Soc – Deviance

What is Deviance? Why do people break the law? Why do students break the rules?

Sociological Theories of Deviance

Response Question:  Which theory on deviance do you agree with most and why?


28 thoughts on “Soc – Deviance

  1. The theory I agree with the most is functionalism. Functionalism helps define a line between right and wrong, so society can function normally. With continuing acts of deviance, society will just adjust to what is considered the norm. Deviance can help with stability in society.

  2. I believe in the conflict theory. Its just like anything, there is always a good and bad. Good vs Bad. We all separate ourselves into being good people, or into being bad. If we don’t like something we will argue with it. There is no way that there isn’t going to be two sides to a story. Every person is going to have there own way of thinking because we are all different. So that is why i agree with the conflict theory.

  3. I agree with the conflict theory the most. Everyone in the world will have conflict with one another because everyone is different. People in the lower class and middle class want to be equal with the upper class, but the upper class doesn’t want that to happen. That causes conflict between all the classes. When there is a social group, there will still be conflict. People in that group aren’t the same because everyone has their own opinions, beliefs, and values.

  4. I agree with the labeling theory the most. Many people take one look at someone and judge them and label them for how they look. Many of the people who are labeled are unaware that they fit these labels until it is brought to their attention. When they are aware that people are labeling them, then they accept that role and actively become what people say they are.

  5. Structural Functionalism
    I choose this one because you need to be able to see the bad, or deviance, and use it to learn from so you know what not to do. Without bad or deviance, how are you supposed to know what’s good? There wouldn’t be a good without a bad. It would just be nothing.

  6. The one I agree with the most is probably is the labeling theory. People give other people names because thats what fits them the most. It is the either the way the act or what they do or even how they dress. Once and a while it might be because of their wealth status. I think that nobody is immune to the labeling theory because we all have something that somebody can put a label on.

  7. I agree with the structural functionalism theory for deviance. I think that this theory helps society because it sets boundaries for right and wrong and without it there would be gray areas that would allow for conflict and other problems to arise. With this theory it allows a small amount of people to test boundaries and the rest of the people to know how far the boundaries stretch while creating a definitive line on what can and cannot be done. I think this has helped society very much from racism to sexism to basic laws. Without this practice society would be very confusing and overwhelming.

  8. Labeling theory is when people put a label on you and you have to act an live up to the label that they have given you. I agree that it could change people from what they where before they got the label and make them act different then they would before. It has all to do with past events in life like school shootings the label people get is from what they have done in there past and the reenactments of what they have done. It has to all do with the past of there lives.

  9. The sociological theory I agree with most is Typology. Typology says that a person makes decisions based on their motivations and cultural goals and what their beliefs are to reach these goals. A person may use conformity, innovation, ritualism, retreatism or rebellion. I believe this can be seen in the world today. Often times we wonder what a person’s purpose behind an action is. What we don’t most often think about, however, is how that person was feeling or what they wanted to accomplish in the end. To me, typology says that every person has a different reason for doing what they do. It also says that people can be separated into different types depending on their choices.

  10. I agree with conflict theory.I fell that people that are at a lower standard then other people are always going to fight with one another to try to make thing equal. I think that people will always be like this because they are just trying to act out or to make them mad. It like a siblings they don’t pick on each other just to pick on each other they wanna to it to see what its going to take to make it stop. People are always trying to be better than one another so there will always be conflict.

  11. Labeling Theory Because it talks about labeling and how a lot of people do it. LIke that don’t know people that they labeled but they do it so they can become more popular. They could be labeling people because they might have something going on with them and they don’t want to show it so they lable them

  12. I agree with functionalism the most because I think that there has to be a balance of good and evil so that the good people know what the consequences are for turning evil. If there is no evil then killing a person could just as well be considered the social norm. I think that because there is evil that motivates the “good” people to be even more better than they were before.

  13. I agree with the labeling theory the most. We look at someone, judge them, and put them into a certain category. We don’t associate with that person. That person is then forced to associate and be around people who were judged the same way. Eventually they become the bad person that everyone judged them to be.

