Econ – USPS

Why the Postal Service is Going Out of Business?

Response Question: What does the failure of USPS to adapt tell us about Keynesian Economics?


13 thoughts on “Econ – USPS

  1. It tells us that anything run by the government can’t adapt and give the general public what they need fast enough. The government is too slow and hesitant to change things, so those businesses can’t adjust. If the government was more open to changing and adjusting these companies, maybe the post office wouldn’t be in the situation they are.

  2. It tells us that if you don’t do what the people want then you’ll fall behind. What the people want is constantly changing and improving. People are wanting things faster and faster so they go with different routes that give them that. With the USPS, they aren’t changing their ways to adapt to the people. They’re relying on the people who still like their way best, which isn’t a lot.

  3. It tells us that when the government is running something it might lose money but in the end the government will just bail it out so they can keep it going.

  4. That they change very slow and it is hard for them to change because so many people have to approve change. They are not concerned about what the people need/want they think that it has work up to now and that it will continue to work.

  5. The losers are always going to get bailed out, so they won’t try to make their business better or won’t try to succeed.

  6. They don’t need to adapt, because they will need to get bailed out. They won’t give effort, so they will not succeed.

  7. The USPS failing tells us the Keynesian economics isn’t a good thing. They keep bailing out businesses that will keep failing. If it failed once, it will probably fail again. If there’s no demand for the services it should be shut down. They should let the people choose what businesses will succeed or fail and stop bailing out the ones that won’t last.

  8. That they will always get bailed out so they don’t need to worry about the business failing. So that they don’t need to worry about adapting to the market. It shows the Keynesian Economics will always make something work even if the business is bad and that they will always bail them out because they want it to work.

  9. Because if they were more people in charge, then the USPS could still be open. With them being in charge they could fight to keep it open.

  10. The government cant get the people what they want fast enough. What the government does determines how the businesses run. If a business is too slow and doesnt being in a certain amount of money the business should be shut down.

  11. It tells us that no matter what happens to the businesses the government will bail them out. It is not good for the economy because the business could be loosing a lot of money, yet the government will still bail them out.

  12. It tells us that the government is always going to bail out the people that suck and that are always losing money. This is not good for the Econ. at all.

  13. It tells us that government run areas aren’t able to act fast enough to help the general public. The government doesn’t know the exact needs like the people of the country do, so it is hard for the government to react to the needs.

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