WH – Lesson Learned from a Story in History

Pick a story or topic in history. Explain the story in the comments and give us a lesson that can be learned and applied to our society today. We are looking for 3 paragraphs that throughly cover the topic. 


25 thoughts on “WH – Lesson Learned from a Story in History

  1. There are plenty of life lessons to be learned from WW1. One lesson from that war is that they should never use trench warfare ever again for the reason that it was a filthy, dirty, dangerous, gross place that you may never make it back out of. What we can learn today from is that world wars do more damage than good. They can ruin whole countries in just a few years.
    This also put Germany in debt. They were held responsible for the damages caused during WW1. They were also not able to have as big of an army and they could only have six warships at any certain time. That made their country weak in protection so they were more vulnerable.
    So in all this teaches us that war is not always the answer. It also taught us what was better than other things when war did come. We also learned new tactics and gained new weaponry.

  2. The story about the people who revolted against Europe and helped make The United States become a country. There were very few people who started it but it became very big.
    The very few people who started it got it to be a big idea and have people follow them to get their point across. They got people to listen to what they were saying and get their point across.
    We could use this in our everyday lives to know that no matter how little we are, we could do whatever we set our mind to. We can get our point across and gain followers and people who agree with what we are saying. We can make any change we want to and nothing can really hold us back.

  3. The Holocaust I learned that this was a very brutal cause to the jews and anybody that got stuck in a concentration camp. They were barely fed. They were brutally beat and hardly could fight for their lives.

    They thought that they could just not feed or see how little they could eat. They fed them the minimum possible. They could they just wanted to save as much money that they could possibly save. They had more money for other utilities.

    This taught me that you cant just feed somebody the minimum and make them starve to death. It should me how cruel a person could be to you and destroy your life. It shows me that life isn’t as bad as it could be to me that it is right now.

  4. I am choosing the Holocaust. the holocaust is something that is very debatable. some people say it is bad, some say it was the right choice. What we can take away from this is that the holocaust was not right.

    Our generation and generations to come need to learn about this so it dose not happen again. the horrifying images of the body’s upon body’s, skeletons more the less.

    The lesson we should take away from it is that it can happen. it can happen anywhere no matter the justice system. we need to learn about it in order to help prevent it, i know it is still possible but maybe we can show what happened.

  5. I think one of the biggest lessons we can learn from history is that some of the greatest leaders can have some of the biggest downfalls. We sometimes forget that everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes. One of those examples is Abraham Lincoln. He was a great politician and lawyer, but with every great leader, they have to overcome struggles.

    He was elected into Illinois Legislature in 1834, but shortly a year later his sweetheart passed away. In 1836, he had a nervous breakdown. He tried to run for Illinois house speaker and nomination for U.S. Congress. He wasn’t elected into Congress until 1846. He lost his renomination, defeated in the run for U.S. Senate twice, and run for Vice President. He then he was elected for president in 1860.

    If Lincoln didn’t keep this mindset and never give up, who knows what would’ve happened to our country.The main idea is whatever happens in life, keep your head up and keep reaching for your goals.

  6. Hitler

    Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party, he was the leader of the German forces throughout World War II. He was nationalist, militarist, racist, and anti-Semitic and he became Chancellor of Germany in 1933. In 1939, France and Great Britain declared war against Germany because Hitler broke a promise and he took the rest of Czechoslovakia. Germany invaded many places and they then defeated France. In 1945 Hitler committed suicide because the Allies had defeated much of Germany’s army.

  7. One person I learned about in world history that was my favorite was Thomas Paine. Thomas Paine was a writer during the American Revolution who was one of the main causes of the revolution. Thomas Paine had a way with his words and knew how to change people’s opinions. Thomas Paine made an impact on the world.
    Many people said that Thomas Paine was a cause of the American Revolution because his book Common Sense. The book convinced people that they needed to fight against Great Britain for Independence. The book got people all worked up about Great Britain taking our independence. People feel like they could understand and relate to what Paine was saying about there freedom.
    The American Revolution was started because Americans wanted to fight for their freedom. Americans wanted to fight for their freedom because Thomas Paine’s book made them come to a realization. Needless to say Thomas Paine helped to start the American Revolution. What we can learn about all this today is that we shouldn’t write something that would influence something so bad happening.