  14. I agree with the labeling one because people who get label tend to go do things that shouldn’t been done like they start using drugs and cut them selfs to get rid of the pain that they feel every day in school and in job and at home. These people who start abusing drugs to feel good then end up with out money so then they start to get the feeling if i steal this i can get rid of the pain I’m feeling

  15. I agree with the labeling theory. The reason I agree with it is because people base their own attitudes and structure off of what others see them as. If someone is called a negative name, then that person is going to make themselves believe that the label is true, even if it isn’t. I think if people would just stop labeling others then people would try hard to be themselves, not what others base them as. I think if we had a better structure and more caring people, then the society would be a better place.

  16. The theory I agree with most is structural Functionalism. One of the main reasons I agree with Structural functionalism the most is because without a bad there cannot be good, which there will always be both. I also agree that deviance is something that will change society over time. It is more widely accepted to have long dark hair with piercings than it was 15 years ago. Some people can say that having long black hair with piercings is standing out or deviance. This function is important or society would just not operate because there must be norms for society to work.

  17. I agree with the labeling theory because when some one is labeled a criminal they are more likely to become a criminal. Once you get a label it is hard to lose it so sometimes they will just accept it and become whatever their label is. If enough people tell you that you are going to be a criminal the chances are you are going to be one.

  18. I agree with the structural functionalism. For me, I think that this theory helps set the different boundaries that are classified as “Right” and “Wrong”. There has to be the people that are defined as bad and there also has to be people that are defined as good. Without this functionalism, life would be very confusing.

  19. I agree with structural functionalism. This theory says that basically some people have to be examples so we know what we can and can’t do. I feel like this theory is right because we do have examples of people testing the limits. Then we know how far we can go in certain places or at certain times. If nobody would test the limits and be an example then we wouldn’t know how far the world will tolerate things.

  20. I would have to agree on structural functionalism. This theory helps show the society what is acceptable and what is not. WIthout structural functionalism, there would be a lot of crime done because they did not know it was unacceptable. I believe with this theory, it will stop racial crimes. Without this theory, many people would not know what was is right or wrong.

  21. I agree with the labeling theory because everyone labels someone everyday. People may not know that they are being labeled until someone says it out loud to their face. People judge mostly by looks and what they have heard about that person and it might not always be true but that person might go along with it so they don’t have to worry about it. Once you get labeled you tend to go with it and act how you are labeled.

  22. I agree with the labeling theory. When society thinks of you a certain way, it’s hard to change their views. You may be told over and over again that you are what society thinks of you, and it will become very exhausting trying to convince them otherwise. You will get so tired of fighting them that you give in. You will start to think of yourself as that label. You will than convince yourself that you are that label and then you become it. It is a vicious cycle. You will have to be extremely strong to face the odds and not become what society labels you.

  23. I agree with the social strain typology theory. People are constantly trying to fit into what society deems acceptable. This causes people to go to drastic measures, just to fit in. When somebody is so focused on fitting in they will do whatever is necessary to belong. You see this all the time. When people are primarily focused on one thing they will stop at no means to get it. This eventually result in defiance, because they don’t care how they get it, or who they hurt in the process. Just as long as they fit in.

  24. I agree with the labeling theory for deviance the most. Many people automatically judge other people without even knowing anything about them. This causes people to end up with labels that may not be true at all. It is hard for them to go against the label that they were given and be totally opposite of it. They eventually just accept the label and end up playing the role of the label that they were given.

  25. I agree with the labeling theory because everyone labels someone everyday. People may not know that they are being labeled until someone says it out loud to their face. People judge mostly by looks and what they have heard about that person and it might not always be true but that person might go along with it so they don’t have to worry about it. Once you get labeled you tend to go with it and act how you are labeled.

  26. I agree with the structural functionalism theory for the reason why we have deviance. I think that have deviance is crucial to how our society works. I think deviance is needed for all of society to know what they consider right and what they consider wrong. I think that without “bad” there is not “good” and vice versa. I say this because if you say someone is good, what are they good compared to? They would have to be good compared to someone who is bad, which is why we need deviance, so we know that.

  27. I agree with the labeling theory the most because people get labeled a lot. They don’t know it until somebody is labeling you and you are more apt to become that kind of person.

  28. I agree with the labeling theory. Cause people who get labeled tend to do bad things. Most people always assume or automatically judge other people and its hard to change there ways.

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