Econ – New Technology

Response Question: What is the new technology? Who would use it? What technology would this replace? Would there be job loss because of this new technology? Explain. What are the future uses of this product.


9 thoughts on “Econ – New Technology

  1. Eye tribe- you play games with your eyes for example if you were playing fruit ninja you would move your eyes and it would slice the fruit. This would replace the remotes or control ors we use now. Gamers, children basically anyone would use it. There would be job loss because if this gets popular enough people will but this instead of remote controllers, there are many different kinds of controllers so that means a lot of people have jobs in that business. You would probably be able to control the TV with your eyes in the near future after they make it so you can control games with your eyes.

  2. Lab-Grown Organs
    This new technology could be a major breakthrough in medical technology for ages to come. It would allow people to take stem cells and grow needed organs from these stem cells. Researchers have been working on forming tissues and other parts of the body for the past years. It is predicted by 2030 that this new technology could be available to change many peoples lives.

    It could transform health care forever. It would allow any patient that needs a new organ to get one from their own stem cells.

    This could replace technologies such as pacemakers or other types of artificial organs it could also put some medicine companies out of business

    I don’t think that very many people would lose their jobs, I think more jobs would be created because of the processes that it would take to make the organs.

    There are many future uses of this product. Most of the uses are obvious such as saving peoples lives everyday. People would be able to get organs faster and more efficiently if they need transplants or they could have them in store in case they were in an accident.

  3. The new technology is the oculus rift. It is a gaming device that is used to enhance the game. You put it on your head and it covers your eyes. It makes it seem like you are actually in the game, its 3D. You could look around and it would still seem like you are in the game. I think this would replace more of the common video game counsels like the WII, playstation, or X-Box. I’m sure that these would still be used but the oculus rift would be more popular. I’m guessing gamers and could possibly be used as scientific research in the future. I think that their would be some job loss because if they are making more oculus rifts than WIIs and X-boxs then there won’t be as much need for people to build them. Uses for the oculus rift could be for playing games, and it could maybe be used for scientific research in the future.

  4. The new technology is smart watches. Anyone with an iphone or android phone can use it. The smart watch uses bluetooth to connect to a phone and can display messages, notifications, and other simple data. The watch was designed to do as little as possible because they didn’t want it to replace smart phones. If everyone likes the product, they will probably start making them so they can do everything a smart phone can. I don’t think it would cause job loss because it’s not completely replacing anything.

  5. Ag leader auto steer technology

    The new version of ag leader allows farmers to keep a record of the yeilds of each acre of farm ground. It also allows farmers to be very precise when driving. Being the first technology of its kind it’s not really replacing anything but manual steering and recording. In all honesty this new technology will create more jobs rather than deplete them. Hopefully in the future the ag leader system will be able to turn corners and project yeilds based on soil types.

  6. 3-D Printer
    It is a cooler way to print things. You can print something in 3-d. If you need something right away you can just print it off. It is very helpful to everyone instead of going to go buy something you can just print it off. People would loose their jobs because with the printer there would be jobs being lost.

  7. The night reader. A electronic battery powered toy. It’s main purpose is to reader a story to people as they fall asleep. This would take the job away from moms the read stories to their kids or people that tell story to anyone who need a story told before they go to bed.

  8. Google Driverless Car. I think that it would replace most cars, because people would think that this is a good idea, so then they don’t have to drive. There would not be job loss from this. I actually think it would create more jobs because if it broke it would most likely take a lot of money to fix. This could be a whole new future of transportation. It’s like you could take a nap on your way to work because you wouldn’t have to drive.

  9. The leap motion takes the controller out of the game. There is a small sensor bar that tracks that your hands and fingers. it has a one hundred and fifty degree to capture your hands. I think in time this will stop controllers. Think that a lot of people would use it from really young kids to older people that

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