WWII – Study Guide

1. Describe 3 examples of Anti-Jewish Laws in Germany. (6 Points)

2. Give 3 reasons why Britain and France Declared War on Germany in 1938. (3 Points)

3. Describe the Nazi Death camps. (3 Points)

4. When did the US enter WWII? What provoked this declaration? (3 Points)

5. Describe the living conditions during the Siege of Leningrad, of the common citizen. (5 Points)


6. Describe another battle during WWII. (4 Points)


7. Should we teach about the Holocaust every year to our youth? Why/Why Not. (3 Points)


8. Who were the Allies during WWII? (3 Points)


9. What is Blitzkrieg? (2 Points)


10.  Why did so many Germans support Adolf Hitler? (3 Points)


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