Soc – An Act of Racism

Is racism still an issue here in America?

Find 3 news reports of racism in recent events. Of the 3 news reports share a link to the article and explain the article in 4-5 sentences in the responses.

What is racism? What does it look like?

Why is there so much racism in our world? Will it ever go away?

Where do you find racism?


26 thoughts on “Soc – An Act of Racism


    During one of the shows of The Colbert Report, Steven Colbert put something on twitter that seemed racist. The tweet was about Asian’s and Steven Colbert raising support for the Asian community. He said that he wasn’t trying to be racist. Some people are now trying to get the show canceled. But, It wasn’t actually Colbert who put the tweet on Twitter, it was one of his representatives who put it on there.

    This is an article from Sports Illustrated that asks different people in sports media if they run into any racism. They each have their own stories of harassment that they go through every day. They also think that there are certain areas in sports where racism definitely exists.
    This article is about how racism separates the different parts of Detroit. Many people think that Detroit has been given a bad label due to what has gone on in the past. Many key people think that in recent years money has gone to the wrong places to try to keep the different races in poorer neighborhoods and label many people as criminals even though they are not.
    This article is written by an african-american woman who has hope that racism will one day be completely gone in the country, but keeps getting proved wrong with the stories on the news. She thinks that in ways racism is still as bad as it was back in the 50’s and 60’s.


    This article is saying that Detroit’s housing, public transportation, and criminal justice system are racist. It talks about how people think that the city of Detroit is one of the worst places to live because of the people that live there. It talks about how some people think that only civilized white people live in the suburbs. It talks about how some people in Detroit stereotype the minorities in the city.

  4. African-Americans are impressed when they go to visit San Jose University because the library is named after Martin Luther King Jr., and there is a statue of Tommie Smith and John Carlos that have their fist raised in Black Power salute. All these African-Americans want to go there because of that, and they think there will be diversity. Recently, that isn’t happening at San Jose University. There has been racial bullying scandals at the campus. Blacks only make up 4 percent of all the students there, and there is only three black professors. Most of the African-American programs are under elimination. Many African-Americans like the look of the University, but they don’t like how they are getting treated. Even one student from the University put in the paper that Black History Month is pointless. Last year, there were white students had charges of committing hate crimes against a black freshman. Later on, that student committed suicide. The blacks have to fight for things they want at this University.

  5. During an English soccer game the ref penalized the wrong player and was accused of racism. He mistakenly penalized Arsenal’s Kieran Gibbs rather than Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. They are both mixed race players and he was accused for being racist because he couldn’t tell the difference between them, thus accusing the wrong player. Some former players agreed with the accusation of racism while others disagreed.

    Also there are many cases of racism that are a lot less publicized where African Americans are racist against Whites and most people refer to this as Reverse Racism but in actuality it’s not reverse racism at all, it is just another form of racism. If you really think about the term ‘Reverse Racism’ you would think that would refer to the opposite of racism rather than racism towards a different race than you usually hear about.

  6. My article was about they did this study on certain states on how well they teach about civil rights and Pennsylvania received a “D” as a final grade. 13 other states received this grade as well. 20 states received a F, 5 and Washington DC received a C, eight received a B and only 3 received an A grade. The three states were South Carolina, Louisiana, and Georgia.They asked students and looked at their textbooks and found that there was a lack of understanding. A professor from Harvard found that fewer than half of the states actually teach about Jim Crow laws. They interviewed a lot of teachers as well and they think why they got such a bad grade was because they have been focusing more on standardized tests.

  7. In this article Nick Cannon dresses up as a white person and they tweets about how he can no long be afraid of the police now that he is white and he did this to promote his new album white people party music. In this article a member of the Neo-Nazis went in to a sikh temple and kill six african americans. In this article it is telling you how they want to change the way people see racism in game they want to have more time of people in the video games.


    San Jose State Hate crime. Four Caucasian students were tormenting and African-American roommate who was locked in their dorm for weeks. It was stated That San Jose State hate crimes had been reported before and the school had worked on a 100 page document relating to the racism but the new president of the school who had just started at San Jose State decided to create a new group of people to study diversity. San Jose State students had filed many issues related to stereotypes, faculty diversity, and professors treating students differently because of their race.


    they told them that he was not going to be anything because he dropped out of school and has no future since he dropped out and because he was black and the assault charges and the abuse that was said that he did wasn’t even investigate on him they said that he pulled a gun but he doesn’t even have ownership or possession of any guns which basically they blamed him for the crime that he didn’t commit just because he was black.

  10. This article took place In Fairfield, Ohio. A student told his teacher that he wanted to become a president in the future. Now this student happened to be African-American. The teacher told this African-American student, ” We do not need another black president.” The teacher was suspended indefinitely without pay a week after making the remarks.

    In this article, A little boy wanted to dress up like Santa clause. His teacher told him that Santa is not black and he was not allowed to participate. The teacher is still teaching, but the child moved away.


