7SS – Iowa – Study Guide

1.Name 4 groups of Native Americans that lived in Iowa? (4 Points)

2. What is the capital and what was the original capital of Iowa? (2 Points)

3.  What was the Land Ordinance of 1785? (3 Points)

4. Name 4 major rivers in Iowa. (4 Points)

5. Describe the challenges faced by those early settlers to Iowa. (4 Points)

6.  Describe the challenges of being an American Indian while the white settlers were moving westward. (4 Points)

7.  America purchased Iowa from what European country? What was the purchase called? (2 Points)

8. Descrive the life in Iowa before there were any laws of the land? (3 Points)

9. When did Iowa become a state? (1 Point)

10. What countries did most of Iowa’s setters come from? (3 Points)

11. What was it like to travel to the United States and to be processed through the Ellis Island Building? (5 Points)

12. What was the most interesting thing you learned from the Virtual Tour of Ellis Island. (3 Points)

13. What was the “Kissing Post” at Ellis Island? (2 Points)

14. Describe your Famous Iowan that you researched. (4 Points)

15. What are demographics and how would you describe Iowa’s demographics. (4 Points)


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