7SS – What is the Purpose of the Government?

What is government?

What would life be like without government?

What is the purpose of government? 

Make a list of what you think the government should do?

What is the Purpose of Government Reading

Response Question: What is the purpose of government?


26 thoughts on “7SS – What is the Purpose of the Government?

  1. If we did not have a Government the world would be chaos. There would be no laws, no rules, no rulers, nothing. People would be every where doing bad things. There would be no money so you could not liver very well.

  2. It is needed for the education laws no war. It will be bad if we did not have government.
    because somebody could kill you family and nobody would really care. You can won’t have to defend agstiant people trying to kill you they would have police officers. You would be able to do want you want because you have money.

  3. I think the purpose of government is to help take care and keep control of out nation. They help with roads, schools, jobs and even more things. They help us be sure we have a safe place to live, food to eat, a job to make money, roads to drive on, and an education. They make laws to help us with all of those.

  4. I think the the purpose of the government is to keep things going. I think they are suposed to keep roads nice and fix them when they need it. I think they are suposed to keep businesses open and help the poor. They should also use the money wisely and enforce lawes. They should make people and kids get education and keep people safe.

  5. They have make our laws. They keep us all safe from other countries. They give us jobs and money. They have to make good decisions for our country and all of the people living here. They have to be sure to allow all of us to get a good education. They would need to keep everything and everyone in order.

  6. to make everything in order.So that everyone has an education live healthy and survive. Makes it so that not just one person can make a law and thats final it makes it so that a certain amount of people would have to choose. The government is also there so that you cant just do anything you want and have no consequences for your actions you will be punished and that is because there are laws that make it so that you cant just do anything. The main part of the Government is to make everyone safe.

  7. I think the purpose of government is to help people, Education and jobs . Make sure war dose not start riots and protests. Make laws/rules and keep people safe from shootings and bombs. Make sure there is enough money and work for people. To make things right among people so people don’t get hurt.

  8. They help manage the country. Make sure everyone/thing is safe. Provide jobs, authority, and education. They fight for freedom.

  9. The purpose of government is to not cause people to go poor and to have the laws of the state to keep others safe. Make sure others have jobs and enough money. To not have bad living problems, to keep things going as in jobs/laws/rules. To make living easier with the expenses and to actually have a job.

  10. The purpose of a government is so that way we don’t just brake out and have a war. So that way people can have jobs and money to pay for food and tax. If we didn’t have a government we would be killing everyone and it would be like someone killed one of your friends and you killed them there would be no laws for that. If there was no government we would be poor and be homeless and without a job.

  11. life to me is not just surviving its to live. liberty is the sign of freedom and to have the right to do what you want. The pursuit of happiness is to be abel to be happy.

  12. I believe that life is the main one that they should protect. They can’t make everyone happy for the pursuit of happiness. That is almost an impossible task to finish. If people break these laws they should have harsher consequences then being thrown in jail. If they kill someone they should be shot too for an example.

  13. I think Life Liberty and the Pursue of happiness is the right thing for America. I like America for the reasons right here, to protect your life, to be a free country, and to do what ever makes us happy. I always hope that our government follows these 3 things our government is based off of it.

  14. It means that they have to protect our life because otherwise they are just making us do want they wont us to do. Happiness is that you can do you want you want. Liberty is your freedom

  15. The purpose or life liberty and pursuit of happiness is that you can be happy if you want to be but only if you make yourself that way no one else can do that only you can make yourself happy.The purpose of life is that you do what you want as long as it doesn’t risk or harm other people’s live or happiness which in other term you cant do something that can be harmful.Your liberty is just as important because if you dont have liberty you basically aren’t living your getting bossed and you dont have a fate the person that is Bossing you around does .

  16. What Life Liberty and happiness means to me is to have the right to do what I want as long as it does not affect other peoples rights. But without it there would be a country made up by poor people and some powerful.

  17. It is good thing thing our government is based on life, liberty and the ability to pursue happiness. Because of those three things, it makes us a country that is free and safe. This means that we are free to do what we want as long as it will not harm other citizens. It means we can do anything to be happy. You are free to do anything you want in your life, you can be anything, do anything, or think anything that you want.

  18. The pursuit of happiness is doing what you want in life.I thinks you can have happines in alot of ways because everybodies different. Life is the goverment protecting you. Not letting other countries invading us. Life is aving fun and staying alive. Liberty is beeing free and living life. Its doing what you want thinking in your own ways. Liberty is beeing your own religion.

  19. I think that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness has a very good meaning to it. It can help everybody live a better life if we all let each other have these. It means making where ever we are a better place. Following these will hopefully let everybody be happy and live a better life. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness can mean lots of things to help keep us safe, have freedom, and live in happiness without being afraid to be here.

  20. Life-Liberty-The pursuit of happiness. Really is just describing the important parts about our government and what we all have. It’s basically keeping us safe for some people. Some people could take it the wrong way and not use the 3 words the good way. It really is just saying we are equal and make everything clear and equal.

  21. It means the government has to do everything in their power to protect our lives. It means the government will give us the freedom to do what we want without harming others. It means the government will allow us to earn happiness.

  22. The purpose of life is the government protecting you. Happiness would be different for every person. Liberty is for freedom and justice and laws so that way we don’t have problems. And that is what I think happiness, Liberty, and life means.

  23. The over all purpose of Government is to protect the life, liberty, and right to pursuit of happiness. This is a really short way to put it even though the purpose of Government is way more complex than that.

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