Econ – Monopoly Game

Economic Board Game: Monopoly and Real-Life Economics You will hold an auction on every purchased property. You must keep a balance sheet of all your transactions.   Response Question: 1. Explain how the monopoly game with the rules we followed was a great example on how our economy works. Make sure you include inflation, supply … Continue reading

7SS – President Posters

Pick a President Before Presidency Private Life Home School/College Interesting Information Work or Experience Hobbies Election Information map Important Issues of the Day Cabinet Members List all Members of the Cabinet Presidency Important happenings during his presidency Most important laws signed What was his presidential ranking Other Interesting Information

WH – The Fog of War

Watch the Fog of War   Response Question: Explain what Robert McNamara has been responsible for and why might he now carry a “heavy heart?”

Soc – Pick a Question

Pick a question that you want to focus on from the survey. Create a hypothesis when we compare that question with the rest of the survey. Then post your hypothesis to the responses.

WH – Korean War Letters

READ THIS FOR CLASS! – KOREAN WAR LETTERS Watch Video on Agent Orange in the Vietnam War  Response Question: Share your thoughts on what it was like to fight in the Korean War. Please use some quotes from the letters in the reading.

Soc – Surveying our Prejudices

Do we hold prejudices? Write 5 questions for each category that might help us understand if students here in Riceville hold any prejudices against race, sex, wealth, or criminals. Try to form the questions where they won’t be directly asking if a student is prejudices to each category.

WH – Korean War

Link to Intro Video We are going to look at the overview of the Korean War and then dive down into the personal stories of the war itself. Start looking for diaries or primary sources showing us the feelings of those who lived through the war.

Soc – Death Penalty

Link to the Reading Response Question: (Choose two) 1. Should the death penalty be allowed? 2. Does the death penalty deter crime? 3. Is life in prison without parole a better option? 4. Should the death penalty be used for retribution?