don’t layoff employees, they would eventually go bankrupt if their sales don’t increase.

    What other reason should the government raise the Minimum Wage?

    • If you raise the minimum wage all that it is going to do is make companies offer less jobs because they don’t want to spend any more money than they need to spend on them so there would be less jobs offed and more unemployed people and living off of the government funding for the unemployed which would cost us a lot more money because where does the money come from they either print more and make the currency of our dollar to be worth less which would make everything we buy and sell cost way more than it should i think Minimum wage should be left at 7.25 and not raise it i think it would just make our country struggle even more than it already is.

    • I also think that raising the minimum wage is a good idea. It would urge people to go out and start working. It would also help high school students that cant work full time. Also with college students. If they make more money every hour then that can add up pretty fast. It would help them to pay off student loans and anything. I think it would make people a lot more motivated.

    • If wages are raised the people who are doing little will get fired and there will be less of them to get the job done. It is known that if people get paid more, cuts will need to be made by the company to equal value before or just be a little more than before. It is hard to say Garret but in the end you could lose your job because Hyvee couldn’t pay everyone 3 more dollars. If you think about it if we raise minimum wage the poverty line will raise a little and it will be the same thing it was before just inflated.

    • I think raising the minimum wage would be very good to the United States. I think it would be good because with people making more money they could have more money to make a company of their own. People could get more things instead of just scraping by. It would be a little harder to get a job but it would pay off once you got it because of the $10.10 per hour.

  8. The NSA has been taking phone and computer records from the American people. They collect incoming and outgoing calling information witch is all collected ind a data base in Utah. Some people are arguing the the government is taking away our privacy.

    I think that the NSA should stop taking phone and computer information because they have not caught a terrorist using phone and computer data. It is also a infringement of our privacy. U.S. residents should have the privacy to do things on their phone and computer without being watched.

    • What if there are major terrorists plotting in the U.S.? I agree about spying on our citizens, that is wrong. The NSA should cut back on some of the spying.

  9. Edward Snowden;
    Do you remember when you were little and you were playing with your friends and you did something bad and one of your friends went and told the teacher and got you in trouble? Well, Edward Snowden is in this case, your friend that told the teacher. He was working for the NSA when he fled the United States with thousands of the NSA’s top secret documents and “tattled” on them. He told the public the truth about what the NSA is doing and tried to open peoples eyes that what they do is being recorded and documented by the NSA. He told them that their personal life really isn’t personal anymore and that no matter where you go the NSA is sure to follow.
    I think that Edward Snowden, in my opinion, is more of a hero rather than a disgrace to the United States. I would have to agree with Edward and say that the people do have a right to know what the NSA is doing and we need to know what they’re doing. I don’t think that it is fair to invade personal privacy for any reason. It is like when you are writing something personal down on a piece of paper and your friend leans over to see what you are writing and you quick turn the paper over so they can’t see. The only difference is your friend is the NSA and even if you turn the paper over they can still see what you wrote.

    Discussion Question : Do you think that Edward Snowden is telling the truth about what the NSA is doing or is he lying about it just to get publicity?

    • I think that Edward Snowden is telling the truth. I don’t think he would be lying to get publicity. He went to Russia because he practically got kicked out of the US, and I don’t think he wanted that to happen. I believe what he has said about the NSA is true. They have been spying on all of us, and the NSA is looking at phone numbers, text messages, emails, and etc.

      • I would have to agree with your comment. I also think that Edward Snowden is telling the truth. I wouldn’t have any idea why he would lie about that just to get publicity either. But in the case that he did, why do you think that he would do such a thing as to lie to the whole world about what the NSA is doing to the Americans?

    • I believe Edward Snowden is telling the truth. I don’t think that he would lie about all of it just to get publicity. I think if he lied about it to get publicity he would have realized that it could make his life miserable. Plus, I don’t think anybody would want to lie about something like the NSA and what they are doing.

    • I don’t think Edward would lie to get the publicity, I think he is telling the truth. I agree with you that the people do have the right to know what they NSA is doing. I don’t think what the NSA is doing is right because it’s our things they are looking at and it could be something we don’t want anyone to see.

  10. I chose Obamacare. My opinion on this matter is that it is wrong and should be gone. Obamacare was never about healthcare reform, it was all about control over us, and our families. Literally all Obamacare is about is government control over you! Everyone is bound to get sick, its a factor of life but having the government control how you handle your health issues is a scary thought!! It is a proven fact that over 2.5 million people will lose their jobs due to this issue. It also affects peoples insurance, you can be at the same place you have been for over 20 years and will not get what you earned due to the new Obamacare rules.

