Econ – Imagining Different

How can we imagine a replacement for entire US departments? Pick a department, figure out what they do, and imagine or find a replacement for the department. Explain if you think the replacement will be more efficient or less effective than their government counterpart.


13 thoughts on “Econ – Imagining Different

  1. Department of Transportation: Funds and provides standards for our roads. They are in charge of the interstate and provide funding for state and local projects. They are also in charge of air travel. The Federal Aviation Administration is part of the DOT.

    I think getting rid of the DOT wouldn’t be a good idea. But if we did, it would provide some unique opportunities.

    Groups of people from one area could come together to fund a transportation project that would benefit them. If a large company wanted a better transportation route, they could provide the funds for the stretch of road that they need. That way, the money would be used more efficiently.

    By hiring private contractors and engineers to build our bridges and roads, the roads and bridges would be built most efficiently. The engineers would be motivated by competition to create the most innovative, modern, and efficient roads and bridges possible. This would give us the best value for our money.

    For air travel, it would be even more difficult to get rid of the DOT.

    It would be hard to implement security practices, which could make air travel more dangerous. If we could set up one very small department to enforce security and pilot standards for all air travel, we could eliminate the safety problem.

    By setting up private airlines without the DOT, airlines would be able to become more efficient. As long as there are no monopolies on the industry, there would be good competition that would give the customers low prices and a quality experience.

    In closing, I feel like getting rid of the DOT would be more efficient. But at the same time, I think it would also cause a lot of problems over time by people taking advantage of there being no higher authority to regulate their actions.

  2. It would be hard to replace it because of the subsidies that they give farmers. If farmers didn’t get subsidies they would not make any money.

    If The department of ag. was privately run they would have a hard time getting enough money to pay for subsidies

    If there were no department of agriculture the food prices would be much higher and the poverty rate would become much higher. The economy would take a hit because people would have to spent most of their money on food instead of other goods.

  3. -Supports medical research
    – Funds disease specific chronic diseases
    – Strengthens Medicare/Medicaid
    – HIV/AIDS prevention
    – Helps with foster care children
    – Works with the fatherhood agenda

    If people in the community would get together and find ways to help the people in their community that have the diseases that were mentioned and more then maybe the people of their community could come up with the money to help those people. Depending on the disease and how many people had a disease or a sickness it could still be too much money for one group of people to get.

    I think the replacement would be less efficient. There are a lot of different diseases and sicknesses that need to be paid for for research and treatment. Many people can get sicknesses or diseases so it could be hard to manage the whole department since it helps so many different organizations.

  4. Department Of Health And Human Services
    -Supports medical research by maintaining funding for the National Institutes
    of Health
    -Consolidates funding for disease-specific chronic diseases with common risk factors into a
    comprehensive program to improve public health outcomes for the leading chronic disease
    causes of death and disability and enhance efficiency.
    -Eliminates the Preventive Health and Health Service Block Grant t because the activities it
    supports can be more effectively implemented through the Consolidated Chronic Disease
    -Supports implementation of the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance coverage
    improvements in 2014 by helping States establish Affordable Insurance
    -Strengthens Medicare, Medicaid, and other health programs
    -Improves access to health care services
    -Strengthens national preparedness
    -Invests in high-quality early childhood programs by implementing payment innovations and other reforms that encourage high-quality and efficient care

    If there was to be a replacement for the Department of Health and Human Services it would be less effective. We would not be able to get enough support for medical research. I don’t think it would be a good idea to replace it.

  5. The department of Health and Human Services
    We could lessen the government’s spending on health and human services by having the government give less to hospitals and research. There are alternatives to spending a lot of money on research. There are organizations and universities that could do it. Instead of having Obama care we could have other health care that comes form something privately owned rather than government owned. We could have other types of funding for hospital buildings rather than government funding. We could spend less on the Health and Human Services department.

