7SS – Before Presidency

Today do research on your president’s life before being president. Find out what his life was like as a child, as a student, or find out what type of work he did. Find out about his hobbies, his family, or other interesting information that many people might not know.

  1. Before Presidency
    1. Private Life
      1. Home
      2. School/College
      3. Interesting Information
    2. Work or Experience
    3. Hobbies

Response Question: Write 6-8 sentences about the information that you found today. On the same post give us a link the website you used to find this information and find an informational video about your president. (please share this link too)


12 thoughts on “7SS – Before Presidency

  1. He was born on July 14, 1913, Omaha, NE His birth name was Leslie Lynch King Jr but he never kept the name. HIs parents separated two weeks after his birth then divorced a year later. He was never aware of his biology father until he was 17. Ford attended South High School in Grand Rapids, where he was being named to the honor society and the All-City and All-State football teams. He was his school’s football team hero and became an eagle scout while in school. When he was at college we was awarded the most valuable player on the University of Michigan football team in 1934. He also played on there 1932 and 1933 national football championship team. On January 1, 1935, he played in the annual East-West College All-Star game in San Francisco for the benefit of the Shrine Crippled Children’s Hospital. On August 1935 he played in the Chicago Tribune College All-Star football game at Soldier Field against the Chicago Bears. Even though he was offered spots on both the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Michigan he declined them both to pursue his economics degree at Yale University where he attended law school and also coached football and boxing. Among those he coached were future U.S. Senators Robert Taft, Jr. and William Proxmire. On February 1, 1916, Elizabeth Ann “Betty” married Ford a Grand Rapids paint salesman . He earned spending money by working in the family paint business and at a local restaurant. In April 1942 Ford joined the U.S. Naval Reserve receiving a commission as an ensign. In the spring of 1943 he began service in the light aircraft carrier USS MONTEREY. When he returned to Grand Rapids after he got out of the war Ford became a partner in the locally prestigious law firm of Butterfield, Keeney, and Amberg.
    Links, http://www.biography.com/people/gerald-ford-9298683#early-political-career&awesm=~oErktpNZ92FEq9

    Video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAFnTM5qChQ

  2. Born on November 23, 1804, Franklin Pierce, though by no means wealthy, had more advantages than most young boys in rural New Hampshire. His father, Benjamin Pierce, had led the local militia to victories in the American Revolution, and result. He enjoyed a status in the area of Hillsborough that gave him influence in local politics. Both he and his wife Anna Kendrick’s families had been in America since the early Puritan settlements of the 1620s. Like other ambitious parents, Benjamin and Anna wanted their eight children to have a better education than their own. Franklin attended local schools until age twelve when he was sent to private academies. At fifteen, he entered Bowdoin College in Maine. At first, young Franklin enjoyed the social life at Bowdoin so much that his schoolwork took second priority. Soon he was last in his class. He gradually began to apply himself to his studies and by graduation in 1824.

    Video ~ http://www.biography.com/people/franklin-pierce-9440391

    Websites ~ http://www.ipl.org/div/potus/fpierce.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franklin_Pierce

  3. father William Jefferson Blythe, mother Virginia Cassidy Blythe.
    he was born in August 19, 1946 in Hope Arkansas
    William Jefferson Blythe bill clinton father died two weeks before he was born he died in a car crash.
    when he was 14 he had a stepfather that had a drinking problem and abuse actions against his mother

    Clinton attended Hot Springs High School, a segregated all-white school, and a good jazz player.he attended Arkansas Boys State, where he was elected the Arkansas representative to the American Legion’s Boys Nation, earning him an invitation to meet President John F. Kennedy at the White House Rose Garden. He played the saxophone
    After his mother died in 1994 in cancer he left Little Rock and went to Georgetown University in Washington,DC

    he taught law.
    U.S governor of arkansas
    played saxaphone
    cat named socks


  4. Before Presidency
    Private Life
    Born August, 27, 1908 in Stonewall, Texas.
    First child of his other 5 siblings.
    Parents were Sam Ealy Johnson Jr. and Rebekah Baines Johnson.
    At the age of 5 Lyndon and his family moved to Johnson City because they couldn’t pay for their house in Stonewall anymore. Lyndon began to go to school in Johnson City.
    At age 15 Johnson graduated from Johnson City on May 24, 1924. He then moved to California with a friend instead of furthering his education. He became a construction worker.
    In 1927 Lyndon attended Southwest Texas State Teachers College at San Marcos, Texas where he graduated from in 1930.
    Johnson then attended law school where he then became interested in politics. He did not really want to attend law school, but his wife said he had too much free time and needed to do something.
    Interesting Information
    In 1931, Johnson moved to Washington, D.C., to serve as congressional secretary
    Lyndon married Claudia Alta Taylor on November 17, 1934 in San Antonio.
    In 1937 Lyndon successfully campaigned for House of Representatives.
    After 6 terms in the House, Johnson was elected to the Senate in 1948.
    In the 1960 campaign, Johnson, as John F. Kennedy’s running mate, was elected Vice President. On November 22, 1963, when Kennedy was assassinated, Johnson was sworn in as President.


