Soc – Getting the Necessities

Find 3 organizations or foundations that help provide food, clean water, or shelter to those in need. Try to find an organization that focuses more on just one of those necessities. Than take one that interests you most and look more into how it works.  Find out:

– How this organizations provides the necessity.

– How this organization is funded.

– How many people does this organization help?

– Any other interesting or important facts.


32 thoughts on “Soc – Getting the Necessities

  1. South Africa Human Rights Commission- This commission is run by the government of South Africa and they have passed policies making it illegal for companies to refuse clean water to all people of South Africa. The commission believes that water is a right and not a commodity. Water is made sure to be given to almost all people including the poorest in the country by private companies no matter the financial situation of the people. The government provides funding to people that may not be able to afford clean water and it fines companies that pollute and waste water. Some native homelands in South Africa still have problems getting clean water but companies and the government are trying and putting new plans into action to fix these problems.

  2. Homeless Shelter Directory

    Funds-advertises on websites to try and raise money for shelters

    Provides information on where homeless shelters are at

    How Many People Does it help- In Florida, it help about 43,000 people

    Anything Else- Due to foreclosure rates, many shelters had to have a waiting list to put people on because of all the homeless people


    provides shelter after disasters, funding made by donations, cost is $1,000 to support one shelter box, box comes with supplies to live on depending on the location in which the box is delivered. You can track your box that you donated because it has a number.

  4. People Serving People

    – It welcomes people in and rather than just a typical homeless shelter it is family focused. It’s programs and activities are family focused. This gives people who have a family, rather than just on there own, incentive to stay at this shelter if need be.

    – People serving people is mostly funded by donations

    – 1,286 homeless families received shelter in People Serving People’s 99 emergency shelter rooms in 2013 alone.
    60% of guests were children
    33% are under the age of 6 years old
    6 years old is the average age of children in the People Serving People shelter

    – The People Serving People shelter not only provides shelter but also provides education, employment, and advocacy services to help people get back on their feet

    There really wasn’t any videos on this organization but this is a like to the People Serving People tumblr which has some interesting pictures and information on the organization

  5. Food for the Poor
    -Largest international relief organization in the United States
    -Serves the poorest of the poor
    -It also builds small houses, digs water wells, provides medicine, support orphanages and education for children
    -Distributed more than 56,000 loads of food to people
    -The organization has received $1 billion in fundraising and administrative cost.
    -Helps the poor in 17 Latin American and Caribbean countries.
    -Raises money through programs and donations, and then the organization buys food.
    -There are clubs, fundraising, and mission trips that people can be apart of.
    -People can donate money, and that money could be used to feed a child for a year or build a house with sanitation.
    Organization’s Website

  6. It brings supplies to people who have been hit by a disaster.
    IT is funded by public donations donations. The amount of people they help depends on amount of donations and people in need. Their box includes a tent, blankets, mosquito net, stove, water purification kit, cook wear, took kit, and Children’s activity pack. They usually arrive to the disaster area in about 24 hours.

  7. Feed Our Vets provides food to veterans who have served our country. They do this by setting up community shelters and providing public education and outreach.

    They are funded by private donations. At a local level, many grocery stores and food suppliers donate food directly to the Feed Our Vets food banks.

    The organization does not list any statistics on how many veterans they’ve served, but they do say that every day in America, over 130,000 veterans are homeless and hungry. They also say that over 1,000 people become veterans every day.

    The organization has information to help you start your own Feed our Vets food bank in your community


  8. Meals on wheels is the oldest and largest national organization composed of and representing local, community-based Senior Nutrition Programs in all 50 U.S. states. Meals on wheels started in 1940. Nurses delivered meals in baby prams to give to british soldiers in WWII. The first program was established, 1954 in Philadelphia. There are now over 5,000 local programs that give out an average around 1 million meals per day. Meals on wheels helps out our senior citizens fighting against hunger. This program is funded by donations.

  9. Give Clean Water


    Provides and installs clean water filters in people’s houses so no matter what type of water they have to access to, these families will always have clean water to drink

    Offers: $25 per month provides a sustainable clean drinking water solution for two families.

    Funded: Partners with local community organizations to identify families in need of clean water filters.