  6. – Development of inborn potentialities- Education helps the child to develop the inborn potentialities of child providing scope to develop.
    – Modifying behavior- Education helps to modify the past behavior through learning and through different agencies of education.
    – All-round development- Education aims at the all round development of child-physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual.
    – Preparing for the future- After completion of education the child can earn its livelihood getting proper education, which has productivity. The education should be imparted according to the own interest of the child.
    – Developing personality- The whole personality of the child is developed physically, intellectually, morally, socially, aesthetically and spiritually. He is recognized in the society.
    – Helping for adjustability- Man differs from beast. Man has reasoning and thinking power. Man tries his best to adjust with his own environment through education.

    From health to pensions to education, the United States relies on private enterprise more than pretty much every other advanced, industrial nation to provide essential social services. The government pays Medicare Advantage plans to deliver health care to aging Americans. It provides a tax break to encourage employers to cover workers under 65. Businesses devote almost six percent of the nation’s economic output to pay for health insurance for their employees. This amounts to nine times similar private spending on health benefits across the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, on average. Private plans cover more than a third of pension benefits. The average for 30 countries in the O.E.C.D. is just over one-fifth. I think that non privatized is better for Americans.

  7. DOD, is delegated full power and authority to act for the Secretary and to exercise the powers of the Secretary on any and all matters for which the Secretary is authorized to act.

    With over 1.4 million men and women on active duty, and 718,000 civilian personnel, we are the nation’s largest employer. Another 1.1 million serve in the National Guard and Reserve forces. More than 2 million military retirees and their family members receive benefits.
    Despite 17.5 miles of corridors it takes only seven minutes to walk between any two points in the building.
    The Defense Department manages an inventory of installations and facilities to keep Americans safe. The Department’s physical plant is huge by any standard, consisting of more than several hundred thousand individual buildings and structures located at more than 5,000 different locations or sites. When all sites are added together, the Department of Defense utilizes over 30 million acres of land.
    In response to challenges the Department of Defense was facing to repair, renovate, and construct military family housing, Congress enacted the Military Housing Privatization Initiative in 1996. The initiative enables DOD to leverage private sector resources to construct or renovate family housing. As of March 2009, DOD had awarded 94 projects and attracted over $22 billion in private financing.

    Recently, the Defense Department has made a new push to complete its plan to privatize utilities at its military installations with the issuance of an aggressive agenda to be executed over the next two years. The utility systems to be privatized are natural gas distribution systems, electrical distribution systems, water distribution systems, wastewater collection and treatment systems, and steam generation and distribution systems.

    I think that the privatized is better because if someone is totally crazy you dont want them knowing about your war weapons or plans.

  8. Department of Treasury
    List the functions of a department
    -Manage federal finances
    -Collect taxes
    -Paying the United State’s bills
    -In charge of currency and coin production
    -Manage Government accounts
    -Supervise national banks
    -Enforcing federal finance and tax laws
    -Investigating and prosecuting tax evaders, counterfeiters, and forgers
    -Advise on international financial, economic, and trade policy

    How are/can be privatized
    -The Department of the Treasury is required to have private sector companies to assist in debt collection, so they have parts that are privatized
    -Global Business Group does almost the same thing.
    -They think of business strategies and what would be best for the economy
    -Traditional Financial Services
    -They cover global foreign exchange, commodity, equity, freight, and precious metals

    Which is better for Americans?
    If it was privatized, there would be a lot of different companies that could be running different areas of it. It would be harder to know what was going on and to regulate.

  9. Department of Transportation
    Provides $74 billion for transportation needs in 2013
    Improves functions of roads, bridges, transit systems, railways, and runways
    6 year $476 billion dollar plan to modernize all transportation services
    Gets paid for with the ‘Peace Dividend’ from military cutbacks
    $2.7 billion dollars for rail systems
    $1 billion dollars for NextGen Air Systems
    Provides leadership awards for states to compete for grants
    Reduces airport funds by $900 million so they can create their own resources

    Ways to Privatize Department of Transportation
    Allow states to do all funding by themselves
    Make railways private companies owned by individual train companies
    Make airports private without government funding
    Allow states to have full control over money and resources
    make states use their own money for projects

    I believe that when the government is in control of spending for the department of transportation we are in much better condition. When the government funds the states and different types of transportation it makes everything more efficient and a less stressful situation for companies that might have to try to raise the funds for certain projects.

