Soc – 2 Theories – Deviance

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26 thoughts on “Soc – 2 Theories – Deviance

  1. After comparing and looking at the two different theories side by side, I agree with the conflict theory the most. I agree with this theory because of the major gaps in differences that we face. It seems like there are major differences between people and social classes and that will be hard to ever resolve.

  2. I agree with the conflict theory because we will never be the same. Some people won’t ever want to change their opinion.

  3. I believe in the conflict theory because in the past there has always been conflicts. Conflicts that have been about religion, race, etc. As long as people are different, there will be conflicts.

  4. I agree more with the conflict theory more than the functionalist theory. The conflict theory seems very relevant to the world. I do not believe that there will ever be a way to solve conflict and therefore, there will always be deviance. No one is ever going to be the same meaning that we will always find something to argue about. Gender, race, and religion all factor into this. The way our society is structured would make it nearly impossible to eliminate the differences in power from one individual to another.

  5. I believe most in the conflict theory. I believe in this over the functionalist theory because there won’t ever be a time where were all equal. For instance, Doctors will always be paid better than a construction worker just because doctors have a bigger risk that they are taking with human lives. So therefore there will always be rich and poor. Conflict theory can be a good thing. without conflict i feel like there would be only one person in power, ruling over all of us. therefore that alone would be deviance. I believe that in our society right now there is a lot of deviance because of conflict theory. We just seen on CNN student news that there was a bunch of conflicts with speakers that were going to be speaking at graduations. They have the freedom of speech and there is no reason they should be protested against. This is just a few reasons i feel that i believe in the conflict theory most.

  6. I have changed my opinion and I am agreeing with conflict theory because I think that everyone wants to be rich at some point and that is a main goal in life. I think that if everyone was equal I don’t think there would be any reason to kill because everyone would have the same values.

  7. I believe the conflict theory the most because there is always going to be people at the bottom trying to get to the top. There will always be rivalries.

    • I would also like to say that the reason that I picked the conflict theory is that the people at the bottom will sometimes do stuff that harm people on the top. For example, Poor people could try to rob rich people so they can have more money to spend or use

  8. I agree more with the conflict theory. Some of the reasons why I agree with it is because people always want to be one top, so they tear others down to be at that point. The people that are getting tore down are the ones that are going to start committing crime, and making bad decisions because they don’t care. If people are constantly tearing them apart then they are going to either want revenge, or are just going to give up. Conflict never really ends, and I believe that people won’t stop wanting to be better than others. If everyone could just learn to be on the same page, society could be a better place.

  9. I believe that the conflict theory is the better of the two situations. I believe that we live in a society that everyone wants to be on the top. The world is full of different conflicts. The different conflicts lead us to the different norms. If we didn’t have the conflicts we would live in a very strange world.

  10. I agree more with conflict theory because everybody wants to be on top of the food chain. People will do stupid things for power, or make laws to stay in power.

    • Such as how the men kept laws stating that women could only have .10 of each dollar a man would make. As well as not letting women or blacks vote.

  11. I agree with the conflict theory. I think that the conflict theory is more realistic and happens more often then the functional. The conflict happens every day to people i feel my self.

  12. I agree with the conflict theory. I believe that people want to be on the top or more powerful than others. When the people on top have more power then the people on the bottom have a tendency to act out or be deviant. When there is a big difference between the people on top to the people on the bottom then there is gonna be some deviant behavior done by the people on bottom because they won’t like the people in power.

  13. Between the functionalism and the conflict theory, I side more on the conflict theory side. I believe that the bigger gap between the rich and poor societies will cause more deviance. The richer society will have more power than the poor which will cause the deviance. The rich people differ greatly than the poor. For example, richer people may have higher standards than those of the poorer people. This difference will cause the two different societies to not get along causing deviance.

  14. I believe conflict theory leads to deviance more so than functionalism. In this theory the belief is that inequalities between groups is the result to deviance. So, if you do away with inequalities then, deviance wouldn’t exist. I agree with this, because whenever there is inequalities it causes resentment between people. When this happens people become angry with one another and will do anything to break these inequalities, even if it results in crimes.

  15. I think that functionalist theories because the gap between the powerful and the weak makes more conflict. The civil was was a good example of the the Functionalist theory because the north was more powerful then the south. The difference in power made conflict breakout. I feel like it even applies in high school between upper and under class man.

  16. I agree most with the conflict theory. There are people who have more power than others. This means that the people at the bottom will have to get food different ways than the people with power. The people with power also try and keep the weak down by making laws and not giving them as many rights. This would be like if they passed a law that said you had to pay ten dollars to vote. Most poor people wouldn’t be able to afford it.

  17. The one I most agree with is the functionalist theory. There is always going to be crime (deviant behavior) because it’s going to be hard to make everyone equal. It’s hard to be on the stability line, so there will be deviant behavior. In the social classes, no one will be the same.

  18. I agree with the Conflict Theories because people always want to be on top and those on top have power. They make laws to make the people with less power have too pay more taxes but they don’t have the money to.

  19. I agree with the conflict theory for deviance the most. I say this because I think power is one of the most important thing to people today. Those who are powerful want more power and those with little power thrive for power. I think that because of this thirst for power and the fact that there is inequality in the sense of who has the most money, power, etc, people will do whatever they can or have to in order to get power or just get things to survive, if they are very poor. I think that is a main reason why there is deviance in my opinion.

  20. i agree with the conflict theory. I think power is the biggest thing. Everyone wants to be on top or wants the most power. There is always going to be upper class and lower class conflicts and that makes the world work.

  21. I agree with conflict theory because there will always be conflict no matter what. There will be conflict with money people jobs anything in everyday life and that you cant really stop poverty once it has started. There is going to be conflict everywhere in the world forever theres no way you can change it because people have there own way of doing and thinking of how things should be done and taken care of.

  22. I agree with the conflict theory the most. It seems as though that is the most prevalent and appears the most often. The struggle for power causes people to deviate.

  23. I agree with the conflict theory. There is that gap between rich and poor and the poor will try to get rich by whatever means possible. Even though if you look at the big picture, it is almost impossible for them to do this. People with more power have a lot more manipulation and can get away with things a lot easier.

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