7SS – What should the US do?

Explain 2 options that you agree with most in handling the Sudan Crisis. This should be 12-16 sentences. 


11 thoughts on “7SS – What should the US do?

  1. The Economic cooperation I liked a lot because we would of gave them stuff or money. It would of made them a wealthy country and we would be alliance with them. We still would of made money but still helped them. Other one I would of picked is the first military to send in troops. It would spy on the Sudanese people and the Janjaweed. People would be safer but this could cause a war. People would not have to worry about them we would execute the militia men. We would be alliance with them and we might still get there oil. This option would not hurt the civilians like some of the other ones would make a wide spread starvation. It would keep or scare the Jajaweed people. They might surrender and just be friends and they might not.

  2. My favorite option would be United Nations Peacekeeping. I like this option because we are not going to send troops to start a war but we will send troops to help train there military. This option is the best because they need help and need to protect there selfs. We would send our troops into the African Union And train the countries to protect and serve them selfs. In the African Union they have 50+ countries we could become allies with. My second option would be Engage in Economic Cooperation. This would be my second option because we would give them money to help and support their 1 country witch was Sudan. That would only help Sudan and we would only get that one ally. I’m happy we chose my first option because it is more widely spread. Helping out there military would benefit The U.S. and the American Union in many ways. It would benefit us because we always want more and more allies for help and support if we were ever to get into. a war. It would benefit them for a better and strong military for there whole African Union. I think United Nations Peacekeeping Is the best option for our sake and for there whole countries sake.

  3. NATO–I think we should of talked to other countries that are involved in the NATO forces to see we they would help us do this so we won’t be the only ones taking action and loosing all of our money. Also because if this somehow erupts into a bigger war more countries will know what’s happen and can take action. This also shows them what kinda of army forces and alliances that we have and also the power. Even if we don’t kill anyone we will show exercise that show what can and could happen. I would say they should just go there and practice action and threaten them and hopefully they will stop.
    Peace through Rhetoric–I also think this because it doesn’t involve any military action or violence. I have realized that they could go with our agreements but then quickly turn around on us and keep going on this raid of war. By choosing to try to make agreements with them we won’t loose any of our military members but they might kill other innocents people if we don’t give them what they want. If this action doesn’t work we will have to do something else right away otherwise they might realize we are trying to stop this and might go on a raid by killing people.

  4. I think that the United Nations peace keeping was the best one to pick. Becuase we will train their Military to be able to fight back if needed. We will hopefully make peace in Sudan without many deaths. Although we are just training their military, their people may think that we might be trying to fight. Because of this we may get started in another world war. I also agree with the United Nations action. If we disarm the Janjaweed then come in and train Sudan’s army there should not be as much controversy over fighting. When we go over I think we should be armed and ready if they would start attacking us. I personally think that we should not get to involved with fighting. We can always get oil from other places in the world without unneeded deaths. This war and crime does need to end and if they don’t then someone needs to end it. Innocent civilians are being harmed. The only problem is that other countries could become involved and we could start another world war with disarming the Janjaweed.

  5. united nations peacekeeping –
    I think it would be the best option mostly because we wouldn’t be just giving them money we would be helping them. There are 54 countries in the African Union if we help them the country could have one the the biggest army’s and we would be alliances with them. The african Union has a lot of oil it could be one of the wealthiest countries as well. The country has corruption and hate but we could stop that and make it a country that has no hate or corruption. The African Union just needs help when they are in need of help and now they need help and it seems like were the only one that can stop all of the fighting.

    they have a terrible economy the country is very poor most likely the poorest. The average amount of money they make in a year is only $549 in U.S. currency if we help them they could make more money have a better army and better economy.

  6. I liked the United nations peace keeping. I am glad we chose it because its not war and I like that its just peace. It will be nice because we don’t have to worry about us soldiers geting killed.
    We have to train the soldiers there now. We have to send over people to get there army bigger and better. I hope they they would not turn on us after we trained them and kill are soldiers. Their army right now is not vary big. I think if we take all of their 50 or plus states together and make them an army it would be good. Maybe they could become our allies some day.
    One other choice i think would have worked is engage in economic cooperation. The reason i think that it would work is because its peace. It also gives them money. The reason it gives them money is because it improves trade. It could also be bad because it could improve their military. If they do they they could come towards us. They could also be allies.