  8. When Hitler became chancellor, a majority of Germany didn’t support him because they knew he was a dangerous, but they had no effort to stop him. Germany had opportunities to bring Hitler down but they never did. Some of the reason is because they didn’t know what the outcome would be. Hitler’s book Mein Kamp included the blueprints of his plans, and after that is when Hitler became Chancellor.
    Hitler tried to take over Germany by his plan of the execution of the Beer Hall Putsch. He was sentenced to five years in prison, but he only served nine months. When he got out that is when he came to his rise of power. If Britain and France would have done something when Hitler sent his troop out, they possibly could have stopped Hitler.
    A lesson in today’s society is when you reward someone with behavior it will happen more often. If someone with an aggressive behavior benefits from their bad behavior it will still continue. Another lesson is when someone with bad intentions tell the people who will follow them what they intend to do, they will follow through until they are threatened by someone who could stop, then they start to lie.

  9. – The Holocaust
    The Holocaust was the mass persecution of the Jews. Adolf Hitler believed that the Jews were the lowest form of human life, and should be terminated. Hitler had a gift for oratory, which he used freely with the German public. Gradually, he convinced most of the Germans to join him in arresting the Jews and shutting down their businesses.
    After that, almost anything bad that happened in Germany was blamed on the Jews. When they were arrested, they were taken to concentration camps to be worked to death, starved, or killed as soon as they got there. They were also tortured in absolutely inhumane ways. Since the German’s thought that they were basically inhuman, they weren’t bothered at all by it.
    Many lessons can be taken from the Holocaust. One of them is that when we see something bad that is starting to creep into our lives, we should immediately get rid of it so that it doesn’t continue to grow. Especially in America, we are blessed with the freedom of speech, and therefore shouldn’t be timid in speaking out against corruption that is becoming more and more evident. Another lesson is that people shouldn’t take everything that authorities tell us as truth before we investigate it first ourselves.

  10. My topic in history is on the African-American slaves. They were forced to do labor for the white people. They were taken away from their families, friends, and home country. The life for a slave was terrible.

    Once they arrived in America, they were auctioned off to farm owners and others that would make them work. The conditions as a slave were very terrible, they were whipped, beaten, and separated from their loved ones. The slaves were treated worse than dirt and weren’t even thought of as people.

    All men should be treated as equals. The slaves taught us that all men should be equal, no matter what their skin color is. The slaves were one of the cruelest things that America has ever done. History tells us all of the wrongs that slaves were, that should never be repeated in America.

  11. The Allegory of the Cave
    In this story, men and women were chained down in a cave. In the cave they could only look forward towards a cave wall. On the wall the controllers of the cave made shadow pictures to teach the people. The prisoners were only taught what the people wanted them to know. The prisoners were brainwashed. What the people learned in the cave was all they knew.
    At one point, one of the prisoners escaped from being chained down. He escaped out into the real world and saw that everything he was taught was a lie. The man reentered the cave to tell his friends the truth, and no one believed him. They rest of the people continued to live the horrible life.
    This relates to the world and us today, because in politics and even things in our everyday life that we are “brainwashed” by. Politicians, advertisements, and teachers brainwash us and teach/tell us only what they want us to know as a way of controlling the people. After they brainwash us and teach only what they want, we believe only of what they are telling us is the truth, because that’s all we have ever known.

