7SS – Ellis Island

What was it like to travel to the United States and to be processed through the Ellis Island building?

Do you have any relatives that had to go through Ellis Island?

Can we find any famous immigrants?

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31 thoughts on “7SS – Ellis Island

  1. It would be really hard, because having to wait so long. And when you get off the ship you have hardly any money. If you had kids that would be harder, because you have to feed them so you need way more money. And you would have to find a place to sleep of by a house.

  2. I think it would be hard because you would have to travel a long ways. You wouldn’t know anyone unless you went with your family. You barely have money after traveling so far and so long. You would have to be able to find a place to stay and afford after traveling to America and after being an Immigrant. You could get a sickness/disease on being the ship so long. When you arrive you would have to find a job so you can afford your living. Also you would have to find yourself food and things to live.

  3. It would be hard because you would have to be on a boat for at least two weeks in a boat, then another couple of days at Ellis Island. If they did pass the expectation then they would have to get sent back to their homeland. They would stink and wouldn’t be able to take showers.They maybe would have to work to get money so they would be able to live in America. They would have to find out somewhere to live. They would have to get food and cloths and everything for the family.

  4. Going through Elis Island would have been hard. There are legit thousands of people there. After being on a boat for two weeks to come to this dirty building filled with people you don’t know, talk to and tell you don’t know, and tell them all about yourself hoping you don’t say something wrong causing you to have to get back on a boat and go back home. The people there don’t really care about you, you’re just a number a thing. They want you to come to american, but once you’re here you’re just a name on a piece of paper. Strangers will take advantage of you once you arrive and are living in USA they just want your money.

  5. Abby Marr
    It was very hard for families. They were treated like dogs. Families were often separated. Many people died on Ellis Island. Many babies were born. Not very many people had money. The workers on Ellis Island were very rude to the families coming to America. All America wanted was the peoples money. If you didn’t have money you were inspected very closely and sometimes were not able to leave the island for a few weeks. They put tags on your clothing with your name and things about yourself like dog collars.

  6. When you first entered the building it was very loud and very smelly, it was pretty nerve-racking cause you didn’t know if you would be able to go into america or not. The process was very long and took a while there were some people that were weeping cause someone in their family was being sent back. There was also a guy that said if you didn’t have $20.00 you could pay him $2.00 to use his twenty dollars and then give it back to him. Once they made it through it was a very very happy moment. There were people that were asking other people if they wanted jobs to get money but others just left cause they had enough money to support themselves.

  7. It would be very hard because you have to go thought a lot of steps to be an american.
    You have to go to a lot of doctors and police to get threw it. You could not wait to get to the kissing post. You would have to try to find a job a house food. People sometimes have to work at the island to get your 20 dollars. People you make you use their 20 dollars but then you have to give it back and then 2 more dollars.

  8. It would be a hard time to go through you would be in a ship for 2 too 3 weeks in a row. If you spoke a different language it would be hard because Know one Knows what your saying. If your were sick you would have nothing. When you would get there if you didn’t pass the heath test you would be sent back to you home land. When you got out of Elis island you would have no money no job and no were to live. You would have to find a job and if you didn’t get a job you would probably go pore.

  9. It was very smelly. I was getting pushed and shoved. I had bruises from being pushed. If I didn’t have 20 dollars I would have to go back. I would have to find a job and a house to live in. It was very hard to find a job so I helped at Ellis Island.

  10. It would be different being an immigrant back then, than it would be now.
    Today if your sick you have to be treated before you can come into America, where as back then when you were sick you were sent back to your country and not granted access into America.
    I don’t know if it would be harder now to come to America or back then, because they both have their pros and cons.
    If I was an immigrant, as wimpy as I am, I would probably cry most of the time and be worried about life in America. I would be extremely sad if one of my family members wouldn’t be let into America, but we would have to go on without them.
    America now has evolved from something so little into a large country and it is a mazing how much it has change but change can be for the better or for the worse.

  11. It would be hard because, you would have to leave everything you knew. You could not bring everything you wanted to but only what you needed like food and clothes and maybe one toy. You would loose all of your friends and possibly a cousin or aunt or uncle. If you did not have much money you would have to go in the steerage class and the food would be horrible and there would not be much air so it would be hard going to America …………Would it be worth it ?

  12. It would be a good feeling inside to know that you get a new start to life. It would also be hard and terrifying to know that you have just stepped foot on new land and a new beginning. It would be a hard and long process going through Ellis Island, hoping you and you family could make it through. It would be a relief once you got through, but once you step foot on the other side you would have no idea what to do or where to go.
    Most likely you don’t have much money to find a home, food, or clothing. You would have to get a job in order to get enough money to pay for all that. Finding a job might be hard. You may not know the English language to get a job. So both ways it would be exciting, but yet scary knowing you get to start a new life, in a knew country, and forget about your past.

