WH – Thirteen Days

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Response Question: According to the movie, how did JFK handle the Cuban Missile Crisis to convince the Soviet Union to remove their missiles? How did he handle the rising tensions between the two nations?


11 thoughts on “WH – Thirteen Days

  1. I believe JFK handled the cuban missile crisis very well and really kept his composure to try and reach a deal with the USSR government. He handled the rising tensions by not making quick or rash decisions and really using the time that he had to not start something that could end America or the USSR. Both countries had nuclear weapons ready to hit each other at any time. I believe JFK accepting the deal and trying to negotiate with Russia even in tough tensions is what really saved both countries from a nuclear holocaust. JFK tried to make a deal that would both help benefit both countries!

  2. JFK was not going to make any decisions without a a reasonable reason. He was the one to make the deal with the USSR so he was able to make most of the terms and conditions. He was able to make it seem like they were going to take out our missiles out of Turkey so that made it seem like they were not going to be a threat to the USSR. JFK was patient and calm about waiting for the Russians response and wanted both sides to be pleased.

  3. He made a wall around Cuba and said if the Soviets did not remove the missile’s he would declare war on them. The US government and The Soviet government made an agreement that the Soviet Union would take the missiles out. And in return the US said they would take out the missiles in Turkey in six months.

  4. JFK didn’t want to provoke war with them. He didn’t want to go into war so he tried to do anything he could to prevent that. I think he handled the situation very well, he did the best he could. Even thou he took a risk with the deal with the Soviet Union, if he wouldn’t have taken that chance for war the risk would have been high either way.

  5. He made an offer to the Russians that the US would move their missiles out of Turkey if the russians would take their missiles out of Cuba.

  6. JFK handled the crisis pretty good. It would be hard for anybody to be put in that place with that much pressure. He took some risks that might not have been needed or the smartest decision, but they are much more educated about the war and political games than I am. He had good help in the white house, which made his job a lot easier.

  7. JFK handled everything very good, considering the circumstances, JFK stayed pretty calm calm for the most part. He kept his head together and his good employees near him and they made it through it together.
    JFK traded the Soviet Union missiles for missiles, they both wanted them to get each others out of there country. So eventually they both did, so they didn’t have to go to war. That time.

  8. He did everything he could to make sure war wouldn’t start, he proceeded with caution. JFK was careful to look over all possible options and actions. He also worked hard to make an agreement and also was prepared for war, if war did break out.

  9. I personally, believe that JFK handled things very well for what he was put through. He had a lot of hard decisions to make in very little time, but he still made the right choice. He was very calm about everything he did and he always knew who to go to for help. When the tension between the two nations began to rise you could begin to see the fear in JFK. That did not hold him back though he still knew how to respond to everything.
    The things that he choose to do such as, build a barrier around Cuba with US forces, take pictures of Cuba so he would know about the missiles, and make the deal with them that ended all of this were all very smart.
    Another good thing that JFK did was he kept everyone else calm at the same time. He didn’t let his fear get to the ones around him and at times that can be hard. So overall JFK did very well.

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