  12. The topic that I liked to learn about the most was the holocaust. I never really knew a whole lot about it just that the Jews were taken from their home by the Nazi’s. It was kind of interesting to learn more about the story. It taught me that you can’t put all of your trust in someone you don’t fully know.
    It also taught you that you can’t let a bad event make you change your decisions. Just because everyone was going through the depression they trusted the first person who promised them a better life. They believed that Hitler would provide food and provide jobs. Nobody even considered for a second that he wouldn’t do those things. They believed it was working after he took over because everyone was so happy. Then, everything started going bad. Even the Jews believed that Hitler was good. They later found that he wasn’t.
    The holocaust also taught us that you can’t give one person full power. As soon as Hitler got even just a little power, he slowly started becoming a dictator. Right after he became chancellor, the parliament building mysteriously got burned down and Hitler’s enemies were automatically blamed. Everyone was so obsessed with Hitler they never once thought that he could have possibly did it. And those who thought he did wouldn’t dare say anything because they would be severely punished. After Hitler took power, everyone went from loving him to fearing him. He single handedly took down a single ethnicity of people within a short amount of time. If the people would have had more of a say in what the government does, then maybe Hitler wouldn’t have gained so much power.
    Overall, we learn that you can’t let one person have all of the power. More than likely, they will abuse it and use it all for themselves. They will do whatever they want to be done and will make sure no one stands in their way.

  13. My topic is imperialism. Imperialism is “a policy of extending a country’s power and influence through diplomacy or military force.” Today, the United States practices imperialism. The use of imperialism can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing.
    Why can imperialism be bad? The United States has the largest economy in the world. If our economy goes down, than the rest of the world’s economy goes down as well. Another bad reason is because the US goes into other countries and tries to turn them into our government. For example, one country can be monarchy, so we try to turn them towards democracy.
    Why can imperialism be good? Because of Imperialism, the United States is the proud owners of the largest budget for the military. Our budget is more than six times the budget that Russia has. Imperialism can also be good because it has brought education and modernization to the foreign countries.

  14. The Holocaust
    The Holocaust was a state-sponsored persecution and murder of about six million Jews. When Adolf Hitler became Chancellor began the time of laws being passed that removed the rights of Jews. The Jews were forced to live in concentration camps where many of them died from starvation.

    Adolf Hitler continued to gain power and put the Jews in concentration camps. Hitler was blaming the Jews for World War 1 and getting everybody on his side to continue to discriminate against the Jews. The Jews were getting blamed for no reason. Soon, Hitler got almost everybody in Germany to dislike the Jews.

    One lesson we can learn from this is that when someone wants power and says they are going to do things, they will actually go through with it and do them even if the public or other people disagree. Another lesson we can learn is that if something bad is beginning to take place, such as the concentration camps, it should be handled right away before it comes an even bigger problem. Another one would be that when people are praised for something that they are doing, whether it is good or bad, they will continue to do the same thing.

  15. Hammurabi Code:
    The Hammurabi Code had a huge impact on society. It consisted of 282 laws, which happen to be the first written and enforced by a ruler. The Hammurabi Code gave people guidelines, in which they had to follow and brought about the ‘eye for an eye theory.’ It also set wages, which resulted in the establishment of social classes.

    Many things can be taken from the Hammurabi Code. It brought about rules and laws, which exist in everyday life. It created structure and showed people they will not get away with crimes. We see this taking place right now. We have to follow laws that set guidelines for us. If we don’t we face penalties and punishment for disobeying these rules. This is an effect of the ‘eye for an eye theory,’ which allowed leaders to punish their people for wrongdoings. It made people realize they can’t get away with crimes without paying consequences. This is the same as today’s society. If someone commits a crime they have to pay for it in some sort of way.

    Social classes are also an effect of the Hammurabi Code. It set wages, which in return created social classes. The same thing exists today. Minimum wage is informed by laws today and sets a price for all workers. This in return created social classes, and the separation in society.