  7. I would choose High Level Negotiations with Sudan, Chad, Rebel Groups and Other African Nations and also United Nations Peacekeeping. I would want to have the negotiations with them rather than attacking them and fighting them. We would not want their citizens to starve or be barely living so we wish to hep them. By helping them with negotiations, we would both love to become allies. I think by using a treaty with their country it would be more effective than bringing in our armed forces on their ground. By avoiding a military option, we would also save much more money than bringing in soldiers and also risking the chance of an attack which could eventually start a war.
    I would also do United Nations Peace Keeping. This action would also not be using military force. Just as my other option, this one also saves our money up. This would help us become better friends with Sudan. This would allow us to help them as a country and be alliances. Peacekeeping would allow Sudan to become a more stable region and could gain more allies from many countries and become a stronger nation.

  8. United Nations Peacekeeping – I agree with this policy, the one that we chose. I feel that it is right in between the choices of sending troops in and potentially starting a war and doing nothing at all. It is sending troops in not to fight or start a war, but to help the countries keep peace between them. It is not trying to go in after the Janjaweed directly to attack and totally disarm them. It is firstly trying to teach the people how to protect and defend themselves in serious situations like this. I feel this was the right one to choose because hopefully it wouldn’t turn any countries against us, the United States. Hopefully this choice would stop the violence against the Sudanese people.
    Engage in Economic Cooperation – This choice is not directly sending in any United States military in. This choice would be more of a treaty. This means we would help them in other ways like sending or trading with them. We would send them military equipment, food or vacancies, etc. to help them get through this situation trying to prevent it from getting more violent than it already is.

  9. Bring in NATO troops we should bring NATO troops in so they can help their Military. It will have to have a security to back up the troops if invaded. If we are invaded we will be harmed and we will have to start a war with the invaders. There are many problems with sending the NATO troops over and if we help them we could possibly gain more allies. If we gain more allies that means that we could possibly trade. Or another option is that if we went to war they could possibly come and help us with our crisis. If we don’t help Sudan we could lose all the possibilities. One possibility would be that we would be out of having allies so therefore we could go over and help and then get some more allies. Another possibility would be losing our oil trade with Sudan. Another possibility is that if we went over we could maybe make it worse by the janjaweed. If we make it worse we would have to go to war. And we don’t want a civil war to start there.
    3 United Nations Actions are a thing that has to deal with Africa and 54 different countries. The United Nations needs to get involved in Sudan. They have to try to get the janjaweed disarmed so that way they can stop the trouble happening there so we don’t have to take Military action in Sudan to we don’t start a Civil War. They want peace between the splitting of the country. They don’t want the two sides to split and they want it to be one country that way they can still be under the same rules. If they split it will be two different rules and they don’t want that and if it did spit there would be more problems because of their oil they both would have to have half and if each got half. Both sides would both be poorer than they are now. Another would be is they couldn’t trade as much with the U.S. and could not get what they want to trade for. If they were to take out the janjaweed they would have to deal with the government that hired them to start the problem so they can split. They need to try to keep them one country. If they don’t they will start other wars. There are probably going to have problems still.

  10. I think if I where to choose I would choose to do nothing but that can be a two sided conflict, because I think it is best to do something about the dispute in Sudan but I also think we could stay out of it for the better of our country. This choice could also have set backs and flaws for instance, if we don’t do anything about this the conflicts could get worse and we would be risking Sudan becoming a broken state (like Zimbabwe) or making our country look selfish and that would be a turn off to allies. This could also be successful in our economy because we could focus the debt so we can get it under control. We could, by using this choice, also be able to maybe not stay out of the conflict for too long, but to get our debt under control and then help the Sudanese people with troops or aid.

    I would have also choose United Nations Action, because it is also a great way to help prevent war in the Sudan. This, as well as many of they other choices, has its defects and flaws for example, if we where to go through with this option we could run into a disputation where the Sudanese people think we are trying to control them and they could fight back in many different ways. By using this plan we could also end up loosing oil from Sudan if the people don’t think we are helping them. But, as all plans do, there are solid or almost solid guarantees such as, gaining Sudan and other African countries as Allies, saving the lives of millions of Sudanese and African people, etc.

    I think we could combine both of these choices so we can get our countries debt under control and then use the United Nations Action to help the Sudan away from war and to get their country into a peace agreement. Even if we where to choose a effective plan, I don’t think we could completely stop all the conflict in Sudan but at least we would be able to get ride of a major threat to their country, the Janjaweed. No matter what happens the Janjaweed need to be stopped.

  11. The Economic cooperation I liked more then the other one because we could of gave them what we wanted and trade and or give them money. It would of made them a wealthy country and we would be alliance with them if we could of chose this one. We still would of made money but still helped them. Other one I would of picked is the first military to send in troops. It would spy on the Sudanese people and the Janjaweed so that we would be able to know what was going on with the Jajanjaweed people. People would be safer but this could cause a war. People would not have to worry about them we would execute the militia men. Otherwise I think we chose a really good one also.

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