Soc – Gender Roles and Gender Differences

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Response Question: Come up with 3 examples where you see gender role enforcement in your daily life, excluding the media.


28 thoughts on “Soc – Gender Roles and Gender Differences

  1. Boys are taught to play the physical contact sports. Girls are given dolls and cooking toys at a young age. Men are supposed to be able to protect the women like in stories we read as children.

  2. Sports are all gender enforced. A guy would be the first person someone would ask about fixing a car. Girls are the ones that are supposed to cook.

  3. Wrestling – My family history is wrestling so I had to be in wrestling
    Vehicles – Trucks are more of a guys vehicle and VW Beetle “SlugBug”
    Body Care – Girls are more apt to get their nails and hair done and Guys usually don’t

  4. I think that football in Riceville is a stereotype for our community. When you go to school and are raised around Riceville you always know about the football team and when your in elementary school you want to be on the team when you get older. Another stereotype would be for rockpicking around these parts. It always seems like if you have a sister that they don’t have to go out and help or if someone needs help that they ask the guys around the area instead of the girls. I think that another stereotype is when you are in school and a guy could be doing something not that bad but the teacher still yells at you instead of a girl that is doing something worse.

  5. Trucks- you don’t normally see a girl drive a big truck.
    mechanics/ welders – Males are generally more of mechanics and workers doing the harder work.
    Boy – I was raised to work hard and earn what you get. The boys around here are generally raised and pushed a lot harder.

  6. men are more mechanical then a women is by far they are made to get stuff fixed
    wrestling its a mans sport because it is hard core and a lot of work compared to any other sports
    football is a mans sport there isn’t any girls that play football ever

  7. In Riceville I think sports are based on gender roles. Boys are expected to put in more extra work in the offseason. Most people find it weird or different when a woman does extra work for a sport.
    Gender roles are enforced in my family’s household. My sisters do most of the work in the house, while I have to work outside.
    I see gender roles in local businesses in Riceville. Many businesses don’t have male cooks, only females.

  8. Sports – Girls are suppose to go out for certain sports and boys are suppose to go out for certain sports

    Cars – Guys are more likely to become mechanics and girls aren’t suppose to like that kind of stuff

    School – Guys are suppose to be dumb and not like school and girls are suppose to be smart and enjoy school everyday

  9. Sports- Guys go out for more physical sports while girls are suppose to do easier sports.

    Vehicles- Guys drive big trucks, while girls are suppose to drive little cars/

    Grades- Girls are suppose to get As and good grades, while guys slack off and get bad grades.

  10. For sports, mainly girls coach female sports and guys coach male sports. The cooks for the school are all females. Most of the custodians for the school in the past years have been male.

  11. 1. Sports- In most sports like football and baseball they are played by men and you don’t see women playing them. In sports like volleyball and softball they are played by women and men don’t really play them.
    2. Lunch ladies no men- In the kitchen at school you don’t see any men working in the kitchen all you see is women making the food and serving it to the kids.
    3. Teachers- Most of the teachers at our school are mostly women and only a couple men.

  12. Raised in Riceville, boys were raised to be football players, while girls were to be cheerleaders or supporting the football team. Through the summer most guys go do manuel labor jobs such as working on a farm, while girls work as a baby sitter, or some other caring job. In stories we read you always see some guy come and save the women. All of the princess have a prince in shining armor slaying dragons and other things. Even in games such as Mario.

  13. School- In Riceville, you see more guys than girls not caring about school. Girls are more likely to take school seriously, and girls care more about their grades than the guys. You see girls more school smart than the boys, but the boys are more street smart than the girls.
    Sports- Guys are suppose to play the tough and aggressive sports like football and wrestling. Females are suppose to play sports that aren’t as tough or aggressive like volleyball and softball. Basketball is kind of in the middle, so both genders can play that sport. You see men working a lot harder than women in sports.
    Work- There are only two guys that work at the nursing home. That shows me that women are suppose to be the ones that become nurses and be CNAs. That also shows that women should take care of people and cook more than guys.