  16. Why does Brazil speak Portuguese and not Spanish?

    In 1494, Spain and Portugal were exploring the land in South America. Tribes lived in Brazil for 50,000 years before Portugal arrived in 1500 by accident. In 1530 Portuguese settlers came back permanently. The native tribes were nearly wiped out by disease, slavery, and war. Spain received the west side of South America and Portugal received the east side including what is now Brazil. In 1808, the Portuguese royal family went to Brazil to hide from Napoleon. The regent (ruler) of Portugal, Dom Joao, then declared himself Brazil’s ruler. After Napoleon was defeated, Dom Joao stayed in Brazil and became its king. He declared Rio the capital of the United Kingdom of Portugal and Brazil. In 1822, Brazil declared its independence and became an autonomous country. A treaty was set in place over 500 years ago that dictated the division of the two dominant languages of South America.
    In 1493, Rodrigo Borgia was Pope Alexander the VI. The Pope wanted to enhance his influence with Spain and increase his net worth, so the Pope drew a line and divided the world. Spain was given everything west of line-370. Portugal was given everything to the east. Spain got America, and Brazil, India, Africa, and the east Indies was given to Portugal.
    We can learn from this because one person should not dictate and decide all things. The U.S. has a good democracy, where the people vote. I believe this is a good way to decide things. If one person has all power than things get messy. That one person can get greedy and not see what is best for the country. Decisions should be made by a group of people like a democracy.

  17. Hitler took over the country of Germany and killed 11 million Jews. This is a lesson in history because Hitler was not a good man and he would not have been elected if people really knew what he was like and what his plans were.
    Hitler was elected president of Germany because the people of Germany were desperate for a way out of their miserable lives and didn’t take the time to actually get to know who Hitler was. Hitler told them that he would make their lives better and make Germany itself better. The people of Germany believed this and didn’t take a moment to think about not electing him because they were desperate.
    Hitler ended up being violent and a horrible ruler. he started concentration camps where all the Jews would. The Jews would be tortured and eventually killed. It took time for the people of Germany and other countries around the world to figure out what was actually happening.
    The lesson of Hitler and the Jews is that you should take time to find out who someone really is before you trust them. If the people of Germany would have done this it would most likely have prevented the death of millions of Jews.

  18. The Holocaust was a really hard time for the Jews. Hitler became the chancellor and he began to get more power over Germany little by little. Laws started to pass on restricting the Jews from many places and loosing their rights. Jews were also forced to live in concentration camps where many of them got ill and died.

    There are many lessons to learn from the Holocaust. It teaches us that you can’t let someone gain all the power of your country. In the beginning many people loved hitler but then everyone started to fear him. The German people were afraid to speak up so they did what Hitler said.

    Hitler was blaming the Jews for just about everything. He eventually got all of Germany to dislike the Jews and to treat them badly. We learn that anything can happen at any time. The Jews at first never thought they would be in harm when Hitler came to power.

  19. I will use the example of Adolf Hitler. Hitler’s rise to power is one thing. Another thing is what he did to the Jewish. Lessons can be learned from these to aspects that we can use today.

    Hitler rose to power by winning over the support of the people, and he promised the starving, poor people what they wanted. He already had some support of the people, but he didn’t have more than 50% of the vote. Then, the German parliament burned down. Hitler then blamed it one the communists and had them all arrested. When there were no more communist, Hitler was elected dictator.

    The second thing that Hitler did was what he did to the Jewish. It started with just his dislike of the Jews and him not allowing Jewish people at his rallies. Next, Hitler ordered that all Jewish shops be boycotted. Jewish books were burned and Jewish immigrants couldn’t become citizens. After that, Jewish people were not allowed to serve in the armed forces or serve as doctors. The Jewish weren’t considered German citizens in 1935. The Jews were eventually rounded up and taken to concentration camps were they were starved until most of them died. It is estimated that about 11 million people died over the 12 year period.

    In the instance of Hitler’s rise to power, we can see that when there is a crisis and people are scared, people are likely to elect radical leaders. In Hitler’s instance, the people allowed him to become dictator. We should learn from this that if we are in the middle of a crisis, we should be careful who we elect. They may promise all the things that we want, but that doesn’t mean they are a good person or the right person to lead.

    As for what happened with the Jews, we should see that this didn’t happen right away. Hitler didn’t start out by just killing every Jew he saw. The laws and ideas were slowly enacted. If we see bad things starting to happen because of the government or some other people, we should try to put a stop to it. It may seem like just a little problem that isn’t that important, like not allowing Jews into a rally. However, this can easily grow and become a giant problem, like the death of millions of Jews.

