Soc – White Privilege

50 Examples of White Privilege

On Racism and White Privilege

White Privilege Explained

Response Question – Where have you seen or notice any white privilege in your life?




27 thoughts on “Soc – White Privilege

  1. When a white person walks down the street of riceville, we feel safe. We know we won’t be judged or looked at funny. Because the majority of riceville is white.

  2. There are only 2 African-Americans in all six movies of Star Wars. I noticed it when I was younger and it seemed a bit off. Star Wars, which is one of the greatest movie series of all time, must have been using white privilege when they hired most of the actors.

  3. I have seen it at Hy-Vee. I would see somebody of a different race or one of my co-workers would see them and we would more likely to talk to the white person first than talk to the person of the other race. Or, if I were to here someone speaking spanish, I would always think that they were talking about me. Plus, there are some foods there that seem like everybody of a different race would buy. No white person seems to buy that one item.

  4. I think that a privilege that I’ve seen around communities in Iowa, is when a white person is messing around such as in a mall people don’t think much of it and many people may think it is funny. I have seen african-american children do the same thing and white people complain and are supposedly “scared” for their safety, but in reality they are doing no worse than if it was a white kid.

  5. there is a lot white people are now being able to do a lot. But black people would be able to do a lot of things. There are are not a lot of black people around hear there are not a lot of black people and they won’t be able to get away with lots of things. White people can get a way with some things but but al lot a little more than black people do

  6. The shows like ER, House, and Scrubs shows white privilege. There is not many black doctors on these shows. There is mainly all white nurses and doctors on these shows. Even the patients, the majority of the are white. They might have done that because they don’t know how blacks would act as nurses and doctors and how they would communicate to people.

  7. Where have you seen or noticed any white privilege in your life?

    When a person of a different race, usually African American, walk into a store they’re automatically watched closer than a white person, to make sure that they’re not stealing anything. African Americans almost always get stereotyped in our eyes weather we mean to or not, it just comes natural, it’s how we were raised. Even if our parents didn’t mean to teach us that kind of view on different races, that’s how they were raised most likely and they learned it from seeing their parents actions.

  8. If there was four or five black people walking down main street in riceville there would be cops for cresco and osage here with in twenty minutes. The old people in riceville would think that they where up to no good and that they are stealing stuff or selling drugs. The old people in riceville don’t want color here they have been raised not to trust other colors or like any other color but the white man. They are afraid to have different colors or people in this town. The native americans are to afraid to move here because of the history of riceville and how the old people and most of the town would treat them.

  9. I really never noticed that a ban-aid was the same color as a white persons skin i always just thought a bandaid was a bandaid and the color did not matter.

  10. I’ve noticed white privileges when I’m at a restaurant or shopping. At a restaurant, an all African American family may not get treated as nicely as a caucasian family. I’ve noticed in some stores, the workers watch different races a lot more closely. I have cousins who are Filipino and they live in Connecticut and Pennsylvania. When they come over to Iowa, I can tell they are judged by their skin. Some people would act differently around them or knew they weren’t from around here, automatically by the color of their skin.

  11. When you see a colored person walk down an ally at night, you feel as if you will get mugged or hurt. If it was a white person you wouldn’t mind it and it would be fine. I’ve noticed this issue my whole life, especially in big towns like Rochester. Its like if your not white then you are not safe.

  12. When I go into the doctor I can expect to be seen by a white doctor. Whether it is a female or male they are still expected to be white. Not many people would expect to be seen by a colored person. Even the nurse is expected to be white.

  13. I think that when a white person sees another white person out in public, just going about their business, they never get a second look. But when a white person sees a person with different skin color just going about their business, they always get a second look. Everyone seems to feel threatened and they have to scope out the person to insure their safety. Maybe that’s something that happens more in this area because of our lack of diversity.

  14. When we go to Rochester and we go to the mall or any place to go shop. You always see these other ethnic group. They all look different to us because we never see them around our area. We always laugh and giggle at them or make fun of them because its something we never see in our community.

  15. It is just natural around this area that we are not use to seeing black people or other minority races. If I were to see 10 black people walking down the streets of Riceville I would instantly assume something weird was happen and they are going to cause trouble. Another thing is thought that if you see black people downtown they are doing or dealing drugs. If a older person saw 10 white kids walking down the street they wouldn’t think much, but if they saw 10 black kids walking down the street they would assume.

  16. Ive never really seen any white privileges in my life but ive never really been anywhere other than this area. but i know it happens all over the world.

  17. I see white privilege when I go to the Clinque make-up counter in Herbergers. I have never seen a black woman work there. It has always been white women. The make-up selection is all for white women. I never see concealer that is dark enough for a black woman. It is all white skin colored.

  18. I noticed a few times going into shopping stores, the cashier watched the black customer shop but not the white customer. Even though he hasn’t done anything suspicious except for the color of his skin. If the white customer and black customer left at the same time they would of checked the black customer first because of the white privilege and stereotype.

  19. When people see an African-American person walk into any place that is mostly white they stare at them and watch them closely. People think that they are going to do something bad when a white person who walks in would have the same probability of doing something bad. People also think that when an African-American or different race person buys a gun that they should ask them extra questions but the white person would have the same probability again. Most people think that different races are better at sports and if they aren’t then they ask them what’s wrong with them.

  20. On shampoo or hair care commercials you don’t really ever see African-American people on them. They don’t ever promote African-American shampoos or conditioners. I have never heard of special shampoo or conditioner for African-Americans. White people have an advantage because there are many different products for their hair that are advertised but not for African-Americans.

  21. I’ve been in a store before and seen the manager looking at a black guy who was in the store. Whenever I looked at the manager, he was staring down the black guy. It was evident that he was afraid the black man would steal something because he was black. Because I am white, I am able to be shopping in a store and no one will be thinking that I will steal something because of my race.

  22. If you go to a store in a bigger city you the African American people are the ones being watched more and you don’t see a lot of them working in the stores, it’s more whites if any thing. Also you don’t see as many African American doctors as you do whites.

  23. You constantly see white privileges taking place in stores. When you walk into a store everything is geared towards those who are white and you don’t even realize it. Lets say you need some new makeup, so walk over to the cosmetic aisle and pick up makeup that matches your skin color. While doing so you notice that the makeup is predominately geared for women who have fair skin tones. Then, you remember you need some new shampoo and conditioner. You walk through the aisles searching for the right product and you pick up what would work best for your hair type and don’t think anything of it. However, you again, see white privileges taking place. There aren’t shampoos in these aisles that are for women/men of color and if there is it’s a select few.

  24. I think that white people have more of a privilege in the aspect that they appear to be less threatening to strangers. For example, if you are walking in a diverse city and a car with two African-American men drives by, you will most likely feel more threatened than if two white men had been in the car. I do not necessarily agree with this action, but it is the way society and history has made white people think about other races.

  25. My favorite show is grey’s anatomy. On this show, all the of the main surgeons are white except one. Most people now a days expect to see a white doctor. If you see a colored doctor, you may get worried or surprised.

  26. You can see white privilege in stores because whenever somebody is looking for a manager, you normally expect to see a white person rather than a black person because some people wouldn’t think a black person wouldn’t be the manager.

  27. In many shows it is a majority of white people. When there is a person of a different race they are for the most part different then the white people. The show south park there is only two black people in the show.

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