  14. Guy babies are always wearing blue clothes and girl babies wear pink.
    The boys are always allowed.encouraged to play rough, sometimes at recess.
    All the school cooks are ladies.

  15. The first example I see is at lunch time. All of the people in the kitchen happen to be ladies. Goes back to the ladies always being in the kitchen.

    The next example is that most teachers in the riceville school are female

    And the last example is that most of the coaches are based on gender. For example, the men coach football while the women coach volleyball. It would be strange to have a man for a volleyball coach

  16. Coaching: As soon as you hear the work ‘football,’ you immediately think of male sport, with male coaches. You never hear of females coaching a male sport, like football, because they are thought to be weak and emotional. Leaving many to believe they wouldn’t be up for the task.
    Recess: During recess it is often common to find the boys playing some sort of physical game like football, kickball, and basketball. If a girl were to go up to one of her male classmates and ask if she could join in their game of football they would probably laugh and tell her no, because they don’t think girls can compete on the level males can.
    Babies: Whenever you think of a little baby girl the color pink pops into ones mind. When you think of a baby boy blue often comes to mind. You see this all the time. It would be very strange to see a baby boy dressed in pink, because its viewed as a feminine color, while blue is a very masculine color.

  17. I can remember my great grandma being the cook in the house. She passed this down to my grandma who is still the cook in her house. In continuation, my grandma passed this on to my mother who does all of the cooking in our house with the occasional help of my sister and I.

    Growing up in a farming community and family, I can easily distinguish gender roles. The men in the family are usually out working in the fields while the ladies are at home doing household work and tending to their gardens. In my family, farming traces back as the occupation for men as many as five generations.

    Working at the nursing home has shown me that there are gender roles there, too. There are several female nurses, while there is only one male nurse who works there. All of the aides, with the exception of one, are also female. In addition, the cooks who work in the kitchen and the majority of other staff there are also females.

  18. Besides media being a big factor in gender roles, I think it starts at an early age. When you are little you are told what toys to play with, what to wear etc. If one family decides not to follow this, their child may not conform with what everyone thinks they should be in society. I think it is also found in jobs. At my orthodontist, it’s just him and a bunch of girls. There aren’t any other guys that work there. You see most secretaries are women or clerical work. In school you find gender roles with how guys/girls are supposed to act. A lot of the teachers expect more out of the girls than the guys.

  19. In Riceville most of the coaches for the girls sports are women and the coaches for the boys sports are all men. Also, guys are supposed to do the sports that are more aggressive such as football and wrestling and the girls are supposed to do the sports that aren’t as aggressive, such as volleyball and cheerleading. Most of the teachers in Riceville are women except for a few. Women are usually supposed to do the cooking. All of the cooks at the school are women in Riceville.

  20. Where do you see gender enforcement in your daily life?

    Environment that you grow up in, such as how you parents decorated your room even as a baby

    How teachers treat you, even as young as preschool

    How other people, even strangers, treat you in your everyday live

  21. I see that boys are pushed to play sports and girls it does not matter if they play sports. Babies boys seem to all ways wear blue and girls are wearing pink. I see that boys are tried to me made to be big strong guys and girls need to be girly girls

  22. Guy like to shot and blow thing up and drive big trucks and are not afraid to get dirty.
    Girls like to shop and be on there phone all the time and are all ways worried about not dirty.

  23. When your a baby your mom and dad make it so you don’t really know what they are doing you just think that your just gonna do the sports but they are making it so you are more dominate then a girl.

    The older you get the more you notice that people and other males are trying to teach you that you are more in power then any women and that they need you and they rely on you for everything.

    Your dad will separate you from girl and will tell you how it is and how you should be in his eyes by making you see that girls are not as strong or tough as you and that they need to have you then you needing her because your stronger then them and are more dominate then they are.

  24. Football is a guy only sport pretty much. No girls are out for it. Guys are almost always in the weight room and not scared to go in. Wrestling is also almost a guy only sport. There are only a few girl wrestlers in the state.

  25. Guys get cars and farm toys while girls get dolls. Guys play more contact sports while girls play non-contact sports. Girls cook more then boys.

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