    Other info: Darrell Larson started the nonprofit organization after he spent 8 years as the country director with Amor Ministries (a non-profit organization that builds houses in impoverished areas of Mexico.) He found out by working with the company that not only did people need houses but they also needed clean water.

    How many? When the company first started out in 2008, they installed a little over 300. With the increase of donations, last year they were able to install over 10,000 filters.

  10. Charity Water is a non-profit organization that drills wells for poor towns and countries. They did 11,712 water projects and been in 22 different countries since they have been founded.

  11. The National Drinking Water Clearinghouse (NDWC) is a public service organization dedicated to helping small communities by collecting, developing, and providing timely information relevant to drinking water issues.
    The NDWC is sponsored through the Rural Development Rural Utilities Service. The program serves as an extension of RUS’s commitment to providing technical assistance to America’s small and rural drinking water treatment plants
    this program helps out smaller communities mostly.

  12. In the United States, the 2014 two-bedroom Housing Wage is $18.92. This national average is more than two-and-a-half times the federal minimum wage, and 52% higher than it was in 2000. In no state can a full-time minimum wage worker afford a one-bedroom or a two-bedroom rental unit at Fair Market Rent. – National low income housing coalitions reason for helping out and donating to lower income families.
    The National Low income Housing Coalition provides funds and also will help build lower income houses for people to live in. Some great people if you ask me!
    -This organization is funded by donations and overtime the National Low income housing coalition has gotten larger and larger funds to help the poor.
    -The National Low income Housing Coalition has helped house many elderly and disabled people over the years. The coalition helped house people under the poverty line and deemed that they will try and help most amount of people that are spending more than 30% of annual paycheck on rent or housing costs. It is believed that the national Low income Housing Coalition helped find housing for nearly 15,000 people in 2012.

    The Leader of the national low Income housing coalition is, Sheila Crowley.

    Here is link to all the donors:


  13. Agape Distribution provides food, products, and supplies for the hurting. It is funded by donors and volunteers. Some of the donors include Big Lots, Office Depot, Feed the Children, Wal-Mart, Longfellow Elementary, First Baptist Church, Solid Rock Church, Pasco United methodist, and many more. It serves over 5,000 people a month. To register for Agape Distribution you need a photo ID and proof of residence. It can be reached by 78% of the continental United States overnight. It is located in southwestern Ohio. The pantry delivers about 1,400,000 lbs of groceries to those in need each month.

  14. South Side Mission Shelter for Women and Children

    What do they provide- They provide housing, social services, and spiritual enhancement ministry.

    How are they Funded- They are funded by donations from the community

    How many people does it serve- They serve nearly 15,000 poor people each year

    Other info.- People can go here if they need to re-locate, pre-treatment or post-treatment of drug/alcohol treatment, and restoration of family relationships.



    Water is Life, also known as WiL, provides a device called “The Straw” to people in Haiti, Africa, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and South America among many other countries. “The Straw” filters water as it is used, removing over 99% of waterborne diseases. In addition, the organization educates individuals on hygiene and sanitation, researches long lasting water solutions, and monitors clean water sources.

    WiL is a non profit organization. Each straw costs $10 and will work for approximately one year, filtering about 800 liters of water. The money raised from these sales is used in the production of the product and further education and water sanitation processes.

    In an average day, 6,500 people will die because of their lack of access to clean drinking water. Of these people, 4,100 victims are children, most under the age of five. This amounts to one person approximately every 21 seconds. Many of the distributed straws are taken to places that have recently suffered from a natural disaster. Thus far, WiL has distributed over 60,000 straws and does not plan on stoping their movement anytime soon.

    I found it interesting that in the world, there are over 884 million people who lack access to healthy drinking water. The average child in Africa receives 8 ounces of water per day while 2-3 liters is the recommended amount. Diarrhea is the second leading cause of death in children under the age of five, killing an estimated 1.5 million children per year.

  16. CARE
    Provides: Care is an organization in which focuses on helping those in poverty. They focus on feeding those who live in poor communities and provide clean drinking water. CARE also provides and establishes education, especially for young girls who often don’t get a chance at schooling.

