SOC – Defining Our Society

What is Sociology?

How do you define society?

What is the make up for our society

Where do we fit amongst the rest of the world?

Come up with 5 Questions you think we should ask to define our society. Lets focus on our riceville community.


27 thoughts on “SOC – Defining Our Society

  1. Braden Dohlman
    Why is it that we are so sexist?
    Why do people act different in a group compared to a single individual.
    Why do we not see any extreme people in riceville. (fit, rich, strong, ect)

  2. What is your race?
    What age do you feel is most predominant in Riceville?
    What religion do you affiliate with?
    What is your household income?
    Do you personally think Riceville is a diverse society?

  3. Nathan Tyler Miller-
    What is the occupation(s) of your mother/father?

    How many pets does your household have?

    How many relatives does your family have that live in town? (Direct relatives; Grandpas, Grandmas, Aunts, Uncles, etc.)

    Is your household in town or outside of town?

    How many kids do you know that are in girl/boy scouts?

  4. 1. How do you think more wealthy people think in Riceville?
    2. What is the age range in your household?
    3. How physically active is your household?
    4. How many animals do you own?
    5. How do you think people with different that are a different religion think?

  5. Emilio James Gomez.

    Do you live on a farm or in town.

    How much exercise do you think riceville gets?

    Do your parents work in riceville or get there income out side of riceville?

    How do you think woman rank to men?

    Where do you do your food shopping at?

  6. What race are you?
    What is the average yearly income of your family?
    What religion would you consider yourself to be a part of?
    Would you consider Riceville to be a community that consists of mostly older or mostly younger people?
    Are you pro-life or do you support abortion?

  7. 1.How mean people do you know that live in Riceville that are veterans.
    2.How mean people that lived in Riceville and died from smoking.
    3.How mean people work out side of town or in a another town.
    4.How mean students go out for sports every year.
    5.What is the busies time out at the lake for camping.

  8. 1. Do you know of any person or persons of a decent other than European?

    2. Would you consider anyone “rich” in Riceville?

    3. Do you know of anyone that is poor in Riceville?

    4. Are you related to any veterans in Riceville?

    5. Do you consider males better than females? How so?

  9. 1. Do you consider Riceville as an older community?
    2. Do you consider your household to be above the poverty level?
    3. Do your parents have a college degree?
    4. Does your family attend church regularly?
    5. How would Riceville benefit with a fitness center?

  10. Do you think rich people think differently then poor people?

    How do women think different from men?

    Do older people think different then the younger generation on how to live their lives?

    Do extremely fit people look at things different from not so fit people?

    Does the amount of knowledge that you have change how you think of others?

  11. What religion do you consider yourself a part of?
    What race are you?
    Do you support abortion?
    Would you consider Riceville to be a more wealthy or middle class area?
    Do you think Riceville is a diverse community?

  12. Do you support abortion?
    What religion do you consider yourself?
    What do you consider yourself politically?
    Do you agree with homosexuality?
    Are you racist towards any particular ethnic group and which group?

  13. How fit do you think Riceville is?
    How many of your family members live in the Riceville area?
    How do you think woman rank to men?
    Do you live in town or in the country?
    What religion are you?

  14. Gay marriage: Agree or Disagree?
    Religion: Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran, Methodist, Other Christian, Atheist/Agnostic, Other
    Sexual Orientation: Straight, Gay, Bisexual
    Political Affiliation: Democratic, Republican, Other
    What are your thoughts on the amish/mennonite community: Positive, Negative, or No strong opinion?

  15. Do you farm?
    what type of farmer are you or family? Crop? Livestock?
    Do you use open range farms systems or do you use buildings?
    Do kind of car do you drive?
    Do you believe Riceville is a open and independent town (different than other town)?
    Do you believe there is such thing as incest or inbred in our community?
    How many people are in your family?

  16. Are you a democrat or republican?
    Do you believe in same-sex marriage?
    Do you support abortion?
    What religion are you?
    Do you live on a farm/country or in town?

  17. Are you Catholic and non-catholic?
    Are you liberal or conservative?
    Does Culture affect individual personality?
    Are racial Stigma’s a problem in our town?
    Are you for or against abortion?

  18. Do you think Riceville is more or less or less racist then the average town?
    Do you live in town or on a farm?
    What is your households income?
    Do you think Riceville is physically fit?
    Do you support abortion?

  19. Do you live on a farm or live in town?
    Are you democrat or republican?
    Is riceville a small or big business town?
    Does any of riceville’s money stay in the community?
    Do riceville people help each other out?

  20. Have you ever lived anywhere other than Riceville?
    What religion do you practice?
    Do you live here for:
    a. employment
    b. grew up here
    c. find the community attractive
    d. other
    Are you employed around the Riceville area?
    Do you feel that Riceville provides the same quality of education as the other area schools?

  21. What is the religion you are part of? A. Catholic B. Lutheran C. Muslim D. Other

    Do you live in the country or do you live in town?

    Do you think race is a problem in Riceville?

    Can men have a better chance of getting a job in Riceville than women?

    Are people judged by the income they make?

  22. Do you live inside or outside of town?
    What religion do you fall under?
    Do you think Riceville consists of predominately older or younger people?
    Do you believe we are a very diverse community?
    Do you agree or disagree with same-sex relationships?

  23. What is the size of your family?
    What religion are you?
    What type of vehicle do you drive?
    Do approve of amish/mennonites?
    What class is your family ranked as?

  24. Are you Republican or Democrat?
    What is your religion? Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, other Christians, Agnostic or Atheist, or Other
    Do you agree or disagree with gay marriage?
    Are you in favor or against abortion?
    Would you affiliate yourself more with Cresco or Osage?

  25. Do you think the community of riceville is racist?
    Do you support abortion?
    Do you think riceville is more wealthy or poor?
    Does your ocupation consist of white or blue colar?
    What religion do you think you are?

  26. Tylar Christensen –
    Is bigger business better for Riceville or worse?
    Are there more people who live on farms than in regular houses in the Riceville area?
    Do you support the NSA spying on us?
    Do you think not having a town cop is a good thing or a bad thing?
    Are Riceville people racist?

  27. What religion are you?
    What is your race?
    Do you agree with gay marriage?
    Do you think a lot of people smoke in Riceville?
    What is you average income in your household?

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