Econ – Technologies

What are the role of technologies?

What is the role of investment?

What are some of the most impactful technologies in the last 50 years?

Response Question: Which technology was the most beneficial in the last 50 years? Explain how society benefited from this technology. Explain why you think it is the most beneficial.


12 thoughts on “Econ – Technologies

  1. I think that the jet airliner was most beneficial because before it was invented people had to use cars to go everywhere and it wasn’t as fast. I think it is the most beneficial because it is time efficient.

  2. I’ve never really thought about it but the smoke detector is actually really beneficial. They’ve probably saved a lot of people’s lives, homes, and belongings. With the smoke detector you can locate the fire and hopefully extinguish it before it gets out of hand. Before it was invented, you had to rely on seeing it or smelling the fire and by that time it could’ve already been too late. Many people would loose their homes because they maybe weren’t home at the time of the fire or they could have been in a different room and didn’t see or smell the smoke and the fire was already out of control. The smoke detector has probably saved a lot of lives.

  3. I would say the Jet Airliner in 1958. I think it was good for society because instead of driving far distances they could just fly. I think it is the most beneficial because for shipping thing they can be transported much faster.

  4. Before cordless power tools, extension cords needed to be drug everywhere. Jobs took twice as long because cords needed to be rolled and unrolled. With cordless power tools, the tools could go anywhere to do jobs, miles from the nearest outlet. Jobs could be done way faster. If you had enough extension cords, you could do any job. But this allowed you to do those jobs in much less time, saving the construction industry and common man lots of time.

  5. I think that DNA Fingerprinting is the most important technology from the past 50 years because it has given us the ability to find people that are dangerous to society. I think this is the most beneficial because it has been taking criminals off of the street for a safer environment for our children and elderly to live.

  6. In my opinion the mobile phone is the most beneficial piece of technology in the last 50 years because it comes in handy in an emergency when on the road or away from the house.

  7. I believe the DNA Fingerprinting is beneficial. People are able to solve crimes much faster now that they can find DNA prints. I think it is most beneficial because a lot of crimes go unsolved and now they can find the DNA much faster and easier.

  8. I think that the GPS is the most beneficial technology from the past 50 years. It comes in handy if you are going somewhere different and you are not sure where it is. It’s easy because it can just be put in your car and you don’t have to worry about hauling around or reading a map.

  9. I think the MRI is one of the most important inventions in the past 50 years. It help figure out what is wrong with someone. It takes images of a person’s body and then doctors can find the abnormalities. It can catch something before it gets worse and save lives.

  10. I think that the smoke detectors are very important and have benefited us a lot in the past 50 years. They have saved many lives. When there is a fire it can help to alert the people in the house and help them to get out and save them.

  11. I think that carbon monoxide is very important from the past 50 years. It is very important because when the carbon monoxide levels are to high it will tell you. So with that it is very important.

  12. I think the industrial robot is the most beneficial in the past 50 years. I think that the industrial robot has speed up the production of almost all things. It has made almost everything fast and can possibly save lives.

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