    It also drops the definition of full time employees from 40 hours a week to 30 hours. This is all part of Obamas plan to control everyones choices. I firmly believe that this is affecting everyone in the wrong way! I also believe this is hurting the middle class the most because they have to pay so much tax towards this. The people that are working hard aren’t getting the medical insurance they deserve. Our economy will be much better off without it also. I believe this will keep affecting people in the worst way possible. Some people also don’t want health insurance so they shouldn’t have to pay for others to get it especially if they are struggling. I think it should be an individual choice not a force.

    Do you think that Obamacare is affecting us in a good way? Or do you think we will be better off without it?

    • I think we would be better off without it because everybody would be forced to get the same insurance even if they don’t like it. If they like their own insurance, they should be able to keep it without other people telling them what they can and cannot get. The government should stay out of people’s insurance.

  11. Virtual School Days
    When school gets cancelled due to bad weather, schools are starting to have virtual school day. With most schools providing teachers and students with laptops, teachers can upload assignments on the Internet and kids can access them at home and do the assignment. When the students are doing the assignments, the teachers will also be online to help the students. There is a discussion on if the virtual school days will count as a regular school day or not. Some schools have tried this out, and there has been both good and bad opinions on virtual school days.

    I am against virtual school days. When school is cancelled due to bad weather, I believe it’s meant to lay around and do nothing. I like when we have snow days because I don’t have to do anything besides the chores I’m given. I would think teachers would post too many assignments on the Internet that I wouldn’t get done with everything. Some students don’t have Internet at home, so some students won’t be able to do the assignments they are given. Some students might be stuck somewhere where they don’t have their laptop or any Internet. It feels like a day off when school is cancelled. The only benefit to having virtual school days is that we wouldn’t have to make up that day at the end of the year.

  12. Virtual School Days
    When school gets cancelled due to bad weather, schools are starting to have virtual school day. With most schools providing teachers and students with laptops, teachers can upload assignments on the Internet and kids can access them at home and do the assignment. When the students are doing the assignments, the teachers will also be online to help the students. There is a discussion on if the virtual school days will count as a regular school day or not. Some schools have tried this out, and there has been both good and bad opinions on virtual school days.

    I am against virtual school days. When school is cancelled due to bad weather, I believe it’s meant to lay around and do nothing. I like when we have snow days because I don’t have to do anything besides the chores I’m given. I would think teachers would post too many assignments on the Internet that I wouldn’t get done with everything. Some students don’t have Internet at home, so some students won’t be able to do the assignments they are given. Some students might be stuck somewhere where they don’t have their laptop or any Internet. It feels like a day off when school is cancelled. The only benefit to having virtual school days is that we wouldn’t have to make up that day at the end of the year.

    Discussion Question: Would it be beneficial for Riceville High School to have virtual school days? Why? Why not?

    • We can make up snow days and not have to come back to school. Plus, we would’t have to deal with the teachers.

    • With the unfortunate winter we’ve had this year I believe virtual school days are a great idea. It allows students to log onto their laptops/electronic device and further their education. Meaning you wouldn’t have long breaks from school where you come back, and are expected to remember everything perfectly. This can be challenging for students and for the teachers. You are constantly reteaching or relearning subjects you discussed before snow days took place. With virtual schooling you would be able to stay on track. Plus, if it counted as a school day we wouldn’t have to add on days at the end of summer, due to weather.

      • I agree completely with Taylor because it is true this year has been a hectic winter and we have had many snow days so if we had this we would be able to have school and get our work done and stay up to date on it and not have to make school days up.

    • I don’t think it would be beneficial for R’ville to have virtual school days. I know that many students enjoy their days off and would not want to have anything to do with school. A snow day off should be exactly that; a day off.

    • I agree with what you are saying. I would have to say myself that the only plus side to having a virtual school day is so we don’t have to make the day we missed up at the end of the year (and thats if they count it as a day). If they don’t count it as a full day then I don’t think that we should have virtual school days at all. There would be no point because the teachers could just continue the lesson the next class day at school being that we would already have to make up the days. I also think that when school is cancelled you shouldn’t have to do more work added on to the work that was do that day. A day canceled would be more benefited by working on the homework or double checking the homework you were assigned the day before school was canceled.

    • I think it would be beneficial for our school to have virtual school days because then we wouldn’t have to make up all of the snow days in the summer. Kids would also remember the stuff they had learned previously if they missed a bunch of days in a row, like we have this year. There are some negatives to virtual school days though. There would be some students that wouldn’t take the time to actually do their school work. In some cases, students might not have internet at their house so they wouldn’t be able to participate in the virtual school days. It would cause those students to get behind and not know what they are learning about when they come back to school.