    There appears to be an increase in racist acts at colleges all over the United States. Several fraternities have been shut down after they supported racist acts or threw parties with racist themes. Students have been expelled for vandalizing on-campus statues of leaders from different races. These events aren’t just happening in certain areas, they appear to be happening everywhere. Experts explain this by saying many kids go to college without being exposed to diversity. When they first experience the diversity of a college setting, they don’t respond well. This is similar to our area, where we don’t have a lot of diversity.


    The NFL will now be penalizing players for using racist language. The penalty will be a fifteen yard penalty. The league has got many complaints about racist behavior during games and decided to change the rules. They are hoping that this will clean up the game.

  13. In this article a coach cancelled the rest of the football season because some kids graffitied the N word on a kids house. This was done for no reason, some kids just wanted to be a bully. The coach was so disgusted about how kids could do this to an innocent 13 year old boy on the team. He was so fed up that he just cancelled the rest of the season.


    Racism plays a big part in the role of which position you should play in the NFL. In this article, the author talks about how Peyton Hillis and Toby Gerhart should change their position because they don’t fit the ordinary stereotype of a NFL running back. The author goes on saying how a black running back that had the same resumé as Toby Gerhart would be a first round pick in the draft, if not top ten. Toby Gerhart was the runner-up in the Heisman trophy award, Doak Walker Award (Best Running Back In NCAA), and a consensus All-America. The only player that had the same resume and was black that didn’t get drafted in the first round was Shonn Greene, Who had a slow 40-yard dash in the NFL combine.


    The last articles explains that if people were taught as kids racism wouldn’t be as bad. They should be taught to respect one another and become friends with different raises. It also said that when they are kids they they are more apt to learn and remember it.

  16. The color of valor: 24 minority veterans receive long overdue Medal of Honor

    Twenty-four soldiers who risked their lives to fight for the United States’ freedom, did not receive a medal of honor because of their skin color. Only three of those twenty-four soldiers were alive to receive the medal of honor presented by our President who has the same skin color as those twenty-four soldiers. Ten of those soldiers never even came home. It was in 2002 that Congress started looking for people of colored skin that may have been deserving of the Medal of Honor but was denied because of their skin color or sex. The twenty-four soldiers were recognized for their combat actions in Vietnam. Korea, and World War II.

    Campbell claims FA racism blocked England captaincy

    INSIGHT-African immigrants use films and books to fight Italian racism


    Gil Voigt of Fairfield, Ohio made a remark to a student saying “We don’t need another black president,” when the African-American student had just told him that he wanted to become President someday. It wasn’t the first time Voigt had been accused of making racist comments to students. He was also accused of pointing a laser at a student and referring to him as “African-American Rudolph.” Voigt said that he had said “I think we can’t afford another President like Obama, whether he’s white or black.” Four out of the ten students that were interviewed during an investigation said that he had made the racist comments toward the student. He has been suspended for a week without pay so far.

  18. 1.


    ~ In this article it was asking Paula Deen if she had ever said the N-word. She said she had used it multiple time before but never to the person she was talking about it was when she would be talking to her husband of family. The article also said that for a wedding she wanted the waitresses to be black and wear clothes that made them look like slaves. She said this was because of a restaurant that her and her husband had dined at had the whole entire waiter staff dressed in the same old style cloths and they had been all middle-aged black men and women.

    This article is about Joe Budden and his racist instagram post. Joe Budden posted a picture of a Sikh at the airport with his luggage and said “Not on my watch homeboy.” This is very racist in many ways. One of the ways is that Sikh are from the middle eastern and he was relating this man to a 9/11 bomber. Also other Sikh’s have gotten killed after 9/11 just because of people thinking they are bad.

    -There is a school is Kansas. The administrators planned a field trip where students would go to many different places having to do with African-American culture and civil rights. The school said the trip was “for black students only”. Many were enraged by the reverse racism.

    Controversy arose when a Native American tribe fought to change the name of the Washington Redskins football team. This is a century long name and those apposing the name change feel as though it’s tradition and shouldn’t be changed. However, those arguing against it disagree and feel as though it’s a racial slur and very offensive. They argue that it’s based on a historically offensive slur and it sends a negative image to Native Americans.

    This article talks about a 15-year-old African-American boy who was suspended from school for holding up a ‘gang sign’ while taking a photo with a project he had completed for one of his classes. The boy, Bruce quotes, “They figured I was a gang member because of my color.”
    Darius Rucker, a country singer, has worked his way to the top of the charts. However, there are a few racist souls who do not believe that Darius, an African-American should be singing ‘white folk’ music. Rucker says he will not let people like this hold him back from being a success.
    This website simply gives some statistics that show the differences in treatment between people of different races. I found most of them to be very interesting, especially the ones about how blacks are far more likely to be put in jail than any other white person.

    Racism can take many different forms and hurt people in many different ways. It takes place all throughout the world, everywhere. It is the belief that people of different color or race have different abilities, simply because of their differences. I do not believe that racism will ever go away completely. I think people will always recognize the difference in the way someone talks or looks and will judge that person by those characteristics.

  23. I think that the race or color of your skin will make a difference in how you live or how much you get paid or if you could even get the job at all. The whites are always going to be on top and be above the other races because they don’t let other races to get up for he spots they have set them in.

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