    CARE is funded by individuals who donate, along with dozens of corporations, foundations, and other organizations.

    How Many?
    CARE has impacted over 83 million people in 2013 and continues to impact many more. CARE currently works in 86 countries and supports over 900 poverty-fighting emergency projects.

    Info: CARE focuses on rebuilding the community, so they don’t recruit volunteers. Their goal is to have the locals get involved in the program and be hands on. Allowing them to rebuild their community, so it’s stable and not impoverished. By doing this it teaches locals how to maintain stability, so once help leaves they will be fine on their own.


  17. Food for the Poor
    -Largest international relief organization in the United States
    -Serves the poorest of the poor
    -It also builds small houses, digs water wells, provides medicine, support orphanages and education for children
    -Distributed more than 56,000 loads of food to people
    -The organization has received $1 billion in fundraising and administrative cost.
    -Helps the poor in 17 Latin American and Caribbean countries.
    -Raises money through programs and donations, and then the organization buys food.
    -There are clubs, fundraising, and mission trips that people can be apart of.
    -People can donate money, and that money could be used to feed a child for a year or build a house with sanitation.

    Organization’s Website


  18. there is a caterpillar foundation that they have a ware house where the people can go and get food. They can help about 2 to 4 thousand people a year. They sometimes drive around and delivers it to the people. The food is mostly donated but they gets some grants to help buy food for them

  19. No one needs to go without water. Poor parts of Africa can’t get water without walking four hours to get water. Three avocados coffee. Selling coffee ground fresh from Uganda (a poor country), witch gives them business and more wealth in the long run. After they buy the coffee they then bag it and sell it in the united states for a profit. But all profits from this coffee go to getting clean drinking water to less fortunate countries like Africa. buying just four bags of coffee will give clean water for life to one person.

  20. The Water Project:

    The water project goes all around the world providing the less fortunate people who are unable to have clean, healthy water on a daily basis with just that. They do this by drilling wells, building sand dams, making things to catch rain water, building hygiene stations, and making sure there is spring projection.

    The water project is funded by regular people like me and you who choose to donate some money to the initiative.

    The water project has completed 635 projects throughout Africa, helping hundreds of people with each project.

    Interesting facts:
    – 443 million school days are missed every year because of water-related diseases.
    – 1 in 8 people in the world don’t have access to clean water.
    – 37% of the 884 million who don’t have clean water live in by the Sahara in Africa.
    – Less than 1 in 3 people by the Sahara in Africa have a proper toilet.
    – 1 in 5 world wide deaths is because of water-borne diseases.

  21. The AARP helps retired seniors who don’t have enough money for food, get a meal. This organization work with the state and community volunteers to help older adults enroll in the Supplemental nutrition assistance program and award grants to help develop or expand sustainable solution for older-adult anti-hunger programs that have the potential to be scaled. The AARP has provided 22.9 million meals through donations and volunteer efforts since the program launched in 2011.

  22. Three Avocados is a coffee company that uses all of the net profits from the coffee that they sell to give clean water to people in Uganda especially. It was founded by a group of christians after they went to Uganda on a mission trip. They help almost all people in Uganda. It is a non-profit organization that is funded solely by donations and the founders. Not only do they provide clean water in Uganda, they provide education in Nicaragua. The name “Three Avocados” was inspired by a woman in Uganda who gave all she had to make sure others could eat. All she had were three avocados so they thought this should be the name of their organization.

    I couldn’t find any videos.

  23. ChildFund works to strengthen families and communities, addressing children’s rights and needs across education, health, nutrition, employability and more. They want to see children thrive at every stage of their lives.


    They have certain campaigns every month that people can get involved with.. it is a good way to donate and help.

    They have been around for 75 years now and plan to keep striving forward for as long as possible.

  24. Food For The Poor is a non-profit organization that provides the poor with food, water, shelter, medicine, and supports the education of youth. Food for the Poor aids the poor through donations of money and supplies. Food For The Poor has distributed about $9 billion worth of food, water, housing materials, medicine, and other aid to the poor in the Caribbean and Latin American since it began in 1982. They serve 17 countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. You can make donations of money or supplies. The organization then goes out and buys items that are needed for the poor with the donations.

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