Soc – Promoting Gender Roles

How are gender stereotypes and roles promoted in our society? 

Belle” – Why is Belle so “strange?”

Disney Princesses

Where can we find more gender stereotypes in our media?

Discussion Response: Find one good example, of each sex, of gender stereotype in our media and explain how that can impact men and women’s views on one anther. Link us to the webpage, image, or video. 



25 thoughts on “Soc – Promoting Gender Roles

  1. This video is about the playstation 4. This is gender discrimination because it puts the typical male “gamer” in the commercials fighting each other saying that it’s a perfect day. I couldn’t find a playstation commercial with a female in it.

  2. Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man” commercial pretty much gives the gender role if you’re a man and do all these wild things the women still come to you. It’s showing how manly men are supposed to be. Especially if you drink beer.

  3. This portrays what you are expected to do to be a “Manly man”
    A lot of these steps are a good and healthy things to do but for example, just because you’re maybe not as ambitious as the next guy doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re less manly

  4. The Real Housewives of Orange County
    This show can impact women’s views. This show have about five women who are in relationships and some have children. It shows that women need to look nice no matter what, and they don’t work outside the home. They need to be involved in the community to get their name out there. Women are the ones who have to take care of the children. They are simply being housewives in this show, and it’s in the title. It shows that women can get angry very easily, and they like drama! It shows that women should get spoiled and have lots of glittery and shiny things. It also shows that women should never get dirty. In this show, these women go out to parties and go out with their friends.

    • The man is hungry so he has to eat “Manhandlers”

      Third picture. Offers cigarettes to a librarian but the librarian is “hot”

    This picture describes what specific roles genders should do. The man is all muscular and cool, and the female is is holding a ton of children and has to do all the cleaning. It shows the picture in how the men are dominant, and the woman just stays at home and does nothing.

    This picture is showing a man waiting for a woman to bring him his meal. He is just sitting there waiting while she is struggling to bring it to him. Again it showing how the men play the dominant role while the women are expected to do everything.

  6. This is a female gender role being promoted that women need simpler cars to drive because they can’t drive.http

    Female gender role saying that the female should be in the kitchen and stay there.

    Men are too manly burly and strong for women to drink dr. pepper and the calories are to manly for women.

  7. This one shows that a women are weak and they always need men to help them. It’s as if women can’t handle jobs that men predominately do.

    This shows that women always cheer the men on and can’t do anything for themselves. They are constantly waiting on others while the men are off working.


    The ad for the Kenwood Chef was made in the 1960’s and along with many of ads from that time era, has shaped society’s way of thinking about differences in men and women.

    “The Chef does everything but cook – that’s what wives are for!” is the first thing that grabs the viewer’s attention. Thinking into this advertisement, we can find many gender labels. The man is a tall, good looking figure of protection to his wife, who appears to be happy just to be with him. Men provide the supplies needed to make their wives happy, but in return the wife works for the man. There is one thing that the advertisement seems to make very clear, however. Women belong in the kitchen, working to please their husbands.

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