7SS – The Bill of Rights

What are the Bill of Rights?

What do the Bill of Rights promise to each individual?

Response Question: Write a short summary of each Amendment in the Bill of rights and explain how it affects your life.



17 thoughts on “7SS – The Bill of Rights

  1. speaking live
    search and seizure
    double jeopardy
    20 dollars
    torcher and money
    all the right

  2. 1. Freedom to voice

    2. security

    3. right to property

    4. search and Seizure

    5. Plead the 5

    6. Speedy trial

    7. Over $20

    8. No torcher

    9. More rights listed

    10. unlisted law; fine

  3. Amendment 1 freedom of belief
    Amendment 2 security
    Amendment 3 Right to your property.
    Amendment 4 Unusual punishments.
    Amendment 5 jeopardy
    Amendment 6 know the crime
    Amendment 7 Pay for damage
    Amendment 8 Not tortured
    Amendment 9 Follow constitution
    Amendment 10 Free state

  4. 1.Freedom to say
    3.Free property
    5.Plead the fifth
    6.Know what accused
    7.Right to jury $20
    8.Fines, bail, cruel punishment
    9.Rights off of constitution
    10.Fast trial

  5. 1. Speech, Religion, Protest.
    2. Security.
    3. My home.
    4. Property
    5. Plead the 5th.
    6. Known trial.
    7. Jury over $20
    8. No cruel punishment.
    9. All rights unless constitution.
    10.Not in constitution go to state.

  6. 1st Amendment – Freedom of Beliefs
    2nd Amendment – Security
    3rd Amendment – Right to property
    4th Amendment – Privacy
    5th Amendment – Grand Jury
    6th Amendment – Justified Criminal Prosecutions
    7th Amendment – Jury
    8th Amendment – Large Fine
    9th Amendment – More Rights
    10th Amendment – Can’t Expand Power

  7. First Amendment
    Second Amendment
    Third Amendment
    -Housing Soldiers
    Four Amendement
    -Search and Seizure
    Fifth Amendment
    -Double Jeopardy
    Sixth Amendment
    -Speedy Trial
    Seventh Amendment
    -Right to jury
    Eighth Amendment
    -Cruel punishment
    Ninth Amendment
    -Rights beyond Constitution
    Tenth Amendment
    -Law goes to state

  8. 1.freedom
    4.no taking
    5.double jeopardy
    6.speedy trial
    7.jury $20
    8.cruel charge
    9.beyond constitution
    10.not mentioned,state

  9. 1-free expression


    3- private

    4-security vs liberty

    5-no duble japery

    6-right to trial

    7-right to jury

    8-fare punishment

    9-many other rights

    10-laws for a state

  10. Amendment 1: Freedom
    Amendment 2 : Security
    Amendment 3: Property
    Amendment 4: Privacy
    Amendment 5: Plead the fifth
    Amendment 6: Trial
    Amendment 7: Jury
    Amendment 8: Bail
    Amendment 9: Other Rights
    Amendment 10: States

  11. freedom, security, property, warrant, plead the 5th, right to know, Jury, not accused again, beyond the constitution, power
    Freedom, Security, People

  12. 1st Amendment- Freedom
    2nd Amendment- Security
    3rd Amendment- Property
    4th Amendment- No search without warrants
    5th Amendment- Double Jeopardy
    6th Amendment- Speedy Trial
    7th Amendment- Over $20
    8th Amendment- Unusual Punishments
    9th Amendment- More rights
    10 Amendment- Powers

  13. Amendment 1 We have the freedom to what we want. We shall not be limited to things

    Amendment 2 We have the right to the door to our school locked and have a security system.

    Amendment 3 We have the privacy to our computer and shall not have anybody looking on them. We have the right to our property.

    Amendment 4 We have the right to say no for somebody searching through our bag. We have our security.

    Amendment 5 We don’t have to speak if we want to..

    Amendment 6 If we get in trouble we have the right to know what the crime is.

    Amendment 7 If we broke something we have to fit it.

    Amendment 8 We can not get to tortured to confess for something.

    Amendment 9 We shall have more rights to our school.

    Amendment 10 The school shall give power to the students.

  14. 1-Freedom to voice your opinions.
    2-Right to the protection of the students.
    3-People do not have the right to search your bags or computer without your consent.
    4-We will have a cop next door at all times, they can’t search and seizure you belongings without a slip from the principal.
    5-Plead the 5.
    6-Know what you’re getting in trouble for
    7-You will get a trial for your crime by the students.
    8-No excessive punishment for students or torture.
    9-You will have more rights for each classroom.
    10- If you get too powerful you will be fired.

  15. Freedom to voice
    right to property
    search and Seizure
    Plead the 5
    Speedy trial
    Over $20
    No torcher
    we shall have more rights to our school
    unlisted law; fine

  16. #1: Freedom of opinion.

    #2: Full protection

    #3: Teacher will not be about to go through your belongings

    #4: Housing teachers

    #5: Plead the 5th, dont have to say anything till your parents get there.

    #6: Right to know what your blamed for.

    #7: Right to jury if needed.

    #8: No torcher.

    #9: More rights

    #10: School can’t expand power

  17. Amendment 1: Freedom
    Amendment 2 : Security
    Amendment 3: Property
    Amendment 4: Privacy
    Amendment 5: Plead the fifth
    Amendment 6: Trial
    Amendment 7: Jury
    Amendment 8: Bail
    Amendment 9: Other Rights
    Amendment 10: States
    They promise freedom.
    These amendments effect my life because I never know what situation I will get into and if I know my rights I won’t get unusual punishment and I’ll know right from wrong.

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