WH – Korean War Letters


Watch Video on Agent Orange in the Vietnam War 

Response Question: Share your thoughts on what it was like to fight in the Korean War. Please use some quotes from the letters in the reading.


12 thoughts on “WH – Korean War Letters

  1. Fighting in the korean war does not sound like it would be fun at all just like any other war that is one of my biggest fears, having to go to war. The things that are described are terrible seeing lots of your comrades dead. The way things are explained do not sound like fun. I find it interesting as the letters go on the things they are doing pick up. I find it funny when the soldier says he wants to make the stew illegal.

  2. They won the war. Thousands of people died in the war. that guy has cancel so he might die from it.The army people got to use guns and shoot a lot of people.The people will walk and run to get to them faster.That guy help clean the whole areas that they made.They wrote some writing on a piece of paper so they can write what did they about in the army.They have a terrible wars that they have.

  3. it dosnt seem very good i would never want to fight in a war. i wouldn’t want to leave my family behind kill anyone or even see anyone dead

  4. I dont think it would of been to fun sure they did stuff they enjoyed but they had to go through tons of stuff, watching people die, rotton corpses in many stages. I find the letters very interesting and imformitive. I personaly wouldnt be able to go through most of things they had to go through. I know moral is hard to keep good and I have the same problem. Sure my issues arent as bad but some of it I can relate. Depression, sadness, pain etc.

  5. The surroundings of the camp that one would be put in, besides fighting, sounds kind of peaceful because their tents were right by the ocean and they played basketball and sound so care free but I almost get a sense of sadness in their letters. The soldier gets a salary and he talks about seeing the world and buys a new Ford, which kind of makes me sad because he doesn’t know if he is going to come home or not.

  6. Fighting in the Korean War was something the soldiers would never forget for many reasons. For one, it was war nobody forgot about what it was like to serve. There were always constant gunshots. Personally, I would not want to go to war. Nobody wants to go to war. You see many things that I’m sure no human can even imagine. In Bruce’s writing he talks about when the war ends and they begin to head to a new destination. He explains how they walk into a town and all they could smell was a horrible stench. There were still bodies burning from days before. As you looked around all you could see was huge piles of bodies. I could not even imagine that. Bruce also talks about what they would do to people. The things that people had to go through were torture. I could never do, watch, or go through anything like these people were forced to go through.

  7. They liked getting the letters because it meant that someone still cared and when your in war you never know how long it was going to last and you could be in one spot for several days at a time so they enjoyed getting the letters.

  8. I don’t think fighting in the Korean War would be very fun at all. It sounds scary and frightening. Gunshots being shot constantly, dead bodies almost everywhere. Sounds terrible. I think that if I were placed in an environment like that, knowing theres a possibility of me being killed, that I would become depressed. Also knowing that I wouldn’t be seeing my family for a long time would bother me.. I wouldn’t be mentally all there.

  9. it was the same as any war, they were shot at, blown up by bombs, suffered agony from their wounds,days without food or water and were expected to keep their chins up and fight and die for their country without complaining.

  10. Fighting the korean war doesn’t sound like it would be very fun at all. I have thought of going to the Marines but not if it was like this. The things that are described in the korean war are terrible, seeing lots of your comrades dead. The way things are explained in this war do not sound ver appetizing. I find it interesting as the letters go on the things they are doing pick up. I find it funny when the soldier says he wants to make the stew illegal. This war was a very terrible war to be in. wouldn’t be my first choice.

  11. the korean war was a full disadvantage on the united states, due to the dense forest, which many Americans are unfamiliar with that terrain. there was a mass amount of death and many people died due to disease and other natural disasters..

  12. It would be very hard for anybody to be dropped in the dense jungle and start fighting for their lives. I would not be able to deal with the hardships and terrible things those people went through.

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