  13. I think that i would be nervous. Because you had to buy food and what if you run out of money. What if you get sick . What is your wife has birth and she or the babe dies. You could get robbed.
    I would be really mad if I got to ellis island and they said I can not go to America. My tiket could exspire. I could lose my 20 dollers. I could get separated from my family.
    If I got separated from my family I would not go to America. I would go back with them. I would hate the smell and the disises. I think that there would be alot of fights over food.

  14. When these people entered America they had very little of anything. When they got off the boat it was like a breath of fresh air because they had it very bad. They had family very few clothes and not much food. They needed to have $20.00 to get into america ad very few had that so their were people loaning $20.00 with $2.00 interest. When they went through the 10 steps they waited at the “Kissing Post” which is a place where you wait and meet your family. When they meet their family they had to look for jobs, homes, food and many more things. So I think you would have many mixed emotions over every thing that has happened. It could take up to 1 month to get in to America. Many people were so happy coming in to a free world and not having to live in a not so fun place.

  15. The immigrants would be on the boat that brought them to America for about two weeks. While on that boat they had food that was not very good. In their rooms on the boat they would not have a very nice place to stay. Everywhere you would go on there you would always be crowded.
    When they got to Ellis Island they would have to go through a lot of rooms and stages. Some things they would need to be check for would be if they were healthy or had a criminal history. This place would also be full of people. Some people had to stay for days or even weeks. When they would finally get to the gate, the would be an American citizen and be free to do anything they want.
    After becoming an American they would need to purchase all they things they used to have in their old land. They would also need to get jobs to make their money.

  16. ryan larsen – it was terrible you had terrible conditions and not so good food or services. You had three different classes on the boat the third was was the worst and had bad living conditions second was good and good or better living conditions first was the best not like the boats but better for there time and got served good. But no matter how bad the conditions were when you saw the statue of liberty it made it all up the bad living conditions terrible food was all for this. They would cry in joy and relief and the two week journey would be over. But first we have to stop and take another boat to Ellis island . Then two day later we would arrive then if they were sick or at risk you would get sent back from were you came from. Some people had two wait up to a month on even longer to get into america. there were people that were trying to bribe you for jobs or money.

  17. You load the boat. You look around, there are about 3.00 people, you hardly know anyone. You’re going to be on this ship for two weeks over the Atlantic Ocean. The ship is crowded, dirty, and you have to live with this for two weeks.
    You arrive at the New York Harbor and the first thing you see is The Statue of Liberty. The next thing you know there are Health Inspectors. They’re looking for any diseases. When you finally get off the boat to Ellis Island, officers give you identity tags. Next you go to a Registry Room for a health and legal inspection. If you pass that you get asked 29 questions. If you pass everything you get to go to America.. you have finally arrived.

  18. They walk to the boat. Then they load the boat. Then they are on there way. The boat is dirty and crowed. You will be on this boat for 2 week’s. Wen you get to New York the first thing you will see is the Statue Of Liberty..some people are crying of joy.

    • The person I research had the same last name as me. His name was J. Byrnes. J came over from Ireland. J arrived on July 14, 1899 on the Etruria. He left from Queens town Ireland.

  19. Christian F. Fox he arrived March 2, 1909 he arrived at the age of 47 he raveled on the ship called the Trinidad. He departed from Hamilton, Bermuda and his line number was 0015. I chose him because he has the sam last name as me and the same first name as my cousin.

  20. I found someone names Agnes Bauer who might be my great great grandmother. She arrived in Dec. 1, 1922 and she was 3 years old when she came. She was a US citizen

  21. Carl G Larsen was from Sweden. His place of residence was curityba. He arrived in america in 1901 day 07. His gender was male manifest number was 0019.

  22. John Peter Marr came to Ellis Island when he was 7 from Scotland. John and his family arrived on Sep 07, 1895. He is my great great grandfather.

  23. Isaac Adamic he is a novelist. He is from Russia his religion is Jewish. He was married twice and two children.

  24. I found my Great Great Great Great Grandpa Mathias Klaes. He arrived to Ellis Island at age 26 on May 06, 1923 on the Hansa ship. He originally came from Bonn, Germany. He arrived with his family, his wife Katerina and his young daughter, Margret.

  25. Louis Adamic was born on March 23, 1898. He died in September 4, 1951 at aged 53. Adamic told The Literary Digest my name is pronounced in this country America exactly as the word Adamic pertaining to Adam. The year 1899 is often cited and is also written on Adamic’s tombstone, but is incorrect.

  26. I found Emil Voves. He came from Czechoslovakia on November 2nd, 1923 on the Berengaria. He was 18 years of age when he arrived in Ellis Island. His Manifest line number was 0009.

  27. I found a person and her name was Adelena Adelena. She came over Sep 16, 1902. She was on the ship of Kronprinz Wilhelm. Her line number was 0007.

  28. John McCormack was the fourth child out of eleven. He was born the 14th of June in 1884. He sang a lot of songs. He died in 1945.

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