    So, try to stop the problem while it is still a little problem, don’t wait until it is a big one. Like what the English and French did in WW2. Germany violated parts of the treaty of Versailles multiple times. Rather than do what they were supposed to and attack, the French and English let it be and said that it was okay and told the Germans to do not do anymore. The two countries should have just stopped Germany immediately.

    Why should all of us have a knowledge about our history of the world? Most of us have been told to look to the future and not to the past but in reality, our past is the only way to make our future better. So why is the Holocaust an important factor of history? And how can it help our future?
    First off, in the 1920’s -30’s, Germany was in great depression. After losing WWI and having to pay for everything, Germans had lost all hope. Then came along Adolf Hitler. Hitler was filled with new hope and not the kind of hope that made everyone happy, cheerful, a get along all together, kind of hope. The kind of hope that meant taking revenge. Hitler gave the Germans spirit, honor, pride, a new desire, and most importantly, someone to blame their mistakes from their past on. These people were the Jews.
    Hitler killed millions of people. Approximately 14 million people died. Some of them were even Germans and yet the Germans still followed him in his reign. This proves to show how easily people can be deceived. How weak the human race really is. Once we have a leader that says all the right things or does all the right stuff at the beginning, we follow like little puppies.
    The second thing is revenge is never an option. Look how it ended for Hitler and the Germans anyways. Don’t get me wrong, we need someone in power, someone to look up to. We just need to be careful on who we vote into power. Because power can do terrible things to people’s minds.
    The last thing is don’t blame your mistakes on someone else. Take full responsibility for your actions. Remember that they are in the past but learn from your past.

  21. Nate-
    I think that we can learn a lot from Cortez and the overtaking of the Aztec empire. It shows how manipulative certain people can be and how some people fall for the manipulation. Cortez got what he wanted by lying and deceiving simple people that only wanted to help him.

    I think the main thing that Cortez did was wipe out a major part of history that we will never get back. Cortez took gold and killed people that could have had a great impact on history. They could have contributed many things to the modern world and helped with medical problems or other worldly problems.

    I think that the main way to prevent this from happening again is to cherish the things that we have. I think if we ever find a new species of anything, we should treat it with respect and not take advantage of it. If we take those steps I think we will be able to make the world a better place and learn new things for the future.

  22. Through out history there are many lessons to be learned. One of the most impactful in my opinion would have to be the Web of Alliances from WW1 and 2. We see important and impactful having back up to help you when you get into a tough situation. it also shows how having the right resources can prove to be a major tactical advantage.

  23. The holocaust was very hard time for many people. The people were going through a hard time because they were in debt from WWI, so they were in depression. They chose a leader who promised them the things that they just wanted to hear. Hitler gave the people to blame their problems on, and sadly he went to far.
    Hitler took all the jews and the people who didn’t like him and took them all to concentration camps which caused the deaths of millions of people. The problem just grew bigger and bigger. More concentration camps were being built and and the workers didn’t even think of the prisoners as people anymore.
    I think that there are many thing that we can learn from the Holocaust, because we can learn that in the wrong hands, something bad can grow fast and keep getting worse and worse.

  24. I chose the Holocaust. Hitler got rid of all the communists and became dictator. He then slowly concinced the people of Germany that all jews were bad, and that they were the reason for the loss of WWI. He then made millions of jews and non-Aryans, to live in concentration camps. In these large camps, they were fead as little as they needed to survive.
    From this we learned that a good country does not work well with a single leader, or a dictator. We learned that one man can not and should not have so much power, because in time it will corrupt him/her.

  25. My topic is the Holocaust.
    The first lesson would be that silence is deadly. The holocaust did not succeeded because of the hate, crimes, or indifferences. It happened because no one expressed their true thoughts on it. I think they knew that what they were doing was wrong but no one spoke up.
    My second reason would be the vulnerability of the powerless. They put their selves in a situation that put them in debt. That made them vulnerable and at risk for someone to take advantage of them.
    The third reason would be words can hurt. It started with words and thoughts and speeches and moved to gas chambers and starving.

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