Econ – Entreprenuership Unit


Ideas for Businesses

Video – Entrepreneurs can change the world

Video – Life of a Young Entrepreneur.

Create a Budget – Assignment – Use Numbers

Market Your Business – Create 2 advertisements with the following Marketing Strategies

  • Print Marketing
  • Radio Marketing
  • TV Marketing

11 thoughts on “Econ – Entreprenuership Unit

  1. There are many advantages of being an entrepreneur. You get to be your own boss. You can pick your own hours. Your earning potential is almost infinite because you aren’t working on a strict salary. There are also some disadvantages. You really aren’t guaranteed any income if your business doesn’t perform. It may be harder for you to stop thinking about work after hours, and you could become obsessed with working. You also have to be fairly knowledgable in all areas of a business in order to be successful.

    My three business ideas are: starting an amateur sports league in a city or area, a flooring business, and a gym.

  2. Some of the advantages of being an entrepreneur are choosing when you want to work and where you want to work. You also get to choose what you want to make and what you want to sell. The disadvantages of being an entrepreneur are being alone a lot, not having a regular salary, having an unpredictable work schedule, and having other competition. I think three potential businesses I could start would be a daycare program, a pet grooming service, or some sort of store.

  3. There are many advantages to being a entrepreneur. you can make the business or product just how you want and you can be your own boss. Make your own hours. you can hire who you want. There are also some disadvantages to being a entrepreneur. You can have a hard time finding funds to get your business started. Having a hard time finding good help.

    My ideas
    auto body
    Intramural sports leagues

  4. Advantages:
    – You get to choose the work you like to do that emphasizes your strengths and sills.
    – Schedule you’re own work hours to work around your schedule.
    – Can worker wherever and whenever they want to.
    – Can do something you love to do.

    – All of the paperwork you have to do can be time consuming.
    – The competition with other businesses. You need to be different than other businesses in order to make a profit.
    – Having the stress of working by yourself and trying to make the right decisions.
    – Consistency of money. Depending on how your business is doing, one day you can be making money then the next day your business falls and you aren’t making any.
    – Requires more work and longer hours.

    Business Ideas:
    – Catering Truck: makes whatever you want right on the spot.
    – Vegetarian Restaurant: place that offers strictly vegetarian foods.
    – Pet groomer/walker/babysitter: a service that will either walk, groom, or babysit or all of them to your small animal.

  5. Advantages for being an entrepreneur: you have control over your own work schedule, you are doing something you love, and you are making your own money. Disadvantages: you are responsible for everything that happens to the business, you have to pay for taxes, you have the stress of your business failing.
    Potential businesses, towel making, babysitting, and doing chores for people.

  6. There is major upside to being an entrepreneur if a person knows what they are doing. Entrepreneur’s usually start off failing many of their beginning projects and get discouraged. Once you get past the fact of lack of money and all of your failures you may start to get where you want to be. Many of the entrepreneurs said that it took time for them to get where they wanted to be. Advantages of being a successful entrepreneur is obviously the money that you would be raking in, the glory, and what most say is the best, feeling like you changed the world or had an impact on the world. Disadvantages of being an entrepreneur would be failing so miserably that you run out of funds and you have to get a job that you hate, accomplishing something and then no one liking it so it is a bust, or simply getting stuck and not knowing how to finish your project.

    Being a moving valet service that travels to individual parties.

    Starting a landscaping business, that also provided winter snow removal

    Become someone who builds customized docks on lakes with special features.

  7. Advantages:
    you are able to be your own boss and control the way things are done.
    you have the ability to move your business or change your advertising strategies to pinpoint different focus groups.
    you can work with whom you choose.

    it is common to fail even if it wasn’t the first business you started.
    sometimes the negative consumer reviews can cause emotional instability outside your working life as well as other issues.
    the majority of your time will be devoted to the job

    Potential businesses:
    personalization decals for various vehicles or signs.
    a restaurant
    advertising agency

  8. An advantage would be you would be making some really good money. Disadvantage you would have to be responsible and smart, you wold also have to work a lot sense you would be your boss.

    photography studio
    aquarium museum

  9. Advantages: You can be your own boss, can make a lot of money, start any business you want, can have a fulfilling career

    Disadvantages: It can be stressful, you could lose a lot of money, you would have to spend time to start it, your business could fail, you would have to prove yourself at first

    Potential Businesses: Bakery, hair salon, or restaurant

  10. The bigest thing that you can gain form being a entrepreneur is lost of money. The next best thing is your are making whatever you want and you have almost complete ownership of what you are making. The best thing is you are having or I hope you are having a really good time making your product or what ever your making. The bigest disadvantage is you can lose all of you money. You can also lose your social life.

    own a pool

    make a website/social media

    make band of TV

  11. Advantages-
    ~ You have the possibility to make a lot of money
    ~ You get to choose when you get to work
    ~ If you are interested in what you are doing then you would love the job that you are doing
    ~You get to be your own boss

    ~ You have the great possibility of your business failing
    ~ You could have the potential to lose a lot of money
    ~ You would have to work a lot and it would take a lot of dedication and hard work

    ~ Hair and Beauty salon – Open up a salon in my home that would offer hair, makeup and nail services.
    ~ Bakery – would open up a bakery attached to my home and make cupcakes, bars, pies, cheesecakes, muffins, breads etc. We would also deliver foods .
    ~ Ranch – Open up a ranch and offer riding lessons and trail rides.

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