    • I agree with you and am totally against it. I think that if school is cancelled then kids should just be able to relax or work on homework from the previous days. It would also be a lot more difficult for the kids that don’t have internet. Schools should realize that it could also be hard for some kids to learn on their own. It wouldn’t benefit our school at all, yes it would save us from making up days but kids would start to get behind in school work and would make everything a lot more complicating.

    • I don’t think it would be beneficial for Riceville to have virtual school days. I don’t think most kids would actually do the work because some don’t do it when they are in school anyways. I also think it’s a bad idea because some people don’t have internet at home and they won’t be able to get the work done or even know what they have to do.

  13. Michelle Obama’s Healthy Children Push
    The childhood obesity rates in America has nearly tripled, one out of every three children are overweight and or obese. One third of children born in 2000 or later will some point in their lives will suffer from diabetes or will be faced with heart disease, high blood pressure and asthma. The Let’s Move project is suppose to be a solution to childhood obesity. The children that are born today will grow up being healthier and they will know what foods are right and wrong to eat.

    I think the Let’s move project is a good idea because it will help all children become less prone to develop a heart disease and diabetes. Let’s Move will motivate people to eat better and to become more active. I also think that the parents have a big influence on what their children are eating and how much exercise they get. They are choosing how their children should live, so if a parent let’s their kids eat whatever they want whenever, they might become overweight and they might want to sit in the house playing video games instead of going outside and getting fresh air.

    Discussion Question:
    Do you think Let’s Move is a good idea?

    • I think the Let’s Move project is a good idea. Children will have the opportunity to learn about what’s healthy and what’s not healthy. When kids start learning about healthy food, they will probably start eating healthy. I think families can also grow a better relationship when they start being active together.

    • I also think that the lets move project is a good idea. It will keep children active and give them something to do. I don’t agree with all her choices though such as school meals. I believe that the kids are getting obese by what they eat at home.

    • I think that the Lets Move Foundation is a good idea to a certain point. Yes, we need to get the children that are growing up to be skinny and less fat. But I think that a kid should be a kid and as long as they are healthy and active, why not let them have a little bit of candy or a cupcake or something? I think that too much of the project could have an effect on the children to not be children.

  14. Edward Snowden was an employee for the National Surveillance agency until he decided that the information they were finding was not even useful it was just for spying on our U.S. citizens. Edward Snowden has been on the run since he released information that the NSA was spying on innocent United States citizens. Edward Snowden is known a whistleblower and has escaped the United States. There are many people who want Snowden just because he knows so many things and can wiretap anything he wants.

    In my opinion Edward Snowden is a hero to us United States citizens he confronted the government on what they were doing which the way they are spying is wrong. Although, many people believe we as a country should have Snowden killed I think he should be able to have free speech and tell us citizens. There have been government officials who have stated they would like to “put a bullet in his head.” How can important people in our government like senators or representatives say something like that. Especially when who they are saying it about is telling the truth.

    discussion: Should Snowden be allowed to return safely and be able to express his opinion openly to the U.S. Citizens and why?


    • I agree with you, and believe it’s wrong that Snowden’s life is being threatened because he acted as a hero and told the people of the governments wrongful doings. In saying that I think Snowden should be allowed a safe return to the United States. It’s not fair that he’s being punished when in reality the government should be punished. They are going against the constitution and taking away our liberties. Snowden revealed this to the people and is now being threatened by the government saying he went against the United States and committed treason.

    • I think he should be allowed to come back to the U.S. but I don’t think he will be able to because he leaked secret information about the U.S. government will ban him from the U.S.

  15. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graphene

    I believe that graphene will be used in the future in many different ways. The technology of graphene could make our army much more dominant and dangerous. Graphene is going to be in our tanks and planes more durable because it is stronger then steel. The military could also put grahene with ultra every dry to make tanks be able to go underwater and be a juggernaut through warfare.

    We would also be able to sift the salt out of salt water to be able to have more drinking water through the world. This will stop concerns about having less than 1% of drinking water available. Graphene will eventually go down because it will be used in many objects.

    What are some other ways we can use grahene?

    • Graphene will be awesome in the future. Graphene will make everything stronger because it’s stronger than steel. If you made houses out of graphene you could have a non-floodable house or building. This would help people where there are earthquakes because they could build houses out of graphene to stop some damage to their house by debris.

  16. http://www.letsmove.gov/learn-facts/epidemic-childhood-obesity

    Michelle Obama’s Healthy Children push has some positives and negatives. Today, nearly one in three children in America are overweight or obese. If the problem isn’t solved soon, children born in or after 2000 will be affected by diabetes at some point in their lives. More and more people are starting to snack between meals. Portion sizes have gotten bigger. Children are spending more time now using entertainment media instead of getting exercise.

    I think the Let’s Move campaign is a good thing because it may lower the risk of children having heart problems or other kinds of diseases caused by obesity. I think it will help not only children, but adults too, to become more active and eat healthier. Childhood obesity is also part of the parents faults because they are letting their children eat whatever they want and aren’t telling them not to. If the parents watch what they eat, then it may influence their kids to do the same. Parents might have to encourage their children to be active and eat healthy, but it would help America cut down on childhood obesity and children being overweight.

    Discussion Question: Do you think children will actually benefit from the Let’s Move campaign?

    • Yes I do think children would benefit from the Let’s Move campaign. It makes the children want to learn to eat and exercise better and it can change how they are living right now.

  17. The U.S. dollar is good in some ways but bad in many. The dollar is a good currency because it is portable, durable, and you can carry a lot of them without getting weighed down a lot . The dollar is easily portable because you can put it in your pocket and it won’t weigh you down. The dollar is durable for the most part because it can be in circulation for years and years and still not rip or tear even though it goes through the washer, dryer, and many other tests.
    Gold is great in many ways and bad in some. Gold is a good currency because it never loses value, anybody will take it as currency, and it is extremely durable. Gold never loses value because there is only so much of it in the world. Even if someone found a gold mine it wouldn’t be enough to change the value of gold dramatically. Anybody will take gold as a currency because they know it will never lose value and its valuable. Gold is extremely durable it is metal after all. Even though both of these currencies are great my opinion would be to pick gold because it would never lose value and it’s very durable.

    • Gold is a lot easier to steal there is no real way to track gold money can have theft protection ways like inked money and trackers inside vaults of banks which detect robberies. Gold would not really be easier to protect another thing about gold is that it can be melted down so no one could know if it was stolen. The gold standard never loses price but in a large world war what are people gonna want gold or food just think about it.

  18. Michelle Obama’s Healthy Children Push

    Throughout Barack Obama’s presidency, First Lady Michelle Obama has pushed a healthier life style for children, called Lets Move! Michelle’s goal for Lets Move! is to stop childhood obesity in today’s adolescents. Lets Move! gives parents and children information, making them aware of the problems todays generations are facing, due to less physical activity, larger portions, and new technologies.

    Many young teens are against Michelle’s Let Move!, healthy lifestyle push because it has effected school lunches throughout the United States. I must admit, at first I was among those teens who thought it was ridiculous that our portions be cut down to hardly ‘anything,’ and we have to suffer by eating healthy foods, which don’t always taste the best. Now, I’ve changed my outlook and feel Lets Move! is very beneficial for our generation. Children will learn from a very young age that eating healthy is beneficial for their well-being and become accustomed to fruits and vegetables, as if it’s second nature.

    Many may argue that it’s their choice as to what they eat and how much they are allowed to eat. What those people aren’t seeing is all the awful side effects junk foods provide. One third of children born after 2000 will suffer from diabetes sometime during their life. Others will suffer from diseases, like cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and asthma. Lets Move! was designed to help prevent these things from happening, so I’m all for Lets Move!, and allowing our generation to live full, healthy lives.

    How has Lets Move! impacted school lunches at Riceville High School? Are you for or against this.

  19. My personal opinion on gun restrictions is that they could be both good and bad. More easily can you stop crazy people from being able to shoot up a bunch of people at one time. It would also decrease gang violence and crime if there were less assault weapons and machine guns.
    I think there should be background checks, psychology tests, and some forms of drug test (prescription and other drugs that can make you go mad or make bad decisions). But if you are sane, a good citizen, and aren’t on crack, I think you should be able to own a gun.

    Discussion question:
    Do you think that background checks are a good idea for gun purchasing?

  20. What is the NSA?

    The NSA is the National Security Agency. They are the main manager of signal intelligence. They are one of the largest groups of intelligence. The origin of the NSA goes back to April 28, 1917. This was three weeks after the U.S. Congress declared war on Germany.

    More Recently, the NSA has been getting a lot of attention due to Edward Snowden. Edward Snowden would be what you call a Whistle Blower. He came up and told about how the NSA has been spying on people. Stating that they collect data from everyone and everything they do.

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