  5. http://www.biography.com/people/george-w-bush-9232768#awesm=~oEIPGUml5jfcNz
    He was Born in July 6, 1946, in New Haven, Connecticut. He was raised in Midland and Houston, Texas. He also had four siblings. He attended public schools there until his family moved to houston. His senior year he played baseball and was a cheerleader and then he finished high school. He attended yale for four years and got his B.A. in history. He attended Harvard for business and he got his masters in Business administration. He was the only president to have his M.B.A. Then he went to the military. He was in Texas air National Guard. He was in training for two years and then he was assigned to houston fling.

  6. early life
    John fitzgerald kennedy was a congressman in massachusetts from 1947-1953
    then became a senator from 1953-1960 he was a us navy in 1941 he was born rich and political power he had eight siblings johns brother was more likely to become president because he was smarter and was a politic but he died so his dad then said that john would become president john kennedy was named after his dad named john francis kennedy at an early age john was tough to be tough which wasn’t always good he had to get 28 stitches because his dad made them have a competition on bicycles and the had a head to head collision and john had to get stitches he played football baseball and tennis at the age 43 he became the vice president and decided next election be would be the president



  7. Ronald Reagan was born on February 6, 1911 in Tampico, Illinois. Reagan grew up in a very religious family that had lived in many different towns including Monmouth, Galesburg, and Chicago until resettling in Tampico in 1919. Growing up Reagan had the nickname “Dutch”, which was given to him by his father. He graduated from Dixon High School in Dixon, Illinois in 1928. In high school he developed a liking toward acting, storytelling, and sports. After High school, Ronald Reagan attended Eureka College in Eureka, Illinois. During college he was known as a jack of all trades, this being because he was a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, a cheerleader, and a member of the theater, a member of the football team, captain of the swim team, and was also elected student body president. While being student body president, he lead a revolt against the college president after he tried to cut back the faculty. Ronald Reagan eventually graduated from Eureka College in 1932 with a C average. After graduation, Reagan came to Iowa and auditioned for many small town radio stations, and eventually being hired as the University of Iowa’s home football game broadcaster.Ronald soon enlisted in the army in April 1937. After Reagan’s job in the army, he quickly rose to fame as a famous movie actor. Ronald Reagan acted in 57 total movies.




  8. Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809, in Hodgenville, Kentucky.
    He was born in a small log cabin. Not long after he was born his mother died and his father remarried a widow.
    Abe Lincoln did not go to school or college he was self educated because most schools were privately owned so therefore they were to expensive.
    Abraham was a great athlete and loved all sports. His favorite was wrestling, but he also played soccer, basketball, golf and loved to swim.
    When Abraham was older he managed a mill not far from Springfield, Illinois.
    Abraham was a very hard worker he was a boatman, store clerk, surveyor, militia soldier, and a lawyer. Lincoln married Mary Todd Lincoln on November 4, 1842. Later in life they had four children William, Robert, Edward, and Tad Lincoln.
    Shortly after 10 p.m. on April 14, 1865, actor John Wilkes Booth entered the presidential box at Ford’s Theatre in Washington D.C., and shot President Abraham Lincoln. He was taken next door to a bed to and doctors tried to revive him but it was too late.
    Sources: http://www.infoplease.com/encyclopedia/people/lincoln-abraham-early-life.html\
    http://www.biogragraphy.com http://www.wikipedia.com/abrahamlincoln

  9. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. was born on October 27, 1858. He grew up in New York City as a child. His father was Theodore Sr. and his mother was Martha and he had 4 children. Theodore had an older sister named Anna, a younger brother named Elliott, and a younger sister named Corinne. Theodore had a severe case of asthma. Theodore experienced asthma attacks that caused near death experiences

    Theodore was home schooled by tutors and his parents. He was good in geography, history, and biology, He had a hard time in math and the classical languages. He entered Harvard University on September 27, 1876. At Harvard Roosevelt was in rowing and boxing He was 2nd in a Harvard boxing tournament. Roosevelt was a member of the Alpha Delta Phi literary society and many other clubs. Roosevelt graduated from Harvard June 30, 1880.

    Theodore Roosevelt had many jobs. His first job was a rancher in 1881 and ended three years later. Next he was a Commissioner, Civil Service Commission, Washington D.C in 1889-1895. After that he was on the President, Board of Police Commissioners 1895-1897. His last job before his presidency was Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Washington D.C., 1897-1898.

    Website info
    Info video

  10. Home – He tried to do the right thing everyday. He was a very reliable person.
    School/College – When he was 18 he signed up for the air force and his plane was shot down and then he went to Yale and he got a master degree in political speaking.
    He married Laura Bush.
    Interesting Facts – He had six children George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Dorothy Bush Koch, Neil Bush, Marvin P. Bush, Robin Bush.
    Work and Experience – He had to work hard for his college degree and being in the air force was hard.
    Hobbies – George Bush’s hobbies were boating, fishing, horseshoes, hunting, jogging,and tennis, and sky-diving.

    video – http://www.biography.com/people/george-hw-bush-38066#awesm=~oELgiivzTSnDzN
    website – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_H._W._Bush
    George H.W. Bush was born on June 12, 1924. When he was 16 he meet Laura Pierce. When he was 18 he signed up to go into the air force and a year later his plane that he was hit will flying in world war 2. He then went on for 2 more years in the air force. When he came back from the air force he married Laura Pierce. After he got married he got voted in to the Secretary of State and then they voted him into the presidency. Then 3 years later he lost his presidency to Bill Clinton.

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