    The Department of Transportation is able to lay out a plan each year to try to make transportation in the U.S. more efficient and more cost-effective. It is also able to supposedly do all these improvements without going into any further debt by using the ‘Peace Dividend’ from decreased military spending.

    In the six year plan the department plans on making 5 streamlined major highways across the US with the six year plan that they have established.

    The next step in the six year plan was the Next Gen airline system that has improved technology for control centers and landing strips.

    The last part of the plan is to make a faster more efficient rail system in the cities that will be more environmentally friendly.

  10. Functions-

    ~ Responsible for the enforcement of the law and administration of justice
    ~ Prevent terrorism and promote the Nation’s Security
    ~ Enforce federal laws and represent the rights and interests of the American People
    ~ Assist state, local, and tribal efforts to prevent or reduce crime and violence
    ~ Ensure fair and efficient operation of the Federal justice system
    ~ The prosecution division advises the law enforcement agencies and other Government departments responsible for the prosecution of offences
    ~ The civil division represents the Government both as solicitors and as barristers in all civil litigations, including arbitrations.The division advises on the adequacy of existing legislation in relation to civil law and on the preparation of drafting instructions in respect of new legislation or amendments to existing legislation.
    ~ The Law Drafting Division is responsible for drafting all Government legislation of the HKSAR. The division also vets all proposed legislation that is initiated by persons or bodies other than the Government.
    ~ The Legal Policy Division provides advice on public international law to the Government. It also negotiates or provides legal advisers on negotiations for bilateral agreements with foreign countries.
    ~ The Administration and Development Division is responsible for reporting to the Legislative Council on the finances of the Department of Justice. The division deals with the many and varied matters involved in running a major government department including administrative, financial, accounting and management services, office automation, training, library, general translation services, recruitment, personnel, and office accommodation.


    ~ Privatization in criminal justice refers to a shift to private ownership and control of criminal justice services.
    ~The term is often used to refer simply to contracting out services, which takes place in many countries today, for example, in the form of various prison services provided piecemeal by private vendors. Taken to its fullest extreme, however, privatization entails private-sector control over all the decisions regarding the use of resources devoted to the protection of persons and property.Many criminal justice services are privatized because the government lacks the means to carry them out. For example, private bail bondsmen help enforce the laws requiring those released on bail to appear for trial. If the defendant disappears, the bondsman may hire a bounty hunter to find him and bring him back.

    Which is Better for Americans-

    The DOJ relies on private prison contractors to help manage its
    growing prison population and reduce overcrowding. The following table
    shows the significant extent to which the USMS, the INS, and the BOP
    currently rely on private facilities to house prisoners. So it is better for americans. Without coordination and oversight of contingency planning, there is
    an increased risk that any disruption of contractor services would affect not
    only a single component but all three components, rendering the DOJ’s
    reaction to a crisis ineffective. In a worse case scenario, the DOJ could find
    itself having to house thousands of offenders throughout the country on a
    daily basis without any planning and without the required resources to
    address the problem. Such a prospect raises serious public safety concerns,
    and we believe that the DOJ should accelerate its contingency planning
    efforts accordingly.

  11. Provides .3 Billion above the 2012 spending level.
    They are trying to help americans live a healthy, successful life.
    they provide millions of children, families, and seniors with access to high quality health care, help people find jobs, help parents find affordable child care, keep the food on americans’ shelves safe, and push the boundaries of how they diagnose and treat diseases.
    It could be replaced:
    The FDA could help with treatments. Healthcare can be provided through private agencies. There are private companies can help with finding jobs. There are tons of groups that help with giving food to the hungry.
    It couldn’t be replaced:
    Without this department we wouldn’t have as much funding or access to treatments for diseases, there would be many families who would be struggling and this department would be the one to help them.

  12. Department of Commence
    -they are concerned with promoting
    – There job is to promote job and the department
    -Between 2011 and 2012 the money amount has changed
    – Farmers, and retailers have generated money
    – Things would be different if it was like that.
    – There has been billion of sales, income, and money generated
    -The numbers have been breaking down
    They are directed in projects to do

  13. The Department of Homeland Security
    -Protect the people
    -240,000 people employed
    -Determines who comes through the border
    -Actually 22 Federal departments grouped up